Chaos threatens the present peace in Arkesia. A volcano that holds Kazeros, the most dangerous enemy this world has ever known, is about to erupt. Arkesia is a pretty vast world. Often times, mysteries are hidden in plain sight. Our Lost Ark interactive map can help adventurers traverse this harsh world and find dungeons, essence, mokoko seeds, merchants, and much more!

Interactive Map for Lost Ark

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this map does not originate from us, but from Map Genie! Be sure to check them out, they have a lot of interactive maps for other games too.

About The World & Map

Using their own ship, players can travel freely around the world in Lost Ark. Various areas and islands can be explored by players on random adventures. In addition to your own ship, other players’ ships can also be seen when you’re out at sea. By using the crane on the ship, characters can even go treasure hunting in search of random treasures. Various unique areas can be discovered if you sail far enough! Like the ghost ship in the trailer video, sailing the seas isn’t always safe. You can find rare loot on the ghost ship once you board!

Anyways, the world in Lost Ark – Arkesia consists of the following zones:

  • Rethramis
  • Yudia
  • Luterra West
  • Luterra East
  • Tortoyk
  • Anikka
  • Arthetine
  • Vern North
  • Vern South
  • Shushire
  • Rohendel
  • Yorn
  • Feiton
  • Punika

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