Nightingale: How to Get Shaft

Mining, gathering, and smelting! And you’ll be able to get the item!

Nightingale: How to Get Shaft

Nightingale is a survival, open-world exploration game in which you can play solo or cooperatively with friends. In this game, you’ll build, craft, fight, and explore as much as you can through mystical portals into a variety of amazing and fantastical realms.

In your progress, crafting is an essential part of your gameplay. Having all the materials, items, and equipment you need will help accelerate your progress. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get the Shaft, which is one of the important components for many crafting recipes in Nightingale.

How to Get Shaft

To get the Shaft, you will need to craft it with the Simple Smelter using two ingots. To get ingots, you will need to use the Smelter and smelt two ores.

After that, access the build menu – press B (on PC). Scroll down until you see Crafting: Refinement and look for the Simple Smelter. After that, place it down in your desired location.

To craft the Simple Smelter, you’ll want to have 4 Stone Blocks & 6 Rocks by mining stone piles that you can find around the map.

Nightingale Simple Smelter

Once you’ve got the crafting stations ready, it’s time to go mining. Around the map, there are many ore piles that you can mine for a chance of receiving an Ore.

You will want to get a total of 4 Ores. With them, you’ll be able to create 2 Ingots, which is enough to craft 1 Shaft.

Nightingale Mining Pick Up Ore

That’s how you can get Shafts in Nightingale. It’s a great game with so many features for you to explore. Because of this, you may have a lot of questions about the game. If you want to see some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) for NIghtingale, take a look at this article.


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