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Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Death Cap Location

Find some Death Caps by using this guide.

Resources are important when playing Marvel’s Midnight Suns. After all, this is still an RPG. With resources, you can craft items that will help you improve your performances in fights, ensuring you that you will not die so easily when fighting. Items like Strength Tonics need ingredients and resources to be made, so you need to find those ingredients and resources in order to make the items you need. Luckily, you can find them in your own backyard. Literally. In this guide, we will show you how you can find Death Cap in The Grounds.

Death Cap Location – Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Go to the Valley of the Winds

Death Cap is found in the Valley of the Winds. It’s located pretty far from The Abbey, pretty much on the right side of The Grounds.

When you get to the area, look around for mushroom looking items on the ground. These are Death Caps. You can find them in the dirt, surrounded by grass.

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