Lethal Company: How Does Progression Work & Save?

After a hard day’s work, what do you get?

Lethal Company is probably a realistic simulator of what it’s like to be sent into space by a greedy company that wants to salvage anything and everything found out in other planets and moons. However, you do get paid for it, so it’s not all that bad, right?

But what happens after you exit the game and come back after a while? Well, turns out that some things don’t get saved. If you’re confused on how progression works in the game, I’m here to show you how the game works in terms of progression and what you save after each game.

How Does Progression Work & Save?

Right now, the game has a, admittedly, very disappointing progression system. If you are to jump into a lobby, you will be able to collect things like XP, cosmetics, and ship upgrades as you play the game.

This will be carried over to other lobbies, as long as you continue to play on the same save where all of your progression is.

But, if you are to get a game over (getting fired by the company), the only thing you will get to keep is your XP. Your cosmetics and ship upgrades? They will be wiped clean, essentially making you start from zero.

It is a very disappointing progression system that only really punishes the player if they fail even once while playing.

Starting from zero in Lethal Company.

It essentially kills the motivation of playing the game, as one mistake can cost you your life and you will be stripped of everything you worked so hard on. And since this is a multiplayer focused game, one mistake from your other party members could mean the end of you as well.

There are ways to keep your progression even after getting fired by using mods and backing up your save using a save manager, but players should not be resorting to these kinds of methods for losing a game. Hopefully, the devs will work on fixing this issue and making it less punishing and more fair.

That’s all you need to know on how does progression work and save in Lethal Company. Did this guide help you understand how the progression works and what it saves? Let us know in the comments below.

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