Nightingale: How to Get Wood Bundle

Chop, chop, chop!

Nightingale: How to Get Wood Bundle

Wood Bundle is the most basic resources in Nightingale, and one might call it the true blodo cells of every survival game out there. We’re going to share how you can get Wood Bundle in the game which is vital if you want to experience the whole game. Let’s go!

How to Get Wood Bundle

Wood Bundle is a resource you can get from chopping down trees. Just about any tree will produce Wood Bundle when they go down timbre style and pops into several pieces. Unlike Sons of the Forest, you don’t have to extra chop them. Just pick them up and they’ll be in your inventory.

The first, easiest tool you can use to chop down trees is the Makeshift Wood Axe. To craft it, you need 3 Rocks, 3 Sticks, and 6 Plant Fibre. All of the mentioned materials are lootable from the ground, just collect anything you can collect. The recipe is made available at the beginning of the game as you follow through the tutorial with Puck.

Nightingale: How to Get Wood Bundle

That’s how you can get Wood Bundle in the game. Wood Bundle can be used directly as material for buildings and other tools. You can also process Wood Bundle into other materials like Lumber and Paper on the Simple Saw Table.

You can also make some of your very first weapons like the Simple Slingbow. The crude-tier construction building pieces also mostly require Wood Bundle to make. You can never have too much Wood Bundle. You always need more!


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