MX vs ATV Legends: Career Mode Explained

What is the career mode?

MX vs ATV Legends gives you the thrill of off-road riding by pitting you against other players for the title. One of the modes the games have is the career mode. This guide will explain the career mode in MX vs ATV Legends. 

Career Mode explained – MX vs ATV Legends

MX vs ATV Legends allows you to race against other players in different off-road vehicles. With the new weather and scenic routes, players will have numerous challenges to complete. You will also have different drive styles depending on your playstyle. 

One of the features of MX vs ATV Legends is the career mode. This mode is a competitive mode where you can aim to become a professional rider by competing. You can sign up with different contracts and sponsorships. 

However, keep in mind that these decisions will impact your career path. Make sure to make these choices cautiously. You will also encounter NPCs and environments that can help you with your career path. Choosing which NPCs or sponsorships to interact with will drastically change your path in career mode. 

A Pro Mode will also be available on launch, for players who want to have a more realistic competition. 

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