Lethal Company: All Outside Maps & Moons Guide

Up to 9 areas that you’ll want to learn more about!

Lethal Company: All Outside Maps & Moons Guide

In Lethal Company, you’ll go on a unique mission to collect scrap from abandoned, industrialized moons for the Company. On completing your missions, you’ll gain extra cash to unlock new areas and buy new suits or decorations for your ship.

As you progress in this co-op horror game, communication between you and other players is crucial for success. To properly complete missions, understanding how Outside Maps & Moons work is also an important factor. This guide will provide you with information about All Outside Maps & Moons.

All Outside Maps & Moons Guide

Before we discuss each map in-detail. Here’s a list of all the Maps and Moons in the game:


  • Experimentation
  • Assurance
  • Vow


  • Offense
  • March


  • Rend
  • Dine
  • Titan


  • The Company Building
Lethal Company

Weather Types

Now, before we get into the maps, on all of the moons, you will encounter different weather types. These random weather events are completely randomized.

Weather does not determine whether you get bad or good loot, so just avoid moons with bad weather. You can check the Moon’s type of weather by looking at the list of moons on the Terminal:

  • Clear / No Weather: There are no weather types next to the moon or a moon on the terminal. This is the best weather you’ll want to play in.
  • Rainy: This weather is quite easy to deal with. You’ll only need to worry about quicksand / mudholes that spawn randomly. These are large, dark-brown spots that are on the ground. If you accidentally step in one, you can escape as long as you have enough stamina.
  • Foggy: Your vision is going to be limited to a few feet in front of you. Keep in mind that outdoor creatures are not affected by this effect. This means that they can still see you and you can’t see them. You’ll want to avoid moons with this weather.
  • Flooded: The water level slowly rises. This water will slow you down and you can drown if the water level goes above your head.
  • Stormy: Stormy is Rainy weather but with Lightning Strikes at random intervals. These Lightning Strikes can also target metallic equipment and scrap that conduct electricity. You can notice them sparking for a few seconds before this happens.
    • If you are holding a metallic item, drop it immediately and run away from it. Limit the number of metallic items in your inventory so you won’t have to pay as much attention to them. Do not get struck or you will die immediately.
  • Eclipsed: This is the worst weather, and you’ll want to avoid it. The sun is eclipsed from the very start, meaning that outdoor monsters will spawn immediately. This makes it really dangerous to navigate around outside. Avoid landing on an Eclipsed Moon.

For a more in-depth analysis and walkthrough on the weather types and conditions, make sure to check out our Lethal Company: Weather Conditions Guide.

Lethal Company: Weather Conditions


This is a good Moon to start with since both the main entrance and fire exit are close to the ship. You can drop items off the top of the catwalk at the fire exit and off the side of the train tracks to speed up your retrievals. There are also ladders nearby you can use to avoid creatures later in the day.

Lethal Company: All Outside Maps & Moons Guide Experimentation
Source: McMessenger

In the image below, you’ll see the flooded timelapse for this map. You are safe from flooding at the altitude of the train tracks.

You can also access the long pipe (south of the ship) to avoid higher water levels by jumping across from the top of the fire exit catwalk.

Lethal Company: All Outside Maps & Moons Guide Experimentation
Source: McMessenger


For this map, the fire exit is accessible via a long ladder climb to the right of the ship, near the big rock & scaffolding. See the map below for how to get there.

Lethal Company: All Outside Maps & Moons Guide Assurance
Source: McMessenger

The water level change on this map is less compared to other maps. You’ll ideally want to leave at around 3 PM. Otherwise, the water level can rise too high and make it difficult for you.

Lethal Company: All Outside Maps & Moons Guide Assurance
Source: McMessenger


This map has a higher spawn rate of circuit bee hives. You can take the Rickety Bridge and go directly to the main entrance.

Another option you can go with is to slide along down the cliff near the dam bridge and get to the fire exit. Be aware of dogs/giants as it gets late.

Lethal Company: All Outside Maps & Moons Guide Vow
Source: McMessenger

The fire exit is flooded at the start of the flooding so avoid it as an entrance / exit. The water level around 6 – 7 PM will reach the reaches. Try to get your loot to the other side from the building by that time.

Lethal Company: All Outside Maps & Moons Guide Vow
Source: McMessenger


This map has better overall loot potential. Head under the yellow crane through some bushes, then make a left and keep heading straight will lead to the main entrance.

To speed up your retrievals, you can drop items off from the pipe right next to the ship. If you’re coming from the fire exit – just be careful not to slip off.

Lethal Company: All Outside Maps & Moons Guide Offense
Source: McMessenger

At the start, the water level is already high and will become dangerous by 3 PM. If possible, try to leave before that time.

Lethal Company: All Outside Maps & Moons Guide Offense
Source: McMessenger


This map has 1 Main Entrance and 3 Fire Exits. This is the only map in the game currently that has more than 1 fire exit. As a team of four, you can spread out more efficiently and find more loot. Circuit bee hives are quite common, so be careful.

This moon has permanent mudhole / quicksand spots that spawn regardless of the weather type. If you ever run into one of these, make sure you have enough stamina to escape.

Lethal Company March
Source: McMessenger

Both of the southern and southwest fire exits are flooded at the start. If you’re heading back and forth from the main entrance to the ship, take the northernmost route around the lake. Try to get back to your ship at around 3 – 4 PM since the water levels can get dangerous.

Lethal Company march
Source: McMessenger


The route from your ship to the main entrance is quite straightforward. You can find the fire exit by following the lit path, then making a 90-degree turn to the right once you reach the 9th light pole. Then, keep heading straight.

Lethal Company Rend
Source: McMessenger


Dine’s route from your ship to the main entrance is also straightforward. The fire exit is to the right of your ship. Be mindful of monsters on your way back when it gets late in the day.

Lethal Company Dine
Source: McMessenger

In the image below, you will see the flooded timelapse for the map. The main entrance is flooded after 11 AM. Try to get to the extension ladder and take the fire exit instead if you can.

Lethal Company Dine
Source: McMessenger


The main entrance and the fire exit are right next to each other and are both easy for you to access. Bringing items back to your ship is also going to be the fastest. However, there are dangerous monsters that you need to avoid. Try to leave Titan before 3 PM.

Lethal Company Titan
Source: McMessenger

The Company Building

This is where you sell all your scrap to meet your quota. The Sigurd log can be found by heading to the hatch from the left side of the ship. Then, go down the ladder to the catwalk, and follow it until you reach the end.

Lethal Company The Company Building
Source: McMessenger

That sums it up for all the Outside Maps & Moons Guide in Lethal Company. As you explore each Moon, pay attention to the weather and the flood timer so you can complete them on time. There are also monsters that spawn that you’ll need to avoid in order to complete your objectives.

I’d like to give a big thanks to McMessenger for sharing all this solid information on the outside maps & moons in the game. Make sure to check out his guide as well for more details: Steam Community :: Guide :: Outside Maps / Moons Guide.

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