Metroid Dread: Where to Go After Screw Attack in Artaria

Stuck after getting a new power? Don’t worry! We know the way!

Metroid Dread is out and is full of interesting bosses and puzzles to beat. If you’ve searched for this article, that means you are getting close to the end of the game, but got stuck in a part that you shouldn’t have. Don’t worry, there is a way out! And it involves the new power you have just acquired and a lot of jumping. And maybe some backtracking, but we’ll see in a second, won’t we?

Where to Go After Getting the Screw Attack in Artaria – Metroid Dread

You’ve found yourself in Artaria, stuck next to a cute little statue and with newfound power. Well, now you can jump endlessly into the skies! Congratulations!

Do you remember that there were a lot of cubes with an electricity sign on them? You can now break through those using the Screw Attack.

As shown in the picture above, all you need to do is use the Screw Attack to jump upwards and break through the barrier. Go to the left until you reach another room and you’ll be out!

You will then travel to Burenia to retrieve something and then to Ghavoran.

In Burenia you have to go to the second room to the left and then start jumping through those blue barriers again. In the top left corner, you will find another room that will lead you to Ghavoran.

Just advance and you will continue the story.

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