Lost Ark, a game released in 2019, is an MMO ARPG developed in collaboration with Tripod Studio and Smilegate.

Smilegate released the game in South Korea in December 2019 while Amazon Games distributed the game in Europe, South America, and North America regions.

It garnered generally favorable reviews which lead to it being one of the most-played games on Steam.

Lost Ark
Developer Tripod- Studio
Publisher Amazon Games
EngineUnreal Engine 3
Release DateFebruary 11, 2022 (world)
GenreAction, Adventure, MMORPG


The game primarily focuses on player-versus-environment (PvE) and exploration gameplay in which a player can do quests, accomplish in-game achievements, hunt creatures, and craft and collect items. Player-versus-Player gameplay elements are present as well.

Players start by creating a character first then leveling up as they progress through the storyline.

Endgame content such as dungeons and raids are accessed upon reaching Level 50, where further progress is measured through Gear Score character-wise.


Development for Lost Ark began in 2011 under the codename Project T. The game utilizes Unreal Engine 3 and is originally supported by DirectX 9 only. The developers then applied an update allowing the support of  DirectX 11 before the 2022 Western Release.


Lost Ark was completely released by December 4, 2019, in South Korea and February 11, 2022, for the North American, South American,  and European regions under Amazon Games. Early access was granted to players that pre-purchased one out of four founder packs which enabled them to play 3 days earlier than the official global release. 

Due to the presence of loot box gameplay elements, the game was initially unavailable in the country of Belgium and the Netherlands.  The game eventually became available in the Netherlands as the country reversed its decision.

Lost Ark became the most second-played game on Steam within twenty-four hours of its release, having 1.3 million players.

Game publisher HappyTuk made talks with Smilegate to release the game in Taiwan. It is then announced in 2023 that the Taiwan release will be delayed. No information has been released on further development as of 2023.


In a world where peace is observed, darkness looms and threatens the end of the era. To help prevent another war from breaking out, the Ark is needed. Here, players will begin their quest of obtaining all 7 parts of the Ark, assemble it, and bring an end to darkness once more.


Interactive Map

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this map does not originate from us, but from Map Genie! Be sure to check them out, they have a lot of interactive maps for other games too.



Weapons are offensive equipment utilized in Lost Ark’s combat. Various weapons are available in the game and Character Classes possess a specialization of specific weapon type.

All characters can equip 1 weapon. Crafting, killing mobs, boss raids, quest rewards, and dungeon raids can be done to obtain weapon equipment. 

Weapons have features that affect their power and increase their provided stats. These are Rarity, Grade, and Item Level. These features become important upon reaching Level 50 and having access to Endgame Content.

Weapons come in different tiers of rarity. These tiers are useful information to know their actual strength. Weapons with Higher rarity are expected to be a lot stronger and can have more additional stats compared to common drops.

The different rarities and their assigned color are:







Weapon Grade is a colored gauge that you can find above an item’s tooltip. When items are acquired, a Grade is randomly applied in a range of 1 to 100. An item’s Grade affects an item’s Additional Effects.

Concerning Weapons, the Additional Effect is guaranteed to be a plus percentage of Additional Damage Dealt.

Item Level  (Gear Score) is a number assigned to an item and indicates the overall strength of an item.

Characters also have an Average Item Level which can be found on their respective Character Sheet. This reflects the Average of the Item Levels of equipment currently used.

The equipment that dictates the Average Item Level of a Character is the following:

  • Weapons
  • Helmet
  • Chest Armor
  • Shoulder Armor
  • Gloves
  • Pants

Do take note that Accessories do not possess their very own Item Level and thus do not influence the Average Item Level of a Character.

There is more to a character’s Average Item Level than just being an overall indicator of said character’s overall strength.  This is because endgame content is locked behind Item Level prerequisites.

In short, you must reach a specific Item Level to be able to join or participate in endgame content. This should not be seen as negative, as it forces you to reach the proper level that equalizes the playing field.

Upgrading equipment improves Item Level, with a limit depending on the tier.

Items such as Weapons or Armor can belong to a Set and equipping items belonging to the same set will give special Set Effects like a Movement Speed boost or generating a Protective Barrier for a limited time when you are under enemy aggression.

The amount of pieces required to activate a Set varies from one another.

Add itemized (table) list of weapon sets/armor sets


Weapons can be upgraded up to 20 times. The weapon’s item level is increased with every upgrade which consequently increases its Weapon Attack Stat. Upgrading items is a highly variable process due to the success/failure mechanic and is usually expensive in higher gear quality and levels.

The process is as follows:



Weapon upgrade processes are done through the Upgrading Craftsmen NPCs.

Said NPCs can be found in all the major cities of the game.

Look for a Hammer Symbol.  



Use fragments to fill Weapon Treatment XP Bar.



Click the Upgrade button.

Ensure to have sufficient Destruction Stones and Leap Stones for the process


The process of carrying over an item’s upgrade level to another item is called “Recycling”. This is usually done whenever you obtain an item that is better in terms of Rarity, Grade, Tripod effects, or Set Bonuses.

Also, take note that Recycling is utilized to increase an item’s sub-tier or tier. This is especially useful when you have a weapon upgraded a lot of times and returns have diminished. For example, a Lower T-1 item can be upgraded to a Middle T-1 item to increase upgrade returns.

The Recycle process is pretty simple and involves the same Craftsmen NPC mentioned earlier:

  1. Select the Craftsman NPC
  2. Click the Recycling option
  3. Select the item to be Recycled
  4. A list of all allowed transfer materials will be shown on the right.
Important Notes
Recycling an item to another with the same sub-tier will transfer ALL upgrades. However, Recycling to a different sub-tier or tier only provides a portion of the Recycled item’s upgrades.
You can only transfer stats on a similar item. Ex. Head armor to Head armor.
The grade is not transferable.
Tripod Effects are not carried over. It has its own separate system.
Treatment XP will be carried over to the new weapon.
The recycling process has guaranteed 100% success.
Guardian Stones, Fragments, and Silver are the resources needed for the process.


Lost Ark, just like any other MMORPG, has Character Classes. Character Classes specialize in different roles and are designed to cater to the player’s playstyle or power fantasy.

Base Classes

Lost Ark has 6 Base Classes and each character possesses varying numbers of Advanced Classes or Specializations, in the general game speak.


Death Blade


Shadow Hunter

Death Blade: Masters of the Sword which enables them to wield a maximum of 3. Relies on fast combo attacks.

Reaper: Call forth shadow doubles, turn invisible, or wield lighting-fast blade attacks.

Shadow Hunter: Demonic Shapeshifter. Relies on Health and Speed.







Artillerist: A class full of explosive firepower. Utilizes ranged combat in compensation for their lack of mobility.

Deadeye: A class that triple-wields a double handgun, shotgun, and rifle. Flexible playstyle.

Gunslinger: Relies on movement speed, range, and quick mobility.

Machinist: A class that uses a combination of cutting-edge technology and cutthroat combat.

Sharpshooter: Uses Mechanical Bows for great long-range attacks. Relies on stealth to survive.






Arcanist: Burst damage at close ranges is their specialty. High-value for any group or party.

Bard: Uses music to give teammates an advantage. For enemies, disadvantage.

Sorceress: Elemental AoE damage Mage.

Summoner: This class can call spirits of the elements to fight for them, and each elemental has its own special skills.







Glaivier: An adept user of the Spear and Glaive.

Scrapper: Uses a Gauntlet to jump fist-first onto battle.

Soulfist: Utilizes on switching from Melee to Ranged in combat for an advantage. They imbue their destructive attacks with a special energy called Adamance.

Striker: Strong physical attacks with splendid movement speed and mobility paired with elemental magic.

Wardancer: Stores elemental energy and pairs it with quick speed to deal great damage.






Berserker: High damage that increases the more they stay in the battle. Users of Great Swords.

Destroyer: Soaks the hurt from enemies and uses the power of gravity to create an impact on the battlefield.

Gunlancer: Defense-oriented class. Unlike the Destroyer that merely soaks damage, a Gunlancer draws aggro from mobs to give teammates breathing room.

Paladin: Uses the Power of the Gods to imbue healing & buffs to ailing teammates.



Artist: This class attacks enemies with brush and ink or summons unholy beasts with paintings. They also have the power of illusion and the ability to heal party members.


Achievements are rewards to players that manage to reach a certain condition or milestone of an activity.

Two types of achievements can be obtained from the game: overall achievements and adventure-related achievements.

Achievement NameRequirementRewards

Proof of Adventure: Island Souls
Collect 20/40/60/80/100 Island’s souls.‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎

Tiers: ★★★★★
520 Roster XP

Proof of Adventure: Giant’s Heart
Collect 15 Giant’s Hearts.

520 Roster XP

Proof of Adventure: Masterpiece
Collect 20/40/60 Masterpieces.

Tiers: ★★★
520 Roster XP

Proof of Adventure: Sea Bounty
Collect 10/20/30/40/50 Sea Bounties.

Tiers: ★★★★★
520 Roster XP

Proof of Adventure: Ignea Token
Collect 5/10/15 Ignea Tokens.

Tiers: ★★★
520 Roster XP

Proof of Adventure: World Tree Leaves
Collect 20/40/60 World Tree Leaves.

Tiers: ★★★
520 Roster XP
Achievement NameRequirementRewards

Activate 10/25/50 Tripods.

Tiers: ★★★
820 Roster XP
Title: Pioneer

City Tour
Use Town Transportation in:
➤ Changhun (Raft)
➤ Stern (Monorail)
➤ Vern Castle (Magick-Powered Carrier)

Tiers: ★★★
520 Roster XP
Title: Tourist

Walking the World I
Increase Adventurer’s Tome to 40% or higher in 1/2/3/4/5/6/7 Adventurer’s Tome.

Tiers: ★★★★★
1490 Roster XP
Title: Adventurer

Walking the World II
Increase Adventurer’s Tome to 70% or higher in 1/2/3/4/5/6/7 Adventurer’s Tome.

Tiers: ★★★★★
1490 Roster XP
Title: Expert
Courage: +2

Walking the World
Increase Adventurer’s Tome to 100% or higher in 1/2/3/4/5/6/7 Adventurer’s Tome.

Tiers: ★★★★★
1490 Roster XP
Title: Master
Courage: +3

Restored Fate
Find the Missing Tonyo and complete Searching for the Antidote quest.

520 Roster XP

Remaining Memories
Complete the Journey with Elisa and complete the Memories and Records quest.

520 Roster XP

Master Negotiator
Help Cals with his troubles and complete the Capable Negotiator quest

520 Roster XP

Twilight on the Horizon
Listen to Allegro singing about Armen’s Destiny and complete the Sunset quest.

520 Roster XP
Armin Card

Shadow of Agony
Follow Armen’s Trail and complete Vrad’s Secret Ledger quest.

520 Roster XP

Down Memory Lane
Follow Armen’s Trail and complete Dark Truth/ Faceless Savior/ Traces of Darkness/ Forlorn Heart/ Dark and Pale Quest.

Tiers: ★★★★★
520 Roster XP
Title: Nostalgic

Where is Armen
Stay on Promise Isle for 10 Minutes.

520 Roster XP

Here Comes the Recruit!
Complete Challenge! Guardian Investigator quest.

520 Roster XP

Now Let’s Get Started
Complete the A New Partner quest.

520 Roster XP
Title: Investigator

A Long-Cherished Wish Granted
Complete the Investigation Achates quest.

520 Roster XP
Title: Ines
Courage: +2

With Luna
Complete the Raid Velganos quest.

520 Roster XP
Title: Luna’s
Charisma: +2

Same Thing Each Day
Complete 10/50/150/300/500 Daily Quests.

Tiers: ★★★★★
1490 Roster XP

Surprise Me
Complete 10/50/150/250 Sudden Quests.

Tiers: ★★★★★
1490 Roster XP
Title: Amazing

No Worries
Fail a Sudden Quest.

520 Roster XP
Title: Playful

Hand in Hand
Complete 10/50/250/500/1000 Co-Op Quests.

Tiers: ★★★★★
1490 Roster XP

Heroes Are Never Alone
Complete Co-Op Quests with a total of 150/750/3000/7500/15000 players.

Tiers: ★★★★★
1490 Roster XP

Scoring Sheet Music
Learn 3/6/9 pieces of sheet music.

Tiers: ★★★
820 Roster XP
Title: Artiste
Wisdom: +2

Play Sheet music 300/600/900 times.

Tiers: ★★★
820 Roster XP

Didn’t Want To Be Here Anyway
Play Song of Escape 150 times.

520 Roster XP
Title: Fugitive

Courage to Everyone!
Play Song of Valor.

520 Roster XP
Title: Spirited
Charisma: +1

Song in a Song
Play Song of Resonance.

520 Roster XP
Title: Harmonious
Charisma: +2

Heading to You
Play Song of Trixion.

520 Roster XP
Title: Horizon’s
Charisma: +1

Moving Hearts by Melody
Play the Heart’s Melody.

520 Roster XP
Title: Heartwarming
Charisma: +1

Seductive Tune
Play the Song of Temptation.

520 Roster XP
Title: Captivating
Charisma: +2

Spring Breeze
Play the Song of Spring.

520 Roster XP
Title: Jolly
Charisma: +2

Take My Heart
Play the Serenade of Love.

520 Roster XP
Title: Lovesick
Charisma: +2

Me, Myself and the Forest
Play the Forest’s Minuet.

520 Roster XP
Title: Forest
Charisma: +2

For Lost Souls
Play the Requiem of Twilight.

520 Roster XP
Title: Soulful
Charisma: +2

Memories, Good and Bad
Play the Song of Reminiscence.

520 Roster XP
Title: Memorable
Charisma: +1

Starry Night
Play the Song of Starlight.

520 Roster XP
Title: Stellar
Charisma: +2

The Most Perfect Harmony
Play Heavenly Harmony.

520 Roster XP
Title: Heavenly
Charisma: +2

Glacial Flow
Play the Elegy of Serenity.

520 Roster XP
Title: Lonesome
Charisma: +2

Song of Rohendel
Play the Song of Eternity.

520 Roster XP
Title: Eternal
Charisma: +2

Romantic Weapon Just for You
Play Romantic Weapon.

520 Roster XP
Title: Passionate
Charisma: +2

The Unreturning
Play the Soulful Requiem.

520 Roster XP

Walk the Path of Harmony
Play the Song of Harmony.

520 Roster XP

A Secret Place
Enter Secret Dungeons.

Tiers: ★★★★★
1490 Roster XP
Title: Enigmatic
Luterra Card

Something Buried
Obtain Treasure Maps.

Tiers: ★★★★★
1490 Roster XP
Guardian Luen Card

Something Legendary Buried
Obtain a Legendary Treasure Map.

520 Roster XP

Just Our Secret
Share a Secret Map.

Tiers: ★★★★★
1490 Roster XP
Sien Card

A Very Secret Place
Enter a Legendary Secret Dungeon.

520 Roster XP
Title: Stealthy

Legendary Pacifist
Use the Portal in a Legendary Secret Dungeon with No Kills.

520 Roster XP
Title: Dark
Wisdom: +2
Galatur Card

The A-Team
Enter a Secret Dungeon in a 4-Person Party.

520 Roster XP

Flock Together
Enter a Secret Dungeon with a 4-Person Party of the same class.

520 Roster XP


A Title is a modification of a player character’s name of either the prefix or suffix portion.

This is visible to all players and usually serves as a bragging right of being good at the game or being good at whatever the title is all about. Titles have female/male versions.  These are earned by various quest completion and earning a feat/achievement concerning the said task.

Titles also give different virtue stats which include:




TitleDescriptionReward Stats
AdorableCollect the Rabbit’s Foot Hammer on Drumbeat Island.+2
Avele’sGain Avele’s Trust.+3
AvestaJoin Avesta.+1
Azena’sGain Azena’s Trust.+3
Azure Mane (Hidden)[Trial Guardian Raid] Defeat Guardian Velganos – Lost Ark S1+3
BardGain Luterria Castle Neria’s Trust.+2
Bastian’sGain Bastian’s Trust.+2
Beatrice’sGain Beatrice’s Trust.+3
Black FalconAccomplish goals in Feilton.+2
Blackfang’sGain Blackfang’s Trust.+3
Brilliantly Splendid (Hidden)[Trial Guardian Raid] Defeat Guardian Achates.+3
Cals’sGain Cals’s Trust.+3
Calvasus’sGain Calvasus’s Trust.+2
CaptivatingPlay the Song of Temptation+2
CharismaticReach Adventurer’s Tome: Punika 100%.+2
ChefGain Prideholme Neria’s Trust.+2
Covetous Slayer[Legion Raid: Inferno] Defeat Covetous Legion Commander Vykas.+3
CuteRegister Pets.+1
DancerGain Great Castle Neria’s Trust.+2
Defiling Spear (Hidden)[Trial Guardian Raid] Defeat Guardian Alberhastic – Lost Ark S1.+3
Destruction Caller (Hidden)[Trial Guardian Raid] Defeat Guardian Igrexion.+3
DivaGain Stern Neria’s Trust.+2
DreamlikeReach Adventurer’s Tome: Rohendel 100%.+2
Ealyn’sGain Ealyn’s Trust.+3
Eco-ActivistComplete the “Elegy of Serenity” quest on Glacier Isle.+2
Elemental Pal (Hidden)Light the Torch of Elementals in the Realm of Elementals.+3
Endlessly Suffering (Hidden)[Trial Guardian Raid] Defeat Guardian Alberhastic.+3
EternalPlay the Song of Eternity.+2
Experienced RookieReach Item Level 575.+1
Ezrebet’sGain Ezrebet’s Trust.+2
Fancy PantsReach Item Level 1075.+2
ForestPlay the Forest’s Minuet.+2
GorgeousLevel up a Wardancer to Combat Lvl. 50.+1
HarmoniousPlay the Song of Resonance.+2
HarmonyComplete the “Music Resounding in Elzowin” quest in Rohendel.+1
HeartwarmingPlay Heart’s Melody.+1
HeavenlyPlay Heavenly Harmony.+2
HipsterComplete the “Unbreakable Beat” quest at Revelry Row.+1
Horizon’sPlay the Song of Trixion.+1
ImpureCheck all Hidden Journals in Gesbroy+3
InvestigatorGain South Vern Neria’s trust.+2
JollyPlay the Song of Spring.+2
Kaysarr’sGain Kaysarr’s Trust.+2
Krissa’sGain Krissa’s Trust.+2
LonesomePlay the Elegy of Serenity.+2
LoserLost the Treasure Hunt! quest on Fermata, the Cradle of the Sea.+3
LoveLevel up a Bard to Combat Lvl. 50.+1
Love-Me (Hidden)Mark of faint memory that waited for Luna.+2
Lover of ShtolenbergIncrease Sasha’s Rapport to Affection.+3
LovesickPlay the Serenade of Love.+2
LuckyLevel up an Arcanist to Combat Lvl. 50.+1
Luna’sComplete the “[Raid] Velganos” quest.+2
Mari’sGain Mari’s Trust.+3
Master Trade of Skills (Hidden)World Tree Leaf Points Rewards.+5
Mayhem Legion CommanderDefeat Mayhem Legion Commander Kakul-Saydon.+2
MemorablePlay the Song of Reminiscence.+1
MoistCollect Shangra Flower Dew at Shangra.+1
MusicianMaximize Choir Teacher Reputation.+2
MusicianPlay an instrument for a Rapport NPC.+1
Neverending SquawkingComplete the “Ornithology Eto” quest in Dreamgull Island.+2
Nice Smelling (Hidden)Mokoko Seed Point Reward.+5
NimbleComplete the “Ride the Ocean” quest in Punika.+3
Nineveh’sGain Nineveh’s Trust.+3
Nineveh’s AlarmComplete the “To the Sound” quest on Whispering Islet.+1
Noblesse ObligeRing the Golden Bell at the Gesbroy Tavern.+3
PassionatePlay Romantic Weapon.+2
Pet TrainerRetrain.+2
Phantom Legion CommanderDefeat Phantom Legion Commander Brelshaza.+2
PhotographerPhotograph Golden Elementals that appear at Shadowmoon Market.+2
Powerful (Hidden)Acquisition conditions not yet disclosed.+3
Predator’s Rage (Hidden)[Trial Guardian Raid] Defeat Guardian Igrexion – Lost Ark S1.+3
Punika’sComplete the “Protect the Seed of Harmony!’ quest in Punika.+3
Queen’s FriendComplete the “Rahik” quest in Rohendel.+1
Queen’s Knight (Hidden)Increase Ealyn’s Rapport to affection.+3
RagingLevel up a Glaivier to Combat Lvl. 50.+1
SacredLevel up a Paladin to Combat Lvl. 50.+1
Sasha’sGain Sasha’s Trust.+3
ScintillantReach Deadeye Combat Lvl. 50.+1
Shining Wings (Hidden)[Trial Guardian Raid] Defeat Guardian Achates – Lost Ark S1.+3
SilverComplete the Kadan episode.+3
SingerGain Wavestrand Port Neria’s Trust.+2
Sleeping BeautyAwaken Sleeping Girl in Whispering Islet.+1
SoulfulPlay the Requiem of Twilight.+2
SpinningMove continuously in Omnium’s Trajectory.+2
SpiritedPlay the Song of Valor.+1
Star of the MonthComplete Hidden Quests in Lopang Island.+2
StellarPlay the Song of Starlight.+2
SweetDestroy the Huge Golden Peech in Shangra.+1
SweetMaximize Mokomoko Night Market story reputation.+2
Thar’sGain Thar’s Trust.+2
Thirain’sGain Thirain’s Trust.+2
TipsyDrink handcrafted beer until you get drunk.+1
VoyagerGet on a sailing boat on Elzowin’s Shade.+1
Vykas’sDefeat Covetous Legion Commander Vykas who unlocked her power.+2
Waiting for Luna (Hidden)Faint memories waiting for Luna.+3
WarmReach Adventurer’s Tome: South Vern 100%.+2
Windfury’s Eye (Hidden)[Trial Guardian Raid] Defeat Guardian Ancient Calventus – Lost Ark S1.+3
WinnerWin the “Treasure Hunt!” quest on Fermatta, the Cradle of the Sea.+3
Zinnervale’sGain Zinnervale’s Trust.+2

TitleDescriptionReward Stats
AllyRecruit these 5 Sailors.+1
Ark ProtektorObtain your first Ark.+1
Arkesia PilgrimIgnea Token Points Reward.+5
Art AficionadoMasterpiece Points Reward.+5
ArtisteLearn Sheet Music.+2
AsceticFeel the Taoist Power hidden among Shangra.+1
BookwormBuy and Read Rare Books from Shadowmoon Bookstore.+3
BourgeoisRecruit these 5 Sailors.+1
BreathRaid Level 3: Defeat Achates.+1
Chief TailorMod Skin with the Skinsmith NPC.+2
ChromaniumComplete All About Chromanium: Advanced II.+3
ConglomerateObtain Silver.+1
DarkUse the Portal in a Legendary Secret Dungeon with no kills.+2
DeathbringerDefeat Argos.+3
DelicateGet 3 Successes in a Single excavation mini-game.+1
DeskaludaComplete All About Deskaluda: Advanced II.+3
DragonDefeat Kaishuter.+1
EnlightenedFeel the Taoist Power Hidden Among Shangra.+1
EvolvingLevel up a Machinist to Combat Lvl 50.+1
FatalReach Gunslinger Combat Lvl 50.+1
FieryBreak 3 Ores with 1 Mining Bomb.+2
First MateSea Bounty Points Rewards.+5
GunnerTrack Waypoints on Secret Maps+1
HarvesterMaximize Ominous Pumpkins Reputation.+1
HelgaiaRaid Lvl 3: Defeat Helgaia.+3
HistoricFind all the secret spaces in the Morai Ruins.+2
HotshotReach Sorceress Combat Lvl. 50.+1
IgrexionStop Igrexion’s Gravitational Field.+3
ImmortalClear certain Cube Stages without dying.+3
InheritedMeet a companion on your quest to find the Ark.+1
InspectorComplete Assistant Investigator Quest on Stern.+1
KungelaniumBreak Kungelanium apart.+3
LevanosComplete All About Levanos: Advanced II.+3
LibrarianRead the designated book on Wisdom Isle.+1
Light-SpeedObtain the Island Soul from Fermata, Cradle of the Sea.+1
MachineRecruit these 6 sailors.+1
NacrasenaComplete All About Nacrasena: Advanced II.+3
Nature’sIncrease Logging Level.+1
NewFind Islands.+1
NobleObtain a Title.+3
Phantom Slayer[Legion Raid: Inferno] Defeat Phantom Legion Commander Brelshaza.+3
PinnacleProgress to an Advanced Class.+1
PrimalComplete the “ The Castle’s Secrets” quest on Sublime Isle.+2
PrisonerMaximize Saltern Worker Reputation.+1
RebelComplete the “Punishment” quest in Sushire.+1
RedRaid Level 2: Defeat Flame Fox Yoho.+3
Resonance of Soul (Hidden)Giant Heart Point’s Reward.+5
ReverendRecruit these 5 Sailors.+1
RomanticistComplete the “Pain to Gain” Quest in Liebeheim.+1
RuinedReach Artist Combat Lvl. 50.+1
SpiritualComplete the “Sacred Deer” quest in Shangra.+1
SprinterIncrease movement speed through buffs or transformations.+2
StrategistSwitch to Skill Tree Level 3.+2
TamerComplete the “Town Where Light Lingers” quest and obtain a Mount.+3
ThunderousFind hideouts in a specific time of tracking.+1
Thunderstrike (Hidden)[Trial Guardian Raid] Defeat Guardian Caliligos.+3
TigerDefeat Chaotic Chuo.+1
TurtleDecrease Movement Speed through Debuffs or Transformation.+2
VertusComplete All about Vertus: Advanced II.+3
WealthyEarn a certain amount of money from selling one item.+2
Weather NerdDefeat Argos.+1
WolfRide 6 Wolves.+1
YohoComplete All About Night Fox Yoho: Advanced II.+3

TitleDescriptionReward Stats
AchatesComplete All About Achates: Advanced II.+3
AdventurousReach Adventurer’s Tome: West Luterra 100%+2
ApexClear a Cube Stage with less than 5% HP left.+1
BlacksmithReach Adventurer’s Tome: Yorn 100%.+2
BloodyInflict Damage in Proving Grounds.+2
Bloody AsuraDefeat Gangwoon in the Arena of Blood (Advanced).+3
Burning WavesComplete the “Liebertane, the Burning Wave” quest.+3
CaliligosBreak Caliligos Apart.+3
Cold SteelComplete the “Preigelli, the Hearts of Iron” quest.+3
CollectorObtain Courage Points.+2
ConvictedClear Thronespire.+2
CursedComplete the “Putting the Falling Knights to Rest” quest in North Vern.+2
Dark FlameDefeat Competitors on Asura Island.+2
Darkness Slayer[Legion Raid: Inferno] Defeat Darkness Legion Commander Thaemine+3
Darkness’sLevel up a Shadowhunter up to Combat Lvl. 50+1
DawnClear Twilight Chapel on Twilight Isle+1
Demon Beast CommanderDefeat Demon Beast Commander Valtan at the Resurrected Demon Beast Lair.+2
Demon Beast Slayer[Legion Raid: Inferno] Defeat Demon Beast Commander Valtan.+3
DestroyerDestroy the Phantom Legion Castle Wall while fighting Phantom Legion Rook.+2
DestructionLevel up a Berserker to Combat Lvl. 50.+1
DiscipleComplete the “Waterfall Training” quest in Shangra+1
DuskshadowClear Twilight Chapel within 11 minutes.+3
EagerLevel up a Summoner to Combat Lvl. 50.+1
EasternComplete the Martial Artist Prologue+1
EliteDefeat Elite Monsters+2
ExpertComplete 70% or more in an Adventurer’s Tome.+2
ExplosiveLevel up an Artillerist to Combat Lvl. 50.+1
ExtremeAvoid obstacles on the hoverboard in the Heart of Sceptrum.+3
FantasticReach Adventurer’s Tome: North Vern 100%.+2
FearlessAcquisition conditions not yet known.+3
FollowerComplete the “A Perilous Path” quest in Atropos.+3
ForgottenClear the Boss Rush.+3
FrostReach Adventurer’s Tome: Shushire 100%.+2
GhostEnter Ghost Ships.+2
GiantComplete Adventurer’s Tome: Tortoyk.+2
GladiatorWin Matches in Proving Grounds.+2
GroupieTalk with Beatrice and obtain a Virtue Point.+3
GuardianComplete the Mage Prologue.+1
Guardian of LuterraStop Scheritt’s Plan.+1
HeavyReach Adventurer’s Tome: Anikka 100%.+2
HeroComplete the “Turn the Tide” quest in West Luterra.+1
Ines’Complete the “[Investigation] Achates” quest.+2
InterestingReach Adventurer’s Tome: Yudia 100%+2
King (Hidden)Clear a Shakespire Stage within 10 seconds.+3
LiberatedComplete the Warrior Prologue.+1
LightClear a Darkness Legion Chaos Gate.+2
LionheartComplete the “Rain,Stars, Wind” quest in Anikka.+2
Luterra’s SwordReach Extreme in PVP.+3
MachoLevel up a Destroyer to Combat Lvl. 50.+1
MasterComplete 100% of Adventurer’s Tomes.+3
Mayhem’s EndClear a Mayhem Legion Chaos Gate.+2
MeadowkeeperMaximize Insects in the Grassfield Reputation.+2
Mist-ClearedDefeat Mystic in Phase 3.+3
Mokoko Hunter (Hidden)Mokoko Seed Point Reward.+5
Most AwesomeEliminate foes in a Team Elimination Match.+2
MysteriousDefeat Mystic in Phase 3+2
ObsessiveUpgrade Estoque to Lvl. 10.+1
OminousComplete the “[Raid] Deskaluka” quest.+2
OrdealClear the Boss Rush.+2
PerfectDefeat Monsters.+1
PersonaLevel up a Reaper to Combat Lvl. 50.+1
PilgrimComplete the “Grand Initiation Ritual” quest in Atropos.+3
Pit-a-PatRecruit these 6 Sailors.+1
Plague Slayer[Legion Raid: Inferno] Defeat Plague Legion Commander Akkan+3
PurifiedClear 10 consecutive stages in Shadespire+3
RampagingDefeat Restless Competitors in Asura Island.+1
RealistClear a Phantom Legion Chaos Gate.+2
RelentlessLevel up a Scrapper to Combat Lvl. 50.+1
RestrainedComplete the Assassin Prologue.+1
RethramisReach Adventurer’s Tome: Rethramis 100%+2
RighteousComplete the Gunner Prologue+1
Robin HoodLevel up a Sharpshooter to Combat Lvl. 50+1
RustyFail in Honing.+2
Sanctuary GuardianDefeat Kaishuter+3
SanguineRecord a Winning Streak in Proving Grounds.+3
SharpLevel up a Deathblade to Combat Lvl. 50.+1
Slayer[Common] Clear Guardian Raids without anyone in your party dying.+2
Snowfight CaptainWin 50 times in Snowpang Island.+1
Snowfight EmperorWin on Snowpang Island 100 times.+3
StarterReach Adventurer’s Tome: East Luterra 100%.+2
SteelGet trapped in the Iron Maiden.+2
StormyReach Adventure’s Tome: Arthetine 100%+2
SuperiorDefeat Monsters.+1
Sword of PurificationClear Fatespire Floor 50.+3
ToughUpgrade Tragon to Lvl. 10.+2
Tower SpiritClear Shakespire Floor 50.+2
TranscenderLevel up a Soulfist to Combat Lvl. 50.+1
UndyingLevel up a Gunlancer to Combat Lvl. 50.+1
UnluckyBe selected as the sacrifice and safely escape the mini-game.+2
Usain Fire (Hidden)Avoid traps in the Realm of Elementals and get to Ephernia.+3
VaccinatorClear a Plague Legion Chaos Gate.+2
VelganosStop Velganos from gathering energy.+1
Well-RoundedComplete the Warrior, Martial Artist, Gunner, and Mage prologues.+1
Westwind Conductor (Hidden)Sea Bounty Points Rewards.+5

TitleDescriptionReward Stats
AcademicMaximize School is Fun Reputation.+2
AgileUpgrade Eurus to Lvl. 10.+1
Arke’sMaximize Frozen Memories reputation.+2
AvengerComplete the “To the Nest” quest in North Vern.+2
BangbangComplete “Go away, Pepero!” on Snowpang Island 3 times.+2
BethrothedComplete the “Her Response” quest in East Luterra.+1
Blue MarlinHit an Ocean Creature with Harpoon Throw.+2
Brilliant ExorcistMaximize Bringing Peace to the Souls reputation.+2
ChickenMaximize Tender & Crispy Reputation.+2
CleanCollect Flotsam.+2
ClubberMaximize Clubber Manager Reputation.+2
CocktailMaximize Treasure of Gravis Reputation.+1
CreepyRecruit these 6 Sailors.+2
DetectiveMaximize the Catch the Criminals Reputation.+2
DevotedReach Adventurer’s Tome: Feiton 100%.+2
DoctorMaximize Help with the Reagent Experiment reputation.+2
Eternal ChampionMaximize Defense Match Reputation.+2
FreshUpgrade White Wind to Lvl. 10.+2
Hawk’s EyesIncrease Hunting Level.+1
HoodwinkerSucceed in Skill Tree Transfers.+2
JunkmongerEnter a Shipwreck+2
Kabocha[Forge of Fallen Pride] Defeat Amaus.+2
KaishuterComplete all Kaishuter Raid Battle Support Achievements.+3
KingslayerMaximize the Kill the Tooki King Reputation.+2
KirMaximize Kir’s favorite Reputation.+1
LaggardRaid Level 4: Defeat Lava Chromanium.+2
LiberatingMaximize Prisoner Emancipation Reputation.+2
LoneMaximize Merchant Ship Stranded Reputation.+2
Mayhem Slayer[Legion Raid: Inferno] Defeat Mayhem Legion Commander Kakul-Saydon.+3
NightmareDefeat Mayhem Spiritual Echoes after dominating Albion at Oreha’s Well.+2
PacifistMaximize Back to Where it Belongs Reputation.+2
PickyUpgrade Brahms to Lvl. 10.+2
PrecursorMaximize Eye of Fate Reputation.+2
Pro RelaxerDefeat Field Bosses.+1
PureUse Paladin’s Awakening skill, Alithane’s Light.+2
RabbitMaximize the Free-Ranging the Rabbits Reputation.+1
Red Desert WatcherComplete the “Enter at All Costs” quest in Arthenine.+2
Relic LoverRecruit these 6 Sailors.+1
RespectfulAdd the following 4 cards to the Card Catalog+2
ScholarlyIncrease Excavating Level.+2
Silver LionRaid Level 2: Defeat Tytalos.+2
SupporterMaximize Panda Island Reputation+2
SwiftRaid Level 1: Defeat Icy Legoros.+2
TenderDefeat Magmadon.+2
TwinklingRaid Level 5: Defeat Armored Nacrasena.+2
VerdureIncrease Foraging Level+2
VigilanteMaximize Wiping out the Horse Thieves Reputation.+2
Warm-HeartedRecruit the Following 3 Sailors.+2
WhaleDiscover an item after a Whale Jump.+2


5 Changes That Will Make Lost Ark Great Again

Lost Ark has a very big fanbase that is ongoing and attracts multiple people from all around the world at times. But there are some things about this game, that veterans and new players alike will agree that can be changed and worked upon. In this guide, we are going to discuss the 5 biggest…

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Many MMORPGs these days have battle passes in them; they may name it differently but we all know it’s a battle pass. These battle passes can be a mixed bag for some players, some of them hate having these in games while others love them. Whatever your view is on battle passes, they can have…

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Have you ever wondered what are all the quests that are finishable in Lost Ark? For every single Zone?! Well, wonder no more. These here are all of them listed separately. All Main Story Quests In Order For Each Zone – Lost Ark Let’s say that you are a player that goes after every Main…

Lost Ark: Engraving Calculator

Just a simple Engraving Calculator to help you understand stuff better with the new upcoming update. Engraving Calculator – Lost Ark The May update is approaching, and with it will come a new gear rarity called Relic [orange]. We’ll have to recreate our character’s engravings now that relic accessories are available. To make your life…

Lost Ark – Required Materials for iLvl 1445

Much like your character, the items you find in Lost Ark also have a level tied to them, referred to as “item level” or “ilvl.” iLvl 1445 is important especially with the upcoming Valtan Release, as this is the level requirement to enter the hard mode raid for better loots. Here’s all the required materials…

Lost Ark: How to Efficiently Prepare for Valtan Release

Lost Ark’s players have been dying for this upcoming patch which will bring the first Legion Raid, Valtan. The developer of Lost Ark has confirmed that the first Legion Raid will be a tough team-based activities that need teamwork synergy and strategy to progress through the raid. The raid is going to be an eight-player…


Lost Ark – Artist Skins & How To Get Them

Cosmetics in MMORPGs is something that a lot of players try to get as much of. Even hardcore PVPers and Raiders succumb to trying to look good and worrying about aesthetics. You don’t want to be that one guy that’s just using the default item set, you need to mix and match and even get…

Lost Ark: Artist Complete Gearing Guide

Lost Ark just got a new class and has arrived in Arkesia followed by special events for this month’s Art of War update. Specializing as a support role, the Artist can unleash illusory powers from her magical brush and the ink that flows with it. That’s nice and all, but the true question lies within…

Lost Ark: Artist Class Guide For Quick Chaos Dungeons

Lost Ark is one of those MMOs that first released in the east and was later released to the west. That means players from the west can look at the east and see what to expect in future updates as well as changes the developers make. One of the things players look forward to are…

How To Prepare for Artist as F2P – Lost Ark

MMO’s have a notorious reputation for being incredibly greedy and pay to win. It’s why most people don’t waste their time playing games like Lost Ark. However, there are games out there that can be strictly played as a free-to-play player, meaning you won’t have to spend a dime on other things like started packs,…

Lost Ark: Alt Classes Tier List

There are a total of 21 classes in Lost Ark and if you are a new player, or maybe even a veteran player of Lost Ark, you might end up having a tough time choosing a favorite alt class since they are all so different. That is where this guide and tier list will come…

Lost Ark: 2023 New Player Quickstart Guide | Getting To Level 50

Starting a new MMO can be daunting, going through the early and mid game can be a different challenge on its own. MMORPGs can be complex, with different systems, mechanics and items to keep track of. Not to mention some of you might want to see what are the different ways you can progress through…

Lost Ark – Complete Alts Guide | All You Need To Know

Lost Ark is one of those MMORPGs that is still alive and kicking even though there’s a general decline in the genre. It’s one of those games that was first released in the East in Korean and Russia before being released piece by piece to the west. That’s the reason why if you see some…

Lost Ark: How To Build 5×3 Bis Build As A New Player

When jumping into a new game like an MMO or any game that has some deep RPG elements to it like class builds or item builds, it’s always a pain to look at these kinds of builds. That’s because more often than not these builds are for players who already know what certain things are…

Lost Ark – How To Set Up Auto Dismantle For Amulets

We all know that feeling of looking at your inventory and it’s filled with all sorts of useless stuff that you don’t need anymore. Why do you have 87 minor healing potions, they don’t do anything to your level anymore. Why is there 50 salmon in your inventory, you don’t even have any cooking skills!…

Lost Ark – Best Dismantle Settings Guide

Dismantle is something that is often overlooked by a lot of people playing Lost Ark. It is a mechanic that will have you basically destroy certain types of gear and then take its most important components. You can use this to your advantage in many different scenarios. In this guide, we shall give you the…

Lost Ark: Summoner Pet Build Complete Guide & Best Practices

The Pets are something new that came along with the Summoner in Lost Ark. There are a lot of pets that you are able to obtain, everything from the smallest and cutest puppy to the largest and scariest fluffy bear. In this guide, we shall show you the best Summoner Pet Build and a lot…

Lost Ark: Lunar Voice Reaper Skill Build Guide

The hit MMO Lost Ark is not like most MMOs out there. It’s actually divided from the western release to the Korean release and the latter is way ahead than the former. That means some players from the west can “look into the future” of the game by looking at the Korean release and plan…

Lost Ark: Hunger Reaper Skill Build Guide

Lost Ark is one of those games that are still kicking despite the general lowering of interest in the MMO genre. It’ll probably be one of those games that will hold the genre afloat until the next golden age appears. The game itself is a bit different from other MMOs because it actually is divided,…

Lost Ark: Shock Training Scrapper Skill Build Guide

Lost Ark is still going strong in a time where MMOs are slowly going down in terms of popularity. It may not be the biggest MMO out there but it’s still one of the better ones in the sea of MMOs, although that’s not saying much considering how many bad ones there are. Still, the…

Lost Ark: Brelshaza Legion Raid Gate 1 Guide

Nothing’s more exciting than going into an MMO raid where you’re with your team, you’ve got all the consumables ready, have all the tactics and mechanics in your mind and ready to defeat that boss. Well maybe fishing minigames can be more exciting, but raiding is a close second and we understand why. There’s a…

Lost Ark: Achates Trial Guardian Raid Guide

Doing raids and fighting bosses while learning their mechanics is probably one of the most exciting things you can do in MMORPGs. It may not look like it but you’re actually studying the enemy in a video game, learning its moves and memorizing their patterns so you can defeat them. When you finally defeat that…

Lost Ark: NEW Ark Pass | Which Rewards To Take?

Many MMORPGs these days have battle passes in them; they may name it differently but we all know it’s a battle pass. These battle passes can be a mixed bag for some players, some of them hate having these in games while others love them. Whatever your view is on battle passes, they can have…

Lost Ark: Caliligos Guardian Raid Guide

Lost Ark continues to be updated and supported as they add a new Guardian Raid under the name of Caliligos. Caliligos is the master of lightning and a fearsome foe to face. This large, draconic being commands blue thunderbolts and will not hesitate to strike you and submit you to his rule. Sounds like a…

Lost Ark: How To Get Roster Level 200

In Lost Ark, there are a billion things that you can level up and become better at. There are certainly many guides that you can find to upgrade yourself without a problem. But when it comes to the Roster Level, players kind of push it to the side. In this guide, we will be giving…

Lost Ark: Scout / Machinist Prep Guide

Lost Ark will be getting a very cool and big update on the 28th of September. This is when we will see the Clown boss added as well as the scout. To be able to prepare for this day you will need a couple of things first. In this Scout / Machinist Prep guide, we…

Lost Ark: Clown Gear Guide

Playing Lost Ark will need extra overtime when it comes to picking the best gear and stats for a boss. Bosses are something that everyone strives to do since they are both so challenging but also very rewarding. In this guide, we will be giving you the best Clown Gear that you’ll need. Let’s get…

Lost Ark: Kakul-Saydon Gate 1 Guide + Informative Cheatsheet

This Legion Raid is called Kakul-Saydon, but Gate 1 is mostly about a fight with Saydon. Kakul joins the fight, but only as a helper. Anyhow that doesn’t mean that it is necessarily easy. We have seen players that have gone down even in this first gate. That is why in this guide we will…

Lost Ark: Bracelet Guide

Content can sometimes not be available for all versions of the same game. In most cases, the Asian versions of games such as MMOs or Gacha mobile games will usually receive the content first, before being released internationally. Case in point, Final Fantasy Opera Omnia. A mobile game that Asian servers have the most advantage…

Lost Ark: Shadow Hunter Perfect Suppression Guide | 2022

The Shadow Hunter is a hybrid and ranged class. Every class has strengths and weaknesses, in this class, the strengths are High burst damage, Skill diversity, and Strong stagger damage. The weaknesses are Lacks mobility, High cooldowns, and Not many push immunity super armors. Shadow Hunters has two builds: Perfect Suppression and Demonic Impulse. Shadow…

Lost Ark: How To Break Weekly Gold Limit

Lost Ark is an MMORPG, but it oftentimes feels restrictive. There are moments in the game that stops the pacing to an abrupt halt, which can lead to players losing interest in continuing. Recently, players have reached a Weekly Gold limit that was placed to slow down player progression. In order to combat this, players…

Lost Ark: Kakul Saydon Gate 3 Easy Guide

Saydon Gate is what some players will compare to burning in agony and hell. It is one of the most difficult stages out there that desires attention and big teamwork. In this guide, we try to give you the most amount of details and help you to defeat him and pass Gate 3. Let’s get…

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There are so many things that one player is able to do in Lost Ark that sometimes the most important things will get overlooked or forgotten. Changing the Relic Set for free is one of those, not well-known things. In this guide, we will be giving you a brief lesson on how it works and…

Lost Ark: Party Finder Etiquette Guide

There are some unspoken rules in life that all of us learn at one point. Don’t ask a lady their age and don’t ask anyone on how much they make on their jobs. These unspoken rules vary from culture to culture and sometimes these rules manifest in games as well. With MMOs it’s common to…

Lost Ark: Gravity Training Guide (August Patch Version)

There has been an influx of eastern MMORPGs that have been releasing to the western market. Often these games release to the western market bit by bit to not confuse the player base on the already huge amounts of content that their eastern player base are used to. Because of that games like these often…

Lost Ark: Woeful Drylands Map Guide

Raids can be tough in most MMO games out there, with some of them having some sort of mechanic that you need to know so that you and your party doesn’t die. We all know of that one guy that doesn’t know what the map mechanic is, and often leads to a party wipe. For…

Lost Ark: August Gold Islands Calendar

In MMORPGs you would think that the king of the games are the ones that are on the top. The world first raiders, or the highest ranking PVP players, or the most fashionable player there are. You would be wrong, because in every MMO the king is gold. Gold is what makes the game go…

Lost Ark: Classes Ranked Based On Popularity

MMORPGs can have a lot of classes or jobs the player can be quite confusing for the new player. Although we know that based on statistics players tend to gravitate to DPS roles rather than healer or tank roles. That’s why there’s usually a shortage of tanks in MMORPGs as well, it’s because not a…

Lost Ark: Arcanist Builds Cheat Sheet

Character builds in single-player RPGs and MMORPGs have always been a hot topic. There are people who believe that following builds optimize the fun out of discovering it yourself, whilst others believe that optimizing and learning a built at the start saves a lot of time, and we all know that time is an important…

Lost Ark: Weapon Power Calculation (300ilvl-1575ilvl) | One Formula

We all know that in every video game in existence there is at least a miniscule group that takes the game to the next level. I’m not talking about world first raiders in MMOs or speed runners, they may be more knowledgeable about the game more than the common player but they pale in comparison…

Lost Ark: Visual Guide To Drops Of Ether

Don’t be one of those players that can stack up and have the bestest of the best gear and then know nothing about what these little floating balls do. They can really change your entire power status and make unbeatable situations into pieces of cake. Let’s see what they do once you get the Visual…

Lost Ark: Heartbeat Island Guide

The Heartbeat Island is an event in Lost Ark where you can do daily and co-op quests to get tons of rewards. Where is this event located and how do I get there? Well, here’s a guide to tell you the details of this event and what you can do in it. Let’s dive in!…

Lost Ark: Argos Pizza Visual Guide

Argos teleports to the center of the arena, surrounded by four moon and sun-safe zones. The moon is constantly closer and the sun is always farther away. The safe locations will be spaced like a compass (N, S, E, W), and the players must race to their mark and stay on one of the corresponding…

Lost Ark: Vykas Cheatsheet Guide

Vykas is an eight-player Legion raid featuring three gates and a slew of new unique features, skills, and systems. To try Normal difficulty, players must be Item Level 1430, and 1460 to attempt Hard difficulty. This here guide is a kind of a cheat sheet on how to better exploit its weaknesses and get a…

Lost Ark: Visualized Simple Vykas Guide

Players have been asking and wondering about Vykas run a lot. This here is a guide that is a clear explanation to the point and even veterans of Lost Ark will come in handy because of how simple and clear it is shown.  Visualized Simple Vykas Guide – Lost Ark This is a simple yet…

Lost Ark: Income Generation For iLvls

Lost Ark is a 3D fantasy MMORPG featuring RPG-style action gameplay and a massive environment to explore. Set sail on your own ship to explore new places and face off against formidable bosses with a raid team. Lost Ark provides a feature-rich gameplay experience that is enhanced by breathtaking visuals and skill effects. Let’s see…

Lost Ark: Foraging Platinum Field Guide

Foraging in Lost Ark is important for making potions and bombs. In this guide, we will show you the perfect setup for foraging in Platinum Field as well as the route you should take for efficient foraging run. Let’s dive in! Foraging Platinum Field Guide – Lost Ark Preparation First off, you need to do…

Lost Ark: How To Max Out Guild Contribution Fast

Guild contributions are very grindy and can take longer than necessary. However, the rewards in the Guild when contributions are completed certainly make players see why it’s necessary to complete it. But how can you max out the Guild contribution fast? In this guide, we’ll show you how to do it without doing other things…

Lost Ark: Vykas Gate 2 Mechanic Guide

If you have defeated the Gate 1 Vykas, well you’re going to need to prepare yourself even more than the last time. Vykas Gate 2 also has a couple of tricky strategies that you will follow and make sure that you will have open communication with your team for forming formations. Vykas Gate 2 Mechanic…

Lost Ark: Vykas Gate 1 Mechanic Guide

Lost Ark is offering tons of different bosses with very interesting mechanics to fight against. In this guide, we will be taking a look at how to defeat Vykas in Gate 1. He is very tricky so make sure to pay extra attention to detail. Vykas Gate 1 Mechanic Guide – Lost Ark Soon after…

Lost Ark: Destroyer PVE Guide & Cheat Sheet

People have been wondering and asking about a clear and straight-to-the-point guide about the Destroyer for PVE situations. This here guide working with the help of Reddit users that have played through the game thoroughly will be helping you with that. Let’s get started. Destroyer PVE Guide & Cheat Sheet – Lost Ark In this…

Lost Ark: Peacemaker Gunslinger Full Guide

Peacemaker has gone over a lot of changes in the last couple of patches. It has drastic changes and it really affects on people that play as a main as Peacemaker Gunslinger. This here is a full-on guide about how to better understand it and tweak it in every possible way. Let’s get started. Peacemaker…

Lost Ark: Guide To All Quality Of Life Improvement Settings

Lost Ark is a game that requires you to keep control of a lot of stuff while playing. Some users have gone beyond their way to provide the best ways of making things easier. Here we will discuss some of them. Guide To All Quality Of Life Improvement Settings – Lost Ark Dungeon Button Integrated…

Lost Ark: Valtan Cheat Paper | All Mechanics & Info

The Valtan patch is one of the new raids you can find in Lost Ark. The various parts of the fight has different phases. This guide will show you the mechanics and information about the Valtan raid on Lost Ark.  Valtan Cheat Paper – Lost Ark The Valtan Raid is a new raid in Lost…

Lost Ark: All Main Story Quests In Order For Each Zone

Have you ever wondered what are all the quests that are finishable in Lost Ark? For every single Zone?! Well, wonder no more. These here are all of them listed separately. All Main Story Quests In Order For Each Zone – Lost Ark Let’s say that you are a player that goes after every Main…

Lost Ark: Engraving Calculator

Just a simple Engraving Calculator to help you understand stuff better with the new upcoming update. Engraving Calculator – Lost Ark The May update is approaching, and with it will come a new gear rarity called Relic [orange]. We’ll have to recreate our character’s engravings now that relic accessories are available. To make your life…

Lost Ark – Some Tips On Completing Argon Island

If you are a fan of Lost Ark you must be able to handle a lot of grinding from time to time. When it comes to Argon Island though, lots of players will stray far away from it because of the headaches it might give you. Let’s check out some tips for it. Some Tips…

Lost Ark – Ring Them Golden Bells Achievement Guide

To unlock Ring Them Golden Bells achievement, you will first need to Gesbroy island. There, get into the tavern and buy 5x “Unlimited Golden Beer Voucher”. You will then need to go the bell and ring it. There will be a cutscene after ringing the bell. Do these 4 more times (5 in total) and…

Lost Ark – Required Materials for iLvl 1445

Much like your character, the items you find in Lost Ark also have a level tied to them, referred to as “item level” or “ilvl.” iLvl 1445 is important especially with the upcoming Valtan Release, as this is the level requirement to enter the hard mode raid for better loots. Here’s all the required materials…

Lost Ark: How to Efficiently Prepare for Valtan Release

Lost Ark’s players have been dying for this upcoming patch which will bring the first Legion Raid, Valtan. The developer of Lost Ark has confirmed that the first Legion Raid will be a tough team-based activities that need teamwork synergy and strategy to progress through the raid. The raid is going to be an eight-player…

Lost Ark: Alt Management Strategy Guide

Having multiple characters in Lost Ark is one of the ways you can maximize your rewards. However,  playing them all at once can be challenging. This guide will show you how you can manage your Alts properly.  Alt Management Guide – Lost Ark In this guide, we will be breaking down your alternate characters into…

Lost Ark: Worm Head Farming & Path Guide

There are various items and materials that you can get in Lost Ark. Each enemy may drop different sets of loot that you can use. This guide will show you the most optimized Worm Head Farming and Pathing.  Worm Head Farming Path – Lost Ark The Fresh Worm Head is a loot drop that you…

Lost Ark: Ways To Make Gold As A New Player

We have been getting this question a lot. There are new players that keep falling in love with this game but are having a hard time for getting Gold. This here will be a guide on the best ways to make gold faster in the starting phases. Let’s get started. Ways To Make Gold As…

Lost Ark – How To Fix Error G0x9-SPELPWP1P2NT

The developers have been patching and fixing stuff left and right. Still, to this day players are experiencing this issue. It can be simple and fixed easily, or it might take talking to a Staff member. Let’s check it out. How To Fix Error G0x9-SPELPWP1P2NT – Lost Ark This can be a problem connected with…

Lost Ark – Glaivier Lance Master Guide | Balance Patch Version

Since the new patch in April, Lost Ark has gotten some new changes that need covering information. Here I will cover all the Glaivier builds that can be used after the Balance Patch. Let’s get started. Glaivier Lance Master Guide | Balance Patch Version – Lost Ark This is a class that uses a huge…

Lost Ark: Honing Calculator Complete Guide

Lost Ark is a game that follows your leveling up and stats increase. As you become a higher level, you will require a higher and better level of gear in order to be able to proceed further and finish all sorts of dungeons, quests, raids etc. As you might reach the endgame and leveling up…

Lost Ark: T3 Demonic Impulse Shadowhunter Build

Demonic Impulse Shadowhunter in Lost Ark is one of the best and one of the most interesting builds one player can experience. Everything from looking scary and mysterious, to changing forms and unleashing havoc on your enemies. Here we will discuss the best build for Tier 3 and how to manage it. Let’s go. T3…

Lost Ark: Argos Phase 1 & 2 Complete Guide

Argos can be the most difficult Npc to beat. You need to get ready, gear up, pack up loads of healing items, and just hope for the best. A tons of dmg both in individual and AoE attacks. You will need to play this out smart. For this reason I have prepared a complete guide…

Lost Ark: How To Invest Skill Points On Glaivier

Lost Ark has been slowly catching up its global servers on content for the past few months, and one of the things they’re doing is bringing in a class that previously was only available in the Korean Servers.  In this guide, we’ll be showing you a build that will work on Glaivier that is quite…

Lost Ark: How To Play Glaivier PVP Guide

Glaivier joins the fray of playable classes in the hit MMO Lost Ark.  While it’s been available in the Korean servers for some time now, it only just recently was announced to the rest of the world.  Much like a Dragoon from other game titles, the Glaivier uses a lance as its main weapon and…

Lost Ark: How to Play Ranked | PvP Guide

One of Lost Ark’s main draw is the combat style that allows you to build on combinations that will result in high damage based on how well you can pull them off.  While this is not as important during PVE, the main test to your cunning combos will come in the form of duking it…

Lost Ark: Guardian Raid Event Guide

Raiding in Lost Ark is a high-octane, fast-paced, adrenaline filled goodness that the more hardcore players strive to gear towards. This is the culmination of all the power ups, grinding, and upgrades you do with your character.  There are some raids that stay throughout the season and you can revisit them whenever you want but sometimes…

Lost Ark: How to Unlock Missing Skins

Lost Ark grew a steady playerbase upon its global release, earning a ton of players looking into a fast-paced ARPG  that can sate their hunger for more Diablo-style games.  One of the main features that players look into when playing MMORPGs is the customization level you can do in a game.  While the game has…

Lost Ark: Pheon Market Tax Explained

Pheons is a type of currency that players use when trading and bidding on the Auction House. But what exactly is the reason why we have this Pheon tax in the first place? This guide will explain everything about the Pheon Market Tax. Pheon Market Tax – Lost Ark In Lost Ark, there is a…

Lost Ark: Best Deathblade Build

The Deathbuild class is one of the most popular classes in Lost Ark due to its unique weapon set. Even though it has low base damage, players still choose this class because of its fun gameplay. This guide will show you the best Deathblade build in Lost Ark. Best Deathblade Build – Lost Ark The…

Lost Ark: Best Deadeye Build

When it comes to versatility, the Deadeye class is the one you should watch out for. Depending on your enemy, you can swap through two pistols, a rifle, and a shotgun. This guide will show you the best build you can use on the Deadeye class. Best Deadeye build – Lost Ark The Deadeye class…

Lost Ark: Forgotten Lake Location

Lost Ark has many hidden locations that can be accessed by secret maps—one of them is Forgotten Lake. It’s also known as “a clear, seemingly bottomless lake”. In this guide, we’ll show you how you can navigate to the Forgotten Lake. Forgotten Lake Location – Lost Ark To go to Forgotten Lake, you must gain…

How To Get Phantom Wing Island Token | Lost Ark

There are multiple quests you can do in Lost Ark. What makes the Phantom Wing Island unique is that it is an adventure island that can only appear a few times a week. This guide will show you how you can get the Island Token of the Phantom Wing Island. Get Phantom Wing Island Token…

Lost Ark: All Gesbroy Mokoko Seed Locations

Collecting Mokoko seeds in Lost Ark is a great way to get rewards using Mokoko points. There are a total of 9 Mokoko Seeds in Gesbroy. This guide will show you all the Mokoko seeds you can find in Gesbroy. Gesbroy Mokoko Seed Locations – Lost Ark You can find the location of all the…

Lost Ark: All Unknown Island Mokoko Seed Locations

Mokoko seeds can be challenging to find because they are not normally marked on the map. They can be hiding in between items, and you will not know unless you keep your eyes peeled. This guide will show you all the Mokoko seeds you can find on the Unknown Island. Unknown Island Mokoko seeds -…