No Man’s Sky Omega: What is the Best Tool for Your Playstyle

Know what fits your personal style best!

No Man’s Sky just released the brand-new Omega Update, which introduced a ton of content and the addition of expeditions to the main game. With both new players and veterans hopping into the game to check out all the new stuff, one is probably wondering what tools they should be using. In this guide, we’ll help you find the best one for you!

What is the Best Tool for Your Playstyle

At the moment, there are eight different multi-tools in the game, and each of them have different stats and specializations. With that in mind, you can only own six at a time.

The following are all of the multi-tool types currently implemented:

  • Alien – Specializes in damage
  • Experimental – Specializes in scanning
  • Royal – Specializes in scanning
  • Pistol – Specializes in mining
  • Rifle – Specializes in damage
  • Sentinel – Specializes in damage
  • Atlantid – Specializes in mining
  • Voltaic Staff – Specializes in damage

In addition to that, they each have different class categories ranging from C (lowest) to S (highest). This dictates the level of bonuses that the tool has, with the lowest class often having a multiplier of zero.

S-class multi-tools can have a maximum of up to 60 inventory slots. In the following sections, we’ll go into a little more detail about each type.


The Atlantid multi-tool is generally considered to be one of the best kinds to have, as well as one of the most appealing in terms of its aesthetics.

It may require you to finish a certain quest from the Echoes update to acquire, though. It also has a decent damage and scanning bonus, but its main highlight is its mining capabilities.

No Man's Sky S-class atlantid multi-tool showcasing its stats


The Sentinel multi-tool specializes in dealing damage. However, it has a feature (or bug?) wherein you can equip two mining lasers.

Because of this, it can be particularly good for mining despite having a very low multiplier for that specific use case.


The fancy Royal multi-tools can only be acquired from Sentinel Pillars, and they have very good scanning bonuses. It has serviceable damage and mining capabilities as well.


Although it has been dethroned as the strongest in terms of damage, the Alien multi-tool is still one of the best in that category. It is also far easier to find than some of the previous entries.

No Man's Sky player holding an alien multi-tool


Despite specializing in dealing damage, the Rifle multi-tool has a fairly low damage multiplier and is pretty bad for mining and scanning. On the bright side, it is very common and can have a large number of slots by default.


The Experimental multi-tool has one of the best scanning multipliers in the game, making it the ideal choice for those who love to scan stuff. They can be found in various places, but can be quite expensive.


All players start off with a C-class Pistol multi-tool, so this shouldn’t be too unfamiliar to you. It is very mediocre all around, but it is also the easiest to find and cheapest to buy.

Voltaic Staff

Finally, the Voltaic Staff has great damage and scanning bonuses, though it has a pretty low mining multiplier. It can be acquired from Autophage camps, and it has a customizable appearance.

No Man's Sky player holding a voltaic staff multi-tool

Which is Right for You?

Although the best tool for you will really just boil down to personal preference, min-maxers may want to go for the following options based on your playstyle:

  • For those who love mining – Atlantid
  • Players who explore a lot – Royal or Experimental
  • Combat-focused players – Sentinel or Voltaic Staff

And those are all of the different multi-tools in the game, as well as what the best options are based on different types of players. If you want to get a decent free one, check out our guide on how to get a free S-class Sentinel multi-tool!


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