MX vs ATV Legends: Is Crossplay Supported?

Can you play with players on different platforms?

MX vs ATV Legends is a racing sports game that offers large open environments. You will also get a lot of challenges and the ability to customize your vehicle. This article will talk about cross-play support in MX vs ATV Legends. 

Is Crossplay Supported? – MX vs ATV Legends

MX vs ATV Legends offers different modes like Trails Mode, where you do not have a set path in the race, allowing you to go off-road however you want. You will also have the online multiplayer mode where you compete with other players. 

However, since there is an online multiplayer mode, players may be wondering if cross-play is supported in the game. As of the moment, what we know is that cross-gen play is available, so PS4 and PS5 players may be able to match up. This applies to Xbox players as well.

As of the moment though, there is no cross-play available. You cannot play with players on different platforms. We do not know how this will affect online multiplayer modes. However, the possibility of cross-play is not entirely off the list. 

Stay tuned for any new updates on MX vs ATV Legends.

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