Lethal Company: Best Items Tier List & Guide

Uhh…Flashlight is the worst.

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As you step into the unforgiving realm of Lethal Company, arming yourself with the right gear is crucial to survive. This Lethal Company: Best Items Tier List & Guide is your go-to companion, simplifying the complex world of tools to help you navigate the challenges that lie ahead.

Best Items Tier List & Guide

In your adventure, you can choose from the best items at the top and make careful picks in the lower ranks to enhance your overall experience.

Lethal Company: Best Items Tier List & Guide


These S Tier items in “Lethal Company: Best Items Tier List & Guide” are your go-to allies, boosting your odds to survive and setting the stage for discovering more. Choose wisely.

  • Pro-Flashlight – Can be used to illuminate the area inside the bunker, and it is crucial for exploring bunkers with limited time. Its battery lasts nearly 300 seconds, offering more light and double the duration compared to a regular flashlight.
    • One pro flashlight might be better for the team than two common flashlights. It is available for 25 credits.
  • Radar Booster – The Radar Booster serves a dual purpose. Acting as both a beacon and a separate camera, it aids in navigation and teammate coordination. In bunkers, the beacon functionality allows players to ping sounds for navigation or locate lost teammates.
    • Meanwhile, the separate camera feature on the ship’s monitor provides a comprehensive view of the surroundings, aiding in identifying potential dangers. The Radar Booster is a must-have for practical bunker exploration.
    • And even if it gets stolen by the hoarding bugs, you can use it to spy on them without having to actually venture further. This way, you can identify places where there are a ton of enemies. However, it might be a little challenging to get it back. The Radar Booster is priced at 50 credits.
  • Stun Grenade – The Stun Grenade proves to be a lifesaver against certain enemies. It can stun fast enemies, potentially saving your life and enabling escape. Relatively cheap, it is essential for countering specific threats. The price for the Stun Grenade is 40 credits.
  • Walkie-Talkie – Essential for team communication, the Walkie-Talkie is the only way to communicate with team-mates, other than the radar booster or opening/closing doors. It is also a must for successful bunker exploration with a team. It is one of the cheapest items. It is available for 12 credits.


A-Tier items add depth to your toolkit; they offer a blend of functionality and value and are worth picking.

  • Teleporter–Essential for maintaining safety with teammates in bunkers. It allows teleporting living and dead teammates to the ship to avoid enemies.
    • It is a must-have for late-game success. However, it costs money every time you want to teleport a teammate. The teleporter is priced at 375 credits.
  • Lockpick–Essentially a forever key with a 30-second timer. The lockpick is useful for opening doors when the key is unavailable.
    • After planting it on a door, wait 30 seconds; it will open while the lockpick drops on the floor, where you can take it back. It is a must-have if you are unlucky about finding keys in bunkers. It costs 20 credits.
  • Zap Gun–Acts as a substantial line of defense, countering difficult enemies. It is more expensive and more complex to use than the stun grenade. It shoots an electric charge to stun opponents. The Zap Gun costs 400 credits.


B Tier introduces tools with various prices. Each of these tools provides you with strategic advantages. You can navigate this tier by balancing your budget and preferences to enhance your chance to stay alive longer.

Inverse Teleporter

  • Inverse Teleporter–Teleports teammates to random locations. Useful for quick access to multiple locations, especially when used with the regular teleporter.
    • It is worth the risk with a team. The price for the Inverse Teleporter is 425 credits.
  • Jetpack–The most expensive item. It helps to get away from enemies at night and while speed-running the manor by levitating you.
    • However, it is not practical to use it inside bunkers. Also, it has a relatively short battery life and must be used cautiously to avoid exploding. The Jetpack is priced at 700 credits.
  • Shovel–A melee weapon, which is an important item in the initial phase of the game, inflicts damage on weaker opponents. You can use it to hit your enemies, but it is not your only melee option. You can find traffic signs in the wilderness, which does the same for free, while it is priced at 30 credits.


Within Lethal Company’s inventory, the C Tier presents tools with less favorable cost-effectiveness. However, why not use them if they are helpful in your gaming style?

  • Boombox– Creates noise for distraction in a relatively large radius. It allows players to make more noise without being detected. Also, it boosts team morale.
    • However, it is only useful in specific scenarios and is relatively expensive, costing 60 credits.
  • Extendo Ladder– Suitable for climbing certain fire exits. Also, it can be used to get past an area where you need to jump from one place to another. Instead of jumping, you can use it as a bridge. On top of that, it can crush enemies below after extending. But it is priced at 60 credits.
  • TZP-Inhalant– Commonly believed to heal the player or increase stamina. In fact, it only enhances carrying heavy items for a limited time, temporarily increasing agility.
    • It also causes side effects like blurry vision and pitching the voice. The price for the TZP inhaler is 120 credits.
  • Loud Horn– Attracts some monsters’ attention, but some will run away from it. You can also use it to signal your teammates to help them locate the ship. However, there are alternative ways to return to the ship without using a loud horn since it is a little expensive. It has a price of 150 credits.


In Lethal Company, the D Tier includes items with minimal impact, making them the least favorable choices.

  • Flashlight–A simple tool that lets you illuminate the area before you. It has a shorter duration and provides less light than the Pro Flashlight, which is a better option. The flashlight lasts up to approximately 140 seconds and costs 15 credits.

Dive into the Lethal Company: Best Items Tier List & Guide for strategic insights into traveling planets. Remember, choosing the right tools is essential. Make informed choices from S to D tiers and conquer this difficult landscape. Let this guide be your key to survival and triumphant exploits!

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