Nightingale: Is It Worth Playing Solo?

Solo or co-op, that is the question.

Nightingale: Is It Worth Playing Solo?

With Inflexion Games’ debut title, Nightingale, set to be released on Early Access very soon, it’s important to ask the question: what’s the best way to play? Plenty of games nowadays allow players to choose between embarking on their adventure by themselves or with friends, and Nightingale – an open-world journey full of survival and crafting – is no different. But is it better to play solo or multiplayer?

Is It Worth Playing Solo? – Nightingale

As with other games that give players this choice, personal preference is key. Not everybody wants to go through the rigmarole of getting a group of friends together, especially if schedules and routines differ drastically, but there are always merits to be found in sharing an adventure, not least of all that it makes for more fun and an easier playthrough

SIDE NOTE: We have a FAQ (Frequently-asked-Questions) article for Nightingale. Make sure to check it out for more information!

If you do have a group of friends who can’t commit to a multiplayer session, don’t worry! Nightingale allows for free visit between Realms, thanks to its shared-world aspect and online requirements. Pop in and out of your friend’s Realms as you please, helping each other fight monsters and collecting resources galore!

Nightingale scenery.

An interesting aspect that Nightingale promises is the ability to build your own estate, creating a community and even hiring NPCs to help maintain the property in your absence. A fun enough venture for a solo playthrough, but with friends, you can form communal estates to shelter all of your hardworking Realmwalkers in between bouts of building, exploring, and fighting.

In short, Nightingale doesn’t seem entirely geared towards those who prefer to play completely solo, as its shared-world ability means you can easily join up with other players in public Realms. Playing with others, especially friends, will always make for a more fun adventure, but time will tell how exactly playing solo will weigh up to co-op

Is it worth playing solo? If you’re an avid go-it-alone-er, there don’t seem to be any inherent disadvantages, but the option to join others is always on the table. For multiplayer enthusiasts? Nightingale guarantees an intrepid adventure in its Gaslamp fantasy world, perfect for enjoying with friends you already have, and friends you simply haven’t met yet.

To experience everything Nightingale has on offer, pick it up on Early Access from February 20th! Interested in reading more? Here’s our dedicated article which answers whether Nightingale is playable in Steamdeck!


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