Nightingale: Tavern Card Location

Extra regeneration stats will help you get really far in your progress!

Nightingale: Tavern Card Location Gameplay

Nightingale is an open-world survival exploration game where you’ll gather, build, and fight to progress. What makes Nightingale unique is its Realm Cards system. There are many different types of Realm Cards in the game that let you modify your realm exploration experience.

You will get different results by combining different types of Realm Cards in Nightingale. By doing this, you can modify the effects that you receive. In this guide, we’ll show you the location of the Tavern Card.

Tavern Card Location

You can unlock the Tavern Recipe through the Swamp Astrolabe Essence Trader. You can go there by entering the Swamp Byway Realm.

The Tavern Card increases meal duration, reduces tired rate, and increases stamina regeneration.

As you explore and defeat creatures in the Swamp Byway Realm, you will be able to receive Tavern Card – Bones & Hides.

Nightingale: Tavern Card Location Swamp Byway Realm

That’s everything you need to know about the Minor Tavern Realm Card. If you do not know what Minor Cards are, take a look at this Minor Cards Guide!

There is also more information that you’ll want to learn more about in this Realm Cards Guide! In Nightingale, there are many different Realms you’ll be travelling to, and Realm Cards are essential items that you’ll want to have to move between Realms.


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