V Rising: How to Get Golden Jewellery

How to get the resource for crafting Golden Ingots

Combining vampire-themed gameplay with a couple of true survival techniques – Gold, or Golden jewelry is a much-needed commodity in V Rising, as it is in the real world, and is needed for creating and upgrading gear. Let’s see the best ways of finding it.

How to Get Golden Jewellery – V Rising

Golden Jewellery is a resource that needs to be farmed by killing lots of enemy mobs. The biggest drop chance you will have to get it is from High-Level Mobs 68+ levels.

To get to the higher-level area with the biggest chance of farming this item, simply go to the west side of the map inside Silverlight Hills. Here you can check the Army Outposts, Fortress of Light,  the Brighthaven Square, the Sacred Silver Mine, both of the Brighthaven Suburbs, the Harpy Nest, and the Groves and go far down south to the Gleaming Meadows.

I have marked them for you all in here:

Just proceed to find all sorts of enemies and go on a long grind. Keep killing them and keep coming back to check if they’ve respawned. Some will drop it and some will not. You will have to drink their blood as well.

The best way is simply attacking loads of enemies that are piled up together. Use your AoE skills and just go crazy. Summon a couple of friendly NPCs to help you too and in no time you will have tons of Golden Jewellery.

You can use this item to go ahead and craft the Golden Ingots after to be able to upgrade your gear. Have fun farming it!

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V Rising: How to Craft Gold Ingots