Nightingale: How To Get Purple Tier 3 Essence Guide

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Nightingale: How To Get Purple Tier 3 Essence Guide

There are several tiers of essences, but in Nightingale, the purple Tier 3 Essence is the hardest to grind. We’ll share how you can grind for this material with various methods. Being able to get more allow you access to the best gears in the game that lets you survive better in the game.

How To Get Purple Tier 3 Essence Guide

Tier 3 Essences are purple essence that you can only access at endgame. Grinding for these essences are simple, but perhaps, some of the most challenging things to do in the game. They lock behind important endgame schematics for gears and buildings in Nightingale.

Purple Tier 3 Essence are dropped in most realms but in their Ascended stage. Namely, the Antiquarium, Astrolade, Gloom, Hunt, and Provisioner. But all within the Ascended Realm, so you need Ascended Realm Cards to enter them.

Also, if you’re interested in reading more about Essence, we have a complete guide on Essence in Nightingale – where you can explore other topics besides Tier 3.

Essences are key to progress in the world as you need them to trade for schematics. Essences of various tiers are also necessary to craft Ascended Realm cards, so you’ll need to ratio your Essences.

The best way to grind for Essences are by finding Fae Portals. Otherwise, most point of interests in these realms reward you with Essences if solve them. They’re not always guaranteed, but they often drop some of them when you solve the puzzles or clear the enemies.

And that’s how you can get the purple Tier 3 Essence in Nightingale. Curious if you’ve seen all the biomes in Early Access? Check out our coverage of available biomes in the current game.


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