No Man’s Sky Omega: Sceptre – How to Reroll Supercharge Slots

Maximize your damage output with the sceptre using this easy trick!

No Man’s Sky recently released the chunky Omega update that introduced all sorts of new content and other reworked stuff to the game. Among the additions were the introduction of expeditions to the main game, which means new rewards for both new and old travelers. In this guide, we’ll show you how to reroll the supercharge slots for the sceptre reward!

Sceptre – How to Reroll Supercharge Slots

Upon completing a certain expedition, players are rewarded with a free Atlas Sceptre multi-tool that they can claim from the Quicksilver Merchant.

As an A Class multi-tool, the Atlas Sceptre can have up to three supercharged slots that will give a significant boost to whichever tech is placed in it.

No Man's Sky atlas sceptre modules showing a randomized layout of supercharge slots

Ideally, you should have at least two of them beside each other, and to ensure this, you will have to reroll. To do this, you must first make your way to the Quicksilver Merchant.

Upon getting out of your ship, you should get a “Restore point saved” prompt on your screen. This is what you will be using to reload the game later.

At the Quicksilver Merchant, click on “Collect expedition rewards” and check the Atlas Sceptre. Do not claim it just yet. First, check the supercharged slots whether you like their positions or not.

Basically, if you are not satisfied with how the slots are set up, bring up the options menu and reload your restore point. Doing this will refresh the supercharged slots. Simply check the Quicksilver Merchant again and repeat the process until you get the best layout.

No Man's Sky quicksilver merchant inventory with the atlas sceptre ready to redeem

One Final Note

Although that is everything you really need to know about the process, be wary of the autosave feature. If the game automatically saves, your restore point button will have a different position.

To bring it back up, simply board your ship and immediately get out of it again. This will create a new restore point and bring the button back up in your options menu.

And that is essentially everything you need to know when it comes to min/maxing the new Atlas Sceptre reward in the game. Check out our guide on how to start an expedition on your main save as well while you’re exploring the new update!


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