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Get better in fighting with these tips!

The boom for Battle Royale games has long died down and from the sea of failed and bad battle royale games came some that stood the up well. Naraka: Bladepoint was a bit late in the party as it was released when the trend was already dying down but it still offered a unique twist to the genre that many players like. The game still has around a hundred thousand players playing the game in steam and that’s because the game has some amazing gameplay. The combat in the game has a low skill floor but a high skill ceiling so in this guide we’ll show you some tips to help you out!

Fighting System Guide & Tips | Naraka: Bladepoint

Naraka: Bladepoint isn’t like the other Battle Royale games because instead of the main focus being ranged weapons like guns, it’s more of a melee focused game. Of course there’s still some ranged weapons in there but they’re usually used to soften up the enemy or to engage them faster in the game. The main way to fight in the game though is melee, and it’s not as simple as hitting things with a stick!

Focus Attacks

Focus attacks is one of the main types of attack you commonly use in the game. You hold an attack and depending on the timing you release the attack to deal damage. Yes, this single attack actually has 3 different release windows, and you can see these release windows when your character shines. The release windows are:

  • 1.0 Second Release: You release the Focus attack as fast as possible, making it a great way to bait parries but can also be easily parried in low to mid tier matches. It’s best used when set up with a skill or when starting a fight where the enemy can’t see you.
  • 1.2 Second Release: This is only used to punish players that try to dodge a 1.0 Second Release.
  • 2.0 Seconds Release: The longest time you can hold a focus attack and the best way to react to an enemy. This one takes a bit of practice but can be used to easily parry-bait in Trios.

Knowing when to release your Focus attack is half the battle, learning the enemy habits and punishing their mistakes is what wins the fights.


Movement is just as important as combat skill because you can reposition for an attack, go for a kill or even run away and reengage at a better position. There’s a lot of tricks in Naraka: Bladepoint for movement and the most basic one is charging a Focus Attack and Dashing which every newbie should know. Here are some other tips for movement.

  • Pressing Jump after jumping over a window can cancel the animation and make you go through windows faster.
  • Sliding is effected by gravity so you’re faster sliding downwards in an angle than in flat surfaces.
  • When climbing a tree there’s a special animation for it, you can shorten it by jumping.
  • When scaling a wall you can charge a powerful special attack called Scale Rush, it’s also great to use when getting some distance.
  • Grapple is the best way to travel around the map, if you slide downwards and then grapple, the speed boost from sliding down will let you launch yourself farther.


Combos is very important in combat because it’s a sure way to getting some solid hits to the enemy, just be sure to not miss is and be punished for it. You usually start combos with a skill or a normal attack, you don’t even need to be the first one to attack since you can use your Focus Armor to tank the first light attack of an enemy and then continue with your combo. Attacking an enemy after a dodge or parry is also a good way to start.

A combo is basically attacking an enemy in a way that they can’t dodge, like when you stagger them or attack the in mid-air. Stagger is when you hit an enemy and they do an animation where they can’t dodge or do anything. A combo is usually a series of attacks, and some attacks can change depending on which movement key you’re holding, so experiment and see what’s best for the enemy.

Congratulations you now know some tips in making your fighting better in Naraka: Bladepoint, don’t button mash and actually learn how the enemy moves, and punish them from doing so!

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