Marvel’s Midnight Suns: The Offering Bowl

What’s in the bowl?

In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, you can speak to the people residing in The Abbey to either hang out with them or get some cool side quests. You can speak to them and get some backstory to what everyone was doing in their lives, get some lore too. However, in this guide, we will be showing you a little adventure that you can do with Agatha Harkness. If you are interested in learning more about Agatha and getting some juicy story bits out of this, then follow this guide and we’ll show you what is going on with this Offering Bowl.

The Offering Bowl – Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Talk to Agatha Harkness

Before you can to anything with the offering bowl, you will need to speak to Agatha first. She can be found in the library at The Abbey. Speak to her, and she will tell you about an ornate bowl sitting near her altar.

Go to Agatha’s Altar

Once you have finished speaking to Agatha, you will then have to go to Agatha’s Altar. The region is located on west of The Abbey.

When you get there, face the front of the altar and look to your left. You should see a set of stairs and a brazier at the top of it. Go up the stairs.

Follow the path and you should see another altar, with what seems like a glowing bowl in the middle of it.

When you get to the bowl, you will be given a prompt to place an item inside. If you have the Knife artifact, you can place it inside.

Once you place the Knife in the Offering Bowl, use the “Reveal” Word of Power, and the Offering Bowl will accept the Knife as your offering. You will then be given an Arcane Key as your reward.

After that, go back to Agatha Harkness and she will tell you that you can use different artifacts with different Words of Power to get different rewards.

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