Nightingale: Everything You Need To Know | FAQ

Everything you need to know about Nightingale!

Nightingale: Everything You Need To Know | FAQ

It’s only a few days away from the official release of Nightingale. A lot of gamers are thrilled to experience the awesome stuff the game has to offer. It’s an open-world survival game which is set in the Realms of the Fae. If you’re itching to play the game, here’s a FAQ guide which covers the frequently-asked questions about Nightingale to get you started!

Everything You Need To Know About Nightingale | FAQ

Here, I’ve provided questions and answers about Nightingale. If you have concerns and queries on the game, this guide will answer them all. For easier navigation, I put a Table of Contents below – feel free to use it accordingly.

How Many Biomes Will There Be In Early Access of Nightingale?

Once you’ve gone through the tutorial section of the game and have experienced a taste of the adventure ahead, you’re given the option to choose between three biomes: the Forest, the Desert, and the Swamp.

Desert biome in Nightingale.
You’re going to need more than just an umbrella to survive this biome.

As of the moment, each player will have access to the aforementioned three biomes. No matter which type of biome you prefer, there’s a rather hefty chunk of diverse gameplay ahead, so it’s a good idea to be prepared for anything!

After all, these biomes are only the tip of the iceberg. Not only will you find yourself immersed in the flora and fauna of your choice, but you’ll also have access to various minor and major cards — all of which have an effect on how you play the game.  

For example, the sun in the Desert biome can have a negative effect on your character, and there’s a card that modifies the biome, so it’s always day time. It might not be so bad in the Forest and Swamp biomes, but it provides a noticeable spike in difficulty for anyone wandering the Fae badlands.

Swamp biome in Nightingale.
The Swamp biome is full of little secrets to discover.

As if that wasn’t enough, the addition of what is known as a Realmic Transmuter— allowing you to utilize these cards to shift the realm to your preference anytime — adds yet another layer of variety to what is already looking to be a feature-rich game.

Are There Any Microtransactions in Nightingale?

Since we already know the price tag for the game is $29.99, it’s important to know if it’s just a one and one purchase – Then, you are able to play the game without buying anything.

After all, microtransactions has garnered an infamous reputation in the past two decades of gaming. The question is, will Nightingale have any sort of microtransactions? Short answer: Yes, for cosmetics.

Microtransactions Are Cosmetics Only

Now, if you’re worried that Nightingale is going to feature a ton of microtransactions making it pay to win, you can ease up because the game only has cosmetics for microtransactions. In the developers’ Discord, the game won’t lock your progression behind any paywalls or microtransactions like a Battle Pass or Season Pass.

Inventory in Nightingale.

In fact, the developers have only stated that the game may only have cosmetic purchases when it comes to microtransactions. Because as we all know, cosmetics don’t have any effect on gameplay as they are only there to make you look good in the game.

So, with Nightingale only focusing on having cosmetics microtransactions, we won’t have to worry about pay to win items for sale. Do you want to read more about the game, here’s our dedicated article on whether there are microtransactions in Nightingale or not!

Can You Play Nightingale With A Controller?

With Nightingale featuring both a first person and third person camera perspective, lots of the players are wondering whether the game will also feature controller support. After all, third person games are played better with controllers, and first-person games are better played using a keyboard and mouse. However, is it a full controller support? Or just partial?

Short answer is yes! For more details, make sure to read below.

Nightingale Will Feature Partial Controller Support

Now, you may be wondering what “partial controller support” means. I don’t blame you for being confused. Does it mean only half the controller works? Well, that is technically correct. The game having partial controller support means that, while you are playing, you can move around and access menus with the controller no problem.

However, it does mean that there will be other times that you will need to use the keyboard and mouse as well. Also, according to the developers’ pre-launch update, the game is playable with a controller for Early Access. However, Nightingale will still require the occasional keyboard or mouse input to access other parts of the UI (User Interface), like the Party Text Chat for example.

In game UI for Nightingale.

The developers also state that the controller support will still be updated as the game goes on, as stated in their pre-launch updates. In fact, the developers are looking for feedback on how to better improve the controller support once the game drops. And that’s all you need to know if you can play Nightingale with a controller.

Is It Worth Playing Solo? – Nightingale

Same with other games that lets players choose, personal preference is key. Not everybody wants to go through the rigmarole of getting a group of friends together, especially if routines and schedules differ drastically. However, there are always merits to be found in sharing an adventure, not least of all that it makes for more fun and an easier playthrough

If you do have a group of friends who can’t commit to a multiplayer session, don’t worry! Nightingale has a feature of free visit between Realms, thanks to its world-sharing aspect and online requirements. Pop in and out of your friend’s Realms as you please, helping each other fight monsters and collecting resources!

Nightingale scenery.

Moreover, an interesting aspect that Nightingale promises is the ability to build your own estate. This lets you create a community and even hiring NPCs to help maintain the property in your absence. A fun enough venture for a solo playthrough. But with friends, you can form communal estates to shelter all of your hardworking Realmwalkers in between bouts of building, exploring, and fighting.

In short, Nightingale doesn’t seem entirely geared towards those who prefer to play completely solo, as its shared-world ability lets you easily join up with other players in public Realms. Playing with others, especially friends, will always make for a more fun adventure! However, time will tell how exactly playing solo will weigh up to co-op

Is it worth playing solo? If you’re an avid go-it-alone-er, there don’t seem to be any inherent disadvantages. However, the option to join others is always on the table. For multiplayer enthusiasts? Nightingale guarantees an intrepid adventure in its Gaslamp fantasy world, perfect for enjoying with friends you already have, and friends you simply haven’t met yet.

Do you want to read more about whether Nightingale is worth playing solo? Check out our dedicated guide for that topic.

How Much Will Nightingale Cost?

Nightingale at launch will cost $29.99 USD. Now, this sounds like an interesting open-world survival crafting game, but is it worth adding to your wish list? While cost is one of the criteria when you choose a game, let’s dive deeper into what Nightingale has to offer to us.

What Does Nightingale Has To Offer?

As the playable character, you’ll go on a journey to rebuild civilization, gather resources, and craft tools to survive. In Nightingale, there are diverse biomes with both beauty and danger. There are many fantastical creatures that you will encounter in the game, both friendly and hostile.

Nightingale In-Game Footage

Also, the game has a customization feature that allows you to give your characters a unique look. Once you have obtained enough resources, you can craft and enhance your gear with magical properties!

Nightingale Outfits

But of course, Nightingale isn’t all about crafting and fighting. The game also emphasizes community and collaboration. You are not alone on your journey as you can team up with friends to tackle challenging locations, share resources, and build together.

On your adventure, you can also play cooperatively with up to 6 players in an online shared world. Moreover, you can join and visit your friends’ Realms freely. With up to 6 players, you’ll be able to achieve a lot more as a team!

Nightingale Hunting

Now, there is still a lot for you to know about when it comes to Nightingale, which will justify the price tag. In the future, there may be a lot more reviews and gameplay footage with all the information you’ll ever need to make your decision. If you want to read more about Nightingale’s price, make sure to check out our dedicated guide for that topic.

Can You Play Nightingale Offline Without Internet?

As per the Discord of the Nightingale Developers, you can play Nightingale solo or with friends with up to 6 people in a party.

Unfortunately, you cannot play Nightingale offline without an internet connection. This even applies to solo play.

Can You Play Nightingale Offline Without Internet? Gameplay

While the lack of an offline mode may be a hurdle for some players, the developers are open to exploring more offline options for players in the future. For now, you’ll want to have an internet connection to play the game.

If you want to read more about Nightingale whether its playable offline, make sure to check out our dedicated article for that topic too.

Is Nightingale First-Person Mode Only & Can You Play In Third-Person?

Nightingale started off in first-person only mode and this continues to be the default mode of the game. However, it won’t be the only mode as the game is also considering many different options.

The Developers of Nightingale have been listening to player feedback, and they have considered adding a third-person mode to the game. The third-person mode is still experimental and will be available at launch.

Now, if you want to learn more about what the Nightingale developers have to say, see the video I’ve put down below!

For now, third-person is still experimental, which means that things can change in the future. As players, we can only hope that they’ll eventually keep the feature for the official launch of the game.

Regardless of whether it’s your personal preferences or to make gameplay more diverse, the Nightingale developers are always trying to make the game better!

Want to read more? Check out our dedicated guide about 3rd Person in Nightingale!

Is Nightingale First-Person Mode Only & Can You Play In Third-Person? Gameplay Bear Hunting

What Are Realm Cards? Everything To Know

While Nightingale is still relatively new, there’s a lot to share about the Realm Card system in Nightingale. To give you a quick rundown, the cards act as keys to access new Realms

Now, what this means is that the Realm cards are the game’s way of fine-tuning your Realm exploration experience, according to your skill, needs, and adventure desires.

Gameplay still of Nightingale.

How Do Realm Cards Work?

In order to open a portal in Nightingale, you will need to focus and direct the Realm Card. So, what does that mean exactly?

As you continue to explore the Realms and collect crafting ingredients, you will be able to start crafting Realm Cards. Exploring the Realm and accumulating a collection of Realm Cards is what you want to do when playing Nightingale.

When you’re ready to go to the next Realm and continue your adventure, you will be told to choose a limited number of cards to combine to open your portal.

Whatever combination you come up with is crucial to what portal and what Realm you get next. Some cards will have more weight than others, with all of them contributing to what flora and fauna you get in the next Realm.

Other cards will affect weather, creatures, and even how safe or dangerous the following Realm will be. 

Nightingale still facing off against a giant.

What this means is that the world conditions you get will rely on how you experiment with your Realm Card combination. So, in this way, Nightingale gives players full control over what environment they have to survive next

Now, the real magic of the Realm cards is that each effect will aggregate and impact the Realm in systemic ways. On paper, it sounds straightforward to use a new Card to find a new Realm, but as you combine more cards, each effect will layer on top of the other

Overall, the Realm Cards are an interesting system that maintains the excitement of the next Realm with the certainty that you’re prepared for whatever’s coming your way. It’s one of the more intriguing features of Nightingale, and we’re all interested in what they come up with next.

Do you want to read more about Realm Cards in Nightingale? You can check out our dedicated guide for that topic.

Are There Community Mods in Nightingale?

There are lots of reasons why a game such as Nightingale would benefit from community mods. After all, mods have shaped the legacy of incredible games in the past, with perhaps the most groundbreaking titles being Doom and Half-Life.

Now, many developers of Nightingale have also dabbled in modding for various games, so they know these benefits more than most.

NPC in Nightingale.
Friend or foe? You’ll know soon enough.

That said, Nightingale won’t have community mod support — at least at launch. It’s not going to be easy to manage a gaming world as big as Nightingale, and potentially having the servers being overloaded by community mods is likely to ruin the experience.

However, once the developers have a clear roadmap for their game moving forward, they’re likely to revisit the matter. For now, community mods are out of the picture.

Fortunately, this doesn’t change the fact that Nightingale is shaping up to be an incredible experience! Looking forward to reading more about Nightingale? Here’s our dedicated guide which answers whether there are community mods.

Unnamed hostile character in Nightingale.
Uhhh, we’ll leave you to that. Have fun!

Are There Dedicated Servers in Nightingale?

Of course, community members are right to be curious about the amount of support Nightingale servers will have, as dedicated servers will always be preferred compared to its P2P counterpart.

Portal in Nightingale.
These portals will either be your best friend — or worst enemy.

After all, when a group of players are going through an adventure through arcane portals toward the ultimate goal of Nightingale, having one player be the host means when they’re offline, no one else can play. Dedicated servers are the way to go as it ensures that the world persists no matter which player decides to hop in or out.

Patient fans rejoice, as the game will definitely have Official Dedicated Servers! However, as of the moment, the initial Early Access Launch will not have private server support.

Mechanism in Nightingale.
Come Early Access, ready or not — it’ll be time to test your mettle!

Is Nightingale Playable On The Steam Deck?

According to the Discord of Nightingale Developers, they are still confirming the details of whether the game will work on Steam Deck upon launch.

In the recent Update Notes, there is also information regarding this. For now, Nightingale can launch and be played on Steam Deck. This means that the game is technically playable on this platform.

However, they are not considering it to be officially supported at launch. What this means is that some features might not work optimally, and you won’t receive official support if you encounter issues. For now, the platform is considered to be unofficial.

Is Nightingale Playable On The Steam Deck? Developer Answers

But if you want to have the most optimal gameplay experience, it is best that you play on a PC. This is the only platform that Nightingale supports.

In the future, Nightingale may consider expanding to support many other platforms. But for now, you’ll want to play on PC for the best gaming experience as well as customer support.

Interested in reading more? Here’s our dedicated article which answers whether Nightingale is playable in Steamdeck!

Nightingale Gameplay

Summing things up

There you have it! Nightingale is set to officially release on the 20th of February, 2024. If you have questions or concerns that are not covered in this guide, please do not hesitate to contact us on the comments section below. We’ll be glad to assist you.

Up next, why not check out our complete beginners guide for Nightingale? You can find lots of valuable information in there to get you started!


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