How To Complete Hulk’s Legendary Challenge Monster Or Man In Midnight Suns

Hulk out and beat this legendary challenge with this guide.

Midnight Suns features iconic Marvel characters that you know from both the comics and the MCU. We have Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine, Scarlet Witch, Doctor Strange, and even the Hulk, who is the main focus of this guide. The reason that being is that we are going to be tackling Hulk’s Legendary Challenge, which is called Monster or Man. Now completing Legendary Challenges requires a lot of big brain moves, so we are here to ease the pain of using your brain by just reading this guide.

Midnight Suns – How To Complete Hulk’s Legendary Challenge Monster Or Man

Follow these steps in order to beat the challenge

When you first start, use the Gamma Kick ability on the middle guy in front of Hulk.

After performing Gamma Kick on the middle guy, perform Smash on the same enemy again.

Finishing off the same target, use Smash to defeat him. This will then allow the Rampage ability to appear on your deck for use.

On the three enemies to your left, use the Rampage card you just got. Make sure to chain the first enemy on the left, then chain the middle, then the last one for effective use.

Now for the other guy on the other side of the area, use the Gamma Kick and make sure to kick him into the wall for extra damage.

Now you should have the Let’s Do This ability available. Use this to have all Taunted enemies attack you. This is needed because Hulk needs to have his Rage meter filled up, and getting hit will increase his rage.

Your Rage meter should be close to completion at this point, so you need to use your last ability, Smash. Use it on any target.

With the last bit of Rage now in his meter, you can use the Worldbreaker ability to finish everyone off and complete the challenge.

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