MX vs ATV Legends: How Does Multiplayer Work?

How do you play against other players?

When you think about racing games, you instantly think about how you can compete with other players. MX vs ATV allows online multiplayer competition, but how does it work? This guide will show you how multiplayer works in MX vs ATV Legends. 

How does Multiplayer work? – MX vs ATV Legends

MX vs ATV Legends features large environments with changing weather and different challenges. There is also the Trails Mode, which allows the players to go off-road and simply find the fastest road to the goal. This begs the question of how the multiplayer will work in the game. 

One of the features of MX vs ATV Legends is the Online Multiplayer option. As of the moment, what we know is that this feature consists of a 16-player online multiplayer game. This is a squad-based mode, but the details have not been specified yet.

This may mean that your placements can affect the overall score of your squad. It may also mean that your squads can help you out in different situations. Many players are also wondering if this combines with the Trail Mode as well. 

We will update this page when new details about the multiplayer mode come out. 

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