Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Handmade Hunter Doll

Find the Handmade Hunter Doll by using this guide.

There are a lot of things you can do in Marvel’s Midnight Suns when you are not busy fighting and saving the world. One of which is exploring The Grounds, which is the area where you can freely roam and interact with your fellow members in Midnight Suns. You can also find remnants of the Hunter’s past, the custom character that you create in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. As you explore The Grounds, you will find bits and pieces of the Hunter’s past. In this guide, we help you find the Handmade Hunter Doll, a relic of Hunter’s past.

Handmade Hunter Doll – Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Go to the Dreamer’s Descent

To find the Handmade Hunter Doll, you first need to make your way to Dreamer’s Descent.

Go to the area that has a grave on it. If this is your first time entering, a small cutscene will play.

Once the cutscene ends, follow the path that goes up a slope. There will be braziers with blue flames lighting up the way that leads to what seems to be a resting area, with tables and chairs.

On the table, you will find a straw doll, which is actually the Handmade Hunter Doll. It is possible that the Hunter made this to represent themselves.

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