Nightingale: Crafting Beginner’s Guide & Augments Explained

So little time, so much crafting to do!

Nightingale: Crafting Beginner's Guide & Augments Explained

With the game still in early preview, players might not be sure about the crafting and Augment mechanics in Nightingale. This game offers a lot in terms of crafting, which may be intimidating to new players, so I’m here to give you a crafting beginner’s guide and explain how Augments work. 

Just note that these mechanics are subject to change and might not accurately reflect the game mechanics when Nightingale does go live.

Crafting Beginner’s Guide & Augments Explained

There’s a lot of decent gear you can make in Nightingale, and crafting in this game is a pretty complicated process. Players didn’t like the UI when the game first opened to players, but things have changed since then. 

Augmentations help open stations up to crafting additional items. For example, you need a science augmentation to craft a Scholar’s Bonnet at a Tailor-type station. 

I’ll discuss both in more detail below.

Crafting bench in Nightingale.


Like in many other games, you can begin crafting by pulling up your crafting bench. You will see the recipes here. Choose one, input your ingredients, and craft your desired item.


Unlike a lot of survival games where you only have one variant of wood or raw material, Nightingale has multiple options for pretty much all of its resources. Some of these resources are in tiers up to tier 5.

This means that you won’t be able to harvest a lot of these until you get the right tools. By extension, you won’t be able to access Realms until you progress and level up.

SIDE NOTE: Want to level up faster in Nightingale? Here’s a dedicated guide on how to level up faster for more awesome info!

Augmented crafting station in Nightingale.

Once you start gathering more resources, you’ll realize that your crafting options will also multiply exponentially. Lots of resources have multiple variants and tiers, but they can all be used for the same purpose when it comes to making armor and weapons. 

However, everything has its own attributes and you can use different types of resources like rocks or wood to gain certain effects on your crafted armor and weapons.

Note that this does not apply to potions. It doesn’t matter what tier ingredient you put into the bench, as you’re going to get the same result.

Crafting Benches

When you go into the crafting menu, it will tell you exactly how to craft something, and what benches you’ll need. There are different crafting benches at your disposal. Upgraded ones won’t speed up, instead, these fall under Augmentations (more on this later).

Instead, different benches will craft different classifications of items. Some examples include the Sewing Bench which you can use to craft clothes and other kinds of cosmetics.

Autofill menu in Nightingale.

For people who don’t care about min-maxing and just want to craft decent items, there is an autofill button you can use to input the ingredients you have in your inventory randomly.

Additionally, placing your crafting bench outside will result in slower crafting times. Some cards will help reduce the crafting time of items to counteract this effect, so just keep an eye on what cards you have at your disposal if you want a more open layout for your base.

SIDE NOTE: We have a FAQ (Frequently-asked-Questions) article for Nightingale. Make sure to check it out for more information!


A lot of items, especially crafting materials and refined materials, you’ll unlock when you do go ahead and get an upgrade to the crafting bench or you unlock one of its Augments.

For things like clothing, you still have to do a bit of work. Lots of this is hidden behind recipes that you buy from Essence Traders or encounters. 

You can see all the Augments slots above a crafting bench. Augments are all the decor you can have around a bench to give it a boost in terms of speed, recipes, or sometimes extra buffs. 

Sewing bench with Augment slots.

For example, if you place a basic sawhorse beside your crafting bench, will give you the ability to add the Encumberence+ stat to all Crafted Clothing. It isn’t sure yet what all the buffs mean in the game, but what we do know is that Augments boost your crafting capabilities and open the door for more recipes.

So, it pays to make sure you have Augments added to your crafting benches as much as possible. Additionally, you can also read our complete guide on Augmentations in Nightingale!

That’s pretty much it! This is how crafting, and Augments work in Nightingale, at least based on how it looks during this Early Access version of the game. 

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