Metroid Dread: Purple Emmi – How to Escape | First 3 Encounters

Get rid of the scary, wall ignoring, Emmi!

Boss battles are fun, but sometimes games like to give us great enemies that we can’t defeat straight away. The EMMI’s in Metroid Dread is specifically created robots that want Samus’ DNA, so you can bet that you can’t destroy them when you first meet them. Today we are going to talk about the annoying encounters with the Purple Emmi and how to get through without dying a bunch of times!

Purple Emmi | First 3 Encounters – Metroid Dread

The Purple Emmi is extremely powerful and will instakill you if you get seen. It also sends purple bubbles through the walls that can stun you, giving it enough time to catch you and end you.

You will have 3 encounters with it before you can kill it:

  • Encounter 1

You will know you’ve stumbled into it when a huge yellow reconnaissance laser will appear on your right. What you’ll need to do is climb on the ledge and wait for it to pass you, as shown below:

Once it has passed you on your left, jump down and start running to the next area to the right. If you think you can’t make it in time, climb out of the water on one of the ledges.

To get to the next area you’ll have to climb up to the right. If it gets close to you, you should use Phantom Cloak to hide as you advance.

Once you’ve reached the next area you are free! For now…

  • Encounter 2

The recon laser will come from below now and the EMMI will try to stun you from below. Just jump to the top and enter the room to the left.

Avoid at all costs the purple bubbles.

  • Encounter 3

If you enter the room from before and go to the right door, you will be followed again by the EMMI.

Sprint and use all the tools at your disposal to escape. You will reach in the 3rd room a door that can’t be open and to run you will have to grab the ceiling, as shown in the picture below:

It will take you away and you’ll just have to enter the next room to escape.

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