Nightingale: How to Unlock the Astrolabe Site of Power

Astorlabe Major realm.

Nightingale: How to Unlock the Astrolabe Site of Power

The Astrolabe Site of Power in Nightingale is among the first few Site of Powers that you can conquer within the tutorial. The Astrolabe Site of Power is a step forward in terms of challenge for players, featuring more action and monsters.

But it’s easy to get lost because there’s still so much information you need to take in. And you’re now stuck in front of the gate for the Astrolabe Site of Power, unable to enter.

How to Unlock the Astrolabe Site of Power

Every Site of Power requires certain amount of Hope Echo released and Gear Score.

You can find Echo of Hope spread across the map typically guarded by enemies. Gear Score, obviously, refers to the gears that you’re wearing in the game. You may have noticed that for the first site, you needed 20.

For Astrolabe Site of Power, you need to have a total of 25 Gear Score. Clear out Puzzle Cores to get Hope Echo or you can also stumble upon them in front of Site of Powers like this one below! If you can’t access the temple with 25 Gear Score, that means you still have to release more Hope Echo.

Hope Echo in front of the Antiquarium Site of Power.

Clearing the Astronomical Site of Power allows you to see points of interest on the map and most importantly, craft the Astrolabe Major Card. This is one of the 6 Major Realms that you can explore in the game.

Astrolabe introduces the Calcularia faction to you and increases in difficulty compared to the intial realm, Abeyance. A healthy step above the beginner challenge in Abeyance! And that’s everything on how you can unlock Astrolabe Site of Power in Nightingale!

While you’re at it: We have a dedicated guide explaining the Sites of Powers and how they work, make sure to check them out as well!


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