No Man’s Sky Omega Update Complete Guide | Everything You Need To Know

Explore the new Omega Update with this guide!

No Man's Sky Omega Update Complete Guide | Everything You Need To Know

The Omega Update of No Man’s Sky has finally arrived, and it has brough quite a load of new content for players to explore. The highlights are expeditions and dreadnoughts! But they’re just the icing on the cake for this beefy patch.

In this guide, I’ve compiled all the important information about the Omega Update – so, you set foot into your expeditions ready!

Omega Update Complete Guide | Everything You Need To Know

The Omega Update indeed is brimming with new content. For this guide, I’ve put a Table of Contents below – feel free to use it to navigate to whichever topic you need and want to read!

Sceptre – How to Reroll Supercharge Slots

Upon completing a certain expedition, players are rewarded with a free Atlas Sceptre multi-tool that they can claim from the Quicksilver Merchant.

As an A Class multi-tool, the Atlas Sceptre can have up to three supercharged slots that will give a significant boost to whichever tech is placed in it.

No Man's Sky atlas sceptre modules showing a randomized layout of supercharge slots

Ideally, you should have at least two of them beside each other, and to ensure this, you will have to reroll. To do this, you must first make your way to the Quicksilver Merchant.

Upon getting out of your ship, you should get a “Restore point saved” prompt on your screen. This is what you will be using to reload the game later.

At the Quicksilver Merchant, click on “Collect expedition rewards” and check the Atlas Sceptre. Do not claim it just yet. First, check the supercharged slots whether you like their positions or not.

Basically, if you are not satisfied with how the slots are set up, bring up the options menu and reload your restore point. Doing this will refresh the supercharged slots. Simply check the Quicksilver Merchant again and repeat the process until you get the best layout.

No Man's Sky quicksilver merchant inventory with the atlas sceptre ready to redeem

One Final Note

Although that is everything you really need to know about the process, be wary of the autosave feature. If the game automatically saves, your restore point button will have a different position.

To bring it back up, simply board your ship and immediately get out of it again. This will create a new restore point and bring the button back up in your options menu.

And that is essentially everything you need to know when it comes to min/maxing the new Atlas Sceptre reward in No Man’s Sky: Omega.

Best Upgrade for the Starborn Runner

After starting and completing the Omega expedition, you can claim your very own S Class Starborn Runner at the Quicksilver merchant. This will cost around 400+ Nanites to get.

With an Economy Scanner or Conflict Scanner tech installed in the ship, head over to a pirate system (indicated by a skull icon) and enter the space station in that specific location.

No Man's Sky examining and claiming the starborn runner from the quicksilver merchant

Once you are there, start off by upgrading the ship’s storage. Then, move all of the installed tech to the bottom. This will show you the layout of supercharged slots in the ship, which can be vary for every player.

Then, place your preferred weapons in these slots to maximize your damage potential. Back at the space station in the pirate system, speak with the salvage dealer and buy all the relevant X-class modules.

In addition to that, walk to the nearby contraband agent and buy all their suspicious packets for both Arms and Tech. Now enter and leave your ship to create a restore point and reload the game.

This will refresh the salvage dealer’s inventory, so you can purchase a couple more sets of modules. You could also buy S-class modules from regular space stations, though this will cost you more time and effort.

No Man's Sky player about to interact with a salvage dealer

The ideal setup is to have three X-class modules surrounding each weapon. The reason you’re buying a lot of them is because they are not guaranteed to have better stats than S-class ones.

With that said, these modules have the potential to be better than S-class variants, thus giving you much better damage overall. The main downside is that this will cost you a lot of nanites.

No Man's Sky starborn runner technology slots showing a set of weapons and x-class modules currently equipped

Closing Tips

Finally, just in case you can’t find the right type of X-class modules in your pirate station, you can use the teleportation terminal inside to easily find other ones.

This is also the only way to buy more suspicious packets, as that merchant does not refresh their stock whenever you reload the game, unlike the salvage dealer.

And that is everything you need to know when it comes to getting the absolute best upgrades for the Starborn Runner.

What is the Best Tool for Your Playstyle

There are eight different multi-tools in No Man’s Sky Omega, and each of them have different stats and specializations. With that said, you can only own six tools at a time.

The following are all of the multi-tool types currently implemented and what they specialize in:

  • Alien – Specializes in damage
  • Experimental – Specializes in scanning
  • Royal – Specializes in scanning
  • Pistol – Specializes in mining
  • Rifle – Specializes in damage
  • Sentinel – Specializes in damage
  • Atlantid – Specializes in mining
  • Voltaic Staff – Specializes in damage

Additionally, they each have different class categories ranging from C (lowest) to S (highest). This indicates the level of bonuses that the tool has, with the lowest class often having a multiplier of zero.

S-class multi-tools can have a maximum of up to 60 inventory slots. In the following sections, I’ll go into a little more detail about each type.


The Atlantid multi-tool is generally considered to be one of the best kinds to have, as well as one of the most appealing in terms of its aesthetics.

It may require you to finish a certain quest from the Echoes update to acquire, though. It also has a decent damage and scanning bonus, but its main highlight is its mining capabilities.

No Man's Sky S-class atlantid multi-tool showcasing its stats


The Sentinel multi-tool specializes in dealing damage. However, it has a feature (or bug?) wherein you can equip two mining lasers.

Because of this, it can be particularly good for mining despite having a very low multiplier for that specific use case.


The fancy Royal multi-tools can only be acquired from Sentinel Pillars, and they have very good scanning bonuses. It has serviceable damage and mining capabilities as well.


Although it has been dethroned as the strongest in terms of damage, the Alien multi-tool is still one of the best in that category. It is also far easier to find than some of the previous entries.

No Man's Sky player holding an alien multi-tool


Despite specializing in dealing damage, the Rifle multi-tool has a fairly low damage multiplier and is pretty bad for mining and scanning. On the bright side, it is very common and can have a large number of slots by default.


The Experimental multi-tool has one of the best scanning multipliers in the game, making it the ideal choice for those who love to scan stuff. They can be found in various places, but can be quite expensive.


All players start off with a C-class Pistol multi-tool, so this shouldn’t be too unfamiliar to you. It is very mediocre all around, but it is also the easiest to find and cheapest to buy.

Voltaic Staff

Finally, the Voltaic Staff has great damage and scanning bonuses, though it has a pretty low mining multiplier. It can be acquired from Autophage camps, and it has a customizable appearance.

No Man's Sky player holding a voltaic staff multi-tool

Which is Right for You?

Although the best tool for you will really just boil down to personal preference, min-maxers may want to go for the following options based on your playstyle:

  • For those who love mining – Atlantid
  • Players who explore a lot – Royal or Experimental
  • Combat-focused players – Sentinel or Voltaic Staff

And those are all of the different multi-tools in the game, as well as what the best options are based on different types of players in NMS Omega.

How To Start an Expedition on Your Main Save

If you’re new to the game, or perhaps new to expeditions in general, you may be wondering how to get started. Don’t worry! It’s both very simple and, thanks to the Omega update, even easier than before!

Your first step is to head to the Space Anomaly – this is where you start expeditions and multiplayer missions. Previously, to start an expedition, you had to create a new save, but the Omega update means you can stay on your main save – handy!

Once you’re on the Space Anomaly, head over to the Expedition Terminus. From here, you can begin the Omega expedition. Before you blast off, however, you must choose the items to take with you. Unequip any upgrades you might need, and don’t forget any important elements! Once you’ve placed them in the terminal, you’re ready to start the expedition!

No Man's Sky Omega Expedition Terminus on Space Anomaly
Don’t forget the essentials!

You’ll find yourself crash-landed on a new planet, but don’t panic! Have fun fixing your ship, exploring, completing the new storyline, and earning those new rewards! The Omega expedition runs for four weeks from February 15, so don’t delay!

No Man's Sky Omega Expedition Beginning Scene
If you had to crash-land anywhere, at least it’s somewhere pretty!

Best Ship Tier List Omega Update

In No Man’s Sky, there are a lot of different ship types for you to try out. Each ship also is graded from the lowest C-class to the highest S-class ships. The higher the class the bigger the bonuses but different classes give more bonuses to certain fields.

Here are all of the different ship types ranked on a tier list as some of them are just better than others!

No Man's Sky Ship Type Tier List

S – Tier

  • Exotic Ships – This type of ship can only come in S-Class and is overall a balanced ship. Despite it being balanced all of its stats are higher than average and is usually the safe pick for any playstyle.
  • Sentinel Ships – The great thing about these ships is that you can find them if you know the coordinates. Not only that but they require little to no repair. This ship class has high damage and maneuverability bonuses but little Hyperdrive bonus.

SIDE NOTE: If you know the coordinates of the Sentinel Ships you can just claim them as your own. So, here’s a guide on the 3 best Sentinel S-class ships in the game and their locations!

A – Tier

  • Fighter Ships – This ship class doesn’t have any hyperdrive bonus but it has the highest damage bonus. The shields and maneuverability are usually average, a great pick to pick fights with.
  • Solar Ship – This ship type has the average bonuses overall but has the bonus of having the fastest pulse drive speed. Not only that but it recharges the launch system automatically. This means one less thing to manage.

B – Tier

  • Explorer Ship – This ship type has no bonus to damage but has the highest bonus to hyperdrives. Not only that but it has an average shield and maneuverability. If you just want to explore and run away from fights then you can do both.

C – Tier

  • Hauler Ships – You might think that Haulers don’t get any bonuses besides cargo. They have the largest cargo capacity in the game but also have the highest shield bonuses. Not only that but it has average hyperdrive bonuses as well.

D – Tier

  • Shuttle Ships – The cheapest class to buy and it has lower overall bonuses to every field. There’s no reason you’ll want to buy one ship in this class unless it’s for the looks.

How To Get Your Items Back to Your Main Save After an Expedition

If you’ve played through everything No Man’s Sky’s Omega expedition has to offer, you may now be looking to finish it early. No doubt you have plenty of items collected that you want to take back to your main save, but don’t worry! It’s easy to transfer your items between the expedition and the main save, and here’s how!

Your first step is to return to the terminal you started your expedition from. Make sure you’ve unequipped any upgrades that you want to take back with you!

From here, head to the expedition terminal. To start selecting which items you want to place into the terminal, you have to select ‘End Expedition’. Then, you simply have to add all your hard-earned items into the menu. Don’t worry if there’s anything you want to leave behind – it will be converted into units or nanites, so you’ll still benefit.

No Man's Sky Omega Expedition Terminal Items Menu

There are some items you won’t be able to take to your main save, such as those connected to the expedition-specific storyline. But, there are still tonnes of items you can transfer back to your main game.

Once you’ve finished inserting the items into the terminal, select to end the expedition. You’ll see a summary of your expedition before returning to your main save.

Don’t forget to retrieve your items from the terminal. Then you can claim your rewards from the Quicksilver Synthesis Companion. Enjoy the new ship and Atlas items – you’ve earned them!

Does Nanites & Quicksilver Transfer In Expedition?

It’s natural to wonder if the hard-earned items you receive during an expedition come with you at the end of your trip. We have some good news for you: They absolutely transfer.

If you ever found yourself wondering about whether or not the nanites and quicksilver you collect will transfer to your main save, No Man’s Sky goes ahead and totals the amount.

Getting expedition results in No Man's Sky Omega.
Looks like everything checks out.

That said, it’s important to remember – not everything will come back with you. For instancee, if you come across a Freighter throughout your expedition, this will end up being left behind. It’s fine, as the fact that you get to keep the nanites and quicksilver is enough.

So, don’t be afraid to finish up on your expedition! You get to keep the lion’s share as you journey through No Man’s Sky Omega. If you want to read more, here’s a detailed guide on whether Nanites & Quicksilver transfer in Expeditions!

Traveling to a destination in No Man's Sky Omega.
Looks like a smooth landing — well, maybe.

How to Access Ship Collection

There are a few solutions to the problem of not getting access to your collection. However, it has a habit of giving new players a bit of a headache at the start of the game. The problem is that players are unable to access their ship collection at the start — and even if they finally managed to do so, their starting ships containing their materials would end up missing.

No Man's Sky Omega Access ship
New to the expedition game? Good. It’s better that way!

The first solution involves doing the tutorial. During the tutorial, about three warps in, you’ll be able to assist in a mission where you take out a few bandit ships. After the dogfight, you’ll be given a Freighter as a reward.

The Freighter Conundrum

The thing is, however, even if you did receive your freighter, it’s not guaranteed to have your previous ships there — at least not at the beginning. Instead, any ships you get after you receive a freighter will be guaranteed to pop up.

Moreover, here comes another problem: what if you skipped the tutorial? You wouldn’t receive a freighter, and so would be stuck, unable to get to your ship collection. Right?

Fortunately, the devs were kind enough to offer some easy solutions. You can access your ship collection in:

  • Any Trading Post
  • Any Minor Settlement
  • Any Landing Pad (belonging to you or other players)
  • The Archive

With the landing pad, there’ll be a terminal available that allows you to summon any ship of yours for 1 Navigation Data — even if they don’t have fuel.

No Man's Sky Omega The Freighter Conundrum access ship
Explore to your heart’s content.

Expeditions Guide | Best Way To Play Omega

Always Start With The Expedition Terminus

The Expedition Terminus is the only place where you’ll want to start your expedition. Even if you do not plan to take the resources with you, the Terminus will give you more space for loot when you are done with the expedition.

No Man's Sky Omega: Expeditions Guide | Best Way To Play Omega Kiosk Interact

If you use the Expedition Terminus, you will also receive all of the Units, Nanites & Quicksilver in your inventory. These items will then become a normal save. This is the only way for you to get the rewards once you’ve reached the end of the expedition.

No Man's Sky Omega: Expeditions Guide | Best Way To Play Omega Expedition Rewards

Keep in mind that when you start an expedition, you have the option to bring items but no options to modify them. You can claim the items after the expedition has ended. However, you will not be able to take them out or add more until the expedition run is over.

No Man's Sky Omega: Expeditions Guide | Best Way To Play Omega Bring Items To Expedition

After you have completed the expedition, you will be able to see all of the rewards that you have accumulated. You can then go to the Merchant to view all of the options that you can have.

No Man's Sky Exchange for Rewards

Getting Started In Expedition 12

When you first start, you will not have all of your materials yet. Your main goal is to obtain all the materials to fix your ship and make your first jump between planets. Here’s a list of things that you’ll want to do in the early stages.

  • Get out of your ship and talk to the Emergency Log Recording Ball.
  • Collect Oxygen from Oxygen Rich Plants.
  • Shoot some rocks for Ferrite Dust and plants for Carbon.
  • Create Condensed Carbon and Pure Ferrites using the Portable Refiner.
  • Obtain Hydrogen and Copper.
  • When you’re in Caves, look for Vortex Cubes and break down any crystals you find.
  • Craft some Di-Hydrogen Jelly.

Once you’ve earned all of the materials, you can now start repairing your ship. You can now make your first jump. While you’re in space, shoot 55 asteroids so you’re able to unlock the milestone.

When you have found the nearest planet, go to the base on it if you see one. After you do this, you will receive the Escape Velocity milestone.

No Man's Sky Warp

Next, you’ll want to use your scanning device and scan all the plants & animals on the planet. After that, do the same for the original planet. You can go there using a teleporter or fly there with your spaceship.

After scanning everything, you will be able to receive the Exobotany milestone.

No Man's Sky Scanning Creatures

Next, you’ll want to create a base. Go to your milestones and collect the Escape Velocity milestone to receive the Base Computer. Then, find the place where you want to have as your base and place it down.

With it, you will be able to access multiple structures that you can build. In the menu, try to find the Cylindrical Room. After you’ve clicked on it, there will be specific steps that you need to follow to build the base in the bottom right corner.

After everything is done, upload your base and you will receive the Homecoming Milestone, which will give you the Hyperdrive. Make sure that you place down a Base Teleporter Module as well!

No Man's Sky Building Base

Next, you’ll want to get to the closest trip and warp as close as you can to the limit point. As soon as you make the jump, you will receive the Interstellar milestone.

After you collect it, it will give you the recipe for the Microprocessor. This is an important component that you will later need to craft for your spaceship.

Then, Nada will give you a call, inviting you to enter anomaly. After you arrive, you can talk to Nada and receive the Anomaly’s Heart milestone. Once you’ve done everything, you should be able to have a good start to complete the rest of the expedition.

No Man's Sky Interstellar Milestone

That’s how you can play the Expeditions effectively in the new Omega update. As you do the expeditions, remember to apply all the tips in this guide to help you gain the maximum number of resources.

How To Use The New Expedition Terminal & What Not To Do

Expedition 12: Omega is the latest update in the game, adding a whole new questline to explore alone or with friends.

  • You can use your original save to start a new Expedition by heading to the Anomaly and head to the kiosk to sign up for it. You can find any item you want to bring for the Expedition on the same terminal you start it on.
  • And on the terminal, you can plan what to bring with the cargo. Make sure to remove Technologies from your Technology slots so you can add them to your Expedition cargo.
No Man's Sky Omega Expedition Terminal.
  • You cannot change Expedition cargo once you’ve started it. So, make sure that you’re sure those are everything you want to bring with you.
  • You can only access your items during the Expedition after the first jump. Head back to the anomaly and then find your items at the same kiosk you started your expedition. You can also bring your favorite multitool and ship from here by copying them under the Equipment Synthesis.
How to manage cargo from new Expedition Terminal in No Man's Sky.
  • In any situation where you pop into the expedition with unwanted save data, head to Options and choose “Return to Primary Save” under Save Data category.
  • Expedition provides its own multitool and spaceship which you can copy if you feel like cancelling the expedition. This is only if you never copied your own multitool and ship.

Now you know how to use the new Expedition Terminal in No Man’s Sky! For more information, read the attached guide.

How To Find Hyperdrive

In the non-expedition mode, the game will easily guide you towards acquiring the materials in the game. You will typically land on a favorable planet to mine for the materials before crafting them easily. Hyperdrive can be easily crafted or looted from abandoned ships you can find on planets.

Alternatively, before starting an expedition, you can also transfer the technology over. With that said, we suggest you transfer more important, hard-to-come-by technologies instead. You can also copy your ship for the expedition to avoid having to craft everything from scratch.

Where to get Hyperdrive plan in No Man's Sky: Omega.

Hyperdrive plan is only acquired after you finished your Homecoming Mission. This is a simple mission where you have to establish a base by building the Base Computer anywhere you want.

Once you do, claim the reward from your Interstellar Milestone called Homecoming. Now you can initiate installation by pressing any black space in your Technology slot on the ship. (Remember, ship, not your Exosuit!)

You need 125 Chromatic Metals and 5 Microprocessor. You can make Chromatic Metals using the Refiner from Copper. Microprocessors can also be crafted, but you need to unlock the blueprint first. It’s one of the most basic components in crafting other technologies, so you’re going to have to unlock this sooner or later.

Buying Microprocessor from the Trade Terminal.

You can also purchase Microprocessor from the Trade Terminal at the Space Station. Want to read more about the Hyperdrive? Check out this guide.

How To Get S-Class Pirate Freighter & Free Upgrade Guide

Each type of freighter in the game has a different rating: C, B, A, or S. Higher-class freighters may have higher slot counts and better hyperdrive and fleet coordination modifiers.

The reason why it is called an S-Class Pirate Freighter is because you will be finding the Freighter in the Pirate System. This place has a higher chance of spawning the S-Class Freighters. The Pirate Dreadnought is a new Freighter that players can find in the Omega Update.

Keep in mind that the S-Class Pirate Freighter is very rare due to it being the S Rarity. This means that it may take you a while to attempt to spawn it multiple times.

Getting The Pirate Freighter To Spawn

First, make sure that you have claimed the free Freighter that the game gave you. The first Freighter that you rescue from pirates is offered for free. If you haven’t claimed it, subsequent ones will still be free until you claim one.

If you’ve already had a Freighter, make sure you remove all of the items on it before you start. Make sure you do this so you do not lose the item.

The best place to get an S-Class Pirate Freighter is in the Pirate System. The other systems have a 1% to 3% chance of spawning, while the Pirate System has a 5% drop rate for S-Classes.

No Man's Sky Omega Pirate System

To make sure that you do not accidentally spawn the Pirate Freighter, it is best that you go into Creative Mode and teleport all the way to the Pirate System. After you’ve arrived at the station, switch back and go to Normal Mode.

After you’ve done all that, remember to get out of your ship and do the Autosave. Then, go to the Galactic map and enter another Pirate System. Make sure that you choose the one with the race that you want. For example, if you need a Korvax Race, you’ll want to find the right system that has it.

If you do not manage to get the S-Class Pirate Freighter yet, jump to another planet with the same race. Then, once you have two planets, you can just jump back and forth until it works. Keep in mind that you’ll want to do this every 3 hours since there is a cooldown timer.

No Man's Sky Omega Settings Difficulty

Beating The Pirate Freighter

Once you’ve found the Freighter Dreadnought, you’ll want to attack the engines first. These Engines are located next to one another and there are around 4 engines that you’ll want to break. After you’ve destroyed them, you’ll want to attack the turrets.

No Man's Sky Omega Destroy Engines

Next, you’ll want to search for the Anti-Freighter Cannons and destroy them. Keep in mind that these laser turrets can deal damage to your ship, so be careful as you destroy them.

Usually, there will be around two to three turrets on the ship. After you’ve destroyed all of those, fly to the top and you will find the last turret to destroy.

No Man's Sky Omega Destroy Cannons

After that, you’ll be able to enter the Freighter and take control of it. In the inspection menu to the left of your screen, you will be able to see the Race as well as the Class of the Freighter.

In the image down below, you will be able to see that the Freighter is of the C Class. However, you’ll want to find an S-Class Pirate Freighter, so you’ll want to reset and try again.

No Man's Sky Omega View Class

To do this, simply go to your menu and see the Save Data section. Then, search for Reload Restore Point. This will reset your progress and let you try again.

Keep repeating the steps until you eventually get an S-Class Ship. You can also go with an A-Class Freighter if you also want to have it.

No Man's Sky Omega Reload Restore Point

Once you have found the Freighter that you want, you can seize the Freighter and obtain it. When you do this, you can also choose to transfer the items from your old Freighter to your new one.

No Man's Sky Omega Transfer Items

Upgrading Your Freighter

If you want to upgrade your Freighter for free, you can go to Settings and change to Creative Mode in the Difficulty settings. This will give you all the materials to upgrade your ship without having to grind for a long amount of time.

No Man's Sky Omega Freighter Upgrades

That’s how you can get an S-Class Freighter in No Man’s Sky Omega Update. It may take you a long while to eventually be able to find an S-Class Freighter. While you wait for one, you can always go with an A-Class Freighter, which is also a great temporary alternative.

How To Get The Best Start On Expeditions

To get the best start on Expeditions, you’ll want to have the right Modules with upgrades that increase your chances of getting resources. There are also many materials that you should bring along that can be really useful as you go on the Expeditions.

Expedition Resources

Ideally, you’ll want to focus on Technology items in every single expedition that you do. Other than that, you can also consider using Modules to help you have an easier time:

  • Suspicious Boltcaste
  • Sentinal Weapons Shard
  • Sentinal Exosuit Fragment
  • Life Support Module
  • Movement Module
  • Launch Thrusters Module
  • Hyperdrive Module
No Man's Sky Omega Modules

You’ll also want to bring along these items:

  • Oxygen
  • Pure Ferrite
  • Chromatic Metal
  • Sodium
  • Cobalt
  • Ion Battery
  • Life Support Gel
  • Condensed Carbon
  • Starship launch Fuel
  • Warp Hypercore
  • Tritium
  • Di-Hydrogen Jelly
  • Copper
  • Carbon
  • Tainted Metal
  • Starship AI Valves
  • Gold
  • Di-Hydrogen
  • Ferrite Dust
  • Microprocessor
  • Wiring loom
  • Silicate Powder
  • Salvaged Data
  • Repair Kit
  • Star Silk
  • Inverted Mirror
  • Radiant Shard
  • Harmonic Brain
  • Hadal Core
  • Larval Core
  • Statis Device
No Man's Sky Omega Ion Battery

Universal Expedition Farm

Sometimes, your Universal Expedition Base can be sinking into the ground. To resolve the problem, simply go to a Save Point and reload it. When you open up the menu, there should be an option that says Reload Restore Point.

No Man's Sky Omega Reload Restore Point

If you are unlucky and don’t have Oxygen, you can always use an Oxygen Harvester. This is an Atmosphere Processing Device you can use to create Oxygen. To charge it, you can use Carbon, which is one of the materials that was recommended that you bring to the Expedition.

No Man's Sky Omega Oxygen Harvester

After collecting all the materials, you can always use the Medium Refiner to process raw materials into useable products and substances. For example, you can use the Cactus Flesh to generate Carbon that you can use for different purposes.

No Man's Sky Omega Medium Refiner

This is also the place where you can farm the Larva Core Eggs. There are some places with monsters that you need to fight and also places where you can pick up these eggs in peace and quiet.

No Man's Sky Omega Larva Core Eggs

Sentinel Ship & Atlantid Multitools

During your expedition, you can also spot a Sentinel Ship. To help you find it, here are the coordinates: -39.24, -148.70. After you’ve found it, you can choose to either keep it or scrap it for extra resources.

No Man's Sky Omega Sentinel Ship

Those are some tips that you can apply to better prepare for the next time you go on an expedition! Once you know how to prepare yourselves, you can start going on long trips to gather multiple kinds of resources.

10 Things You Should Know For The Omega Expedition 

There are a lot of things you can do to prepare for this new Omega update. With the introduction of the Omega expedition, players can prepare for their next adventures by collecting items and Nanites to help make the next expeditions smoother and more efficient.

Gameplay still of No Man's Sky from the cockpit.

1. Start Through An Existing Save

There’s a huge amount of units, Nanites, storage augments, and tech needed to run an expedition. This can even range from 20 to 30000 Nanites for just running an expedition. 

SIDE NOTE: Here’s the best way to farm Nanites if you’re looking for some extra moola!

You can help yourself save Nanites with an existing save. The feature that allows you to start an expedition with existing saves enables a cache of technology and resources as you start it.  Note that this is only as you start it, and you can’t change it later.

Make sure you have the following:

  • Packaged Economy Scanner
  • Advanced Mining Laser (or three radiant shards with an Inverted Mirror)
  • 200 Cactus Flesh
  • 200 Fungal Mold

Many existing saves will have small or large farms with a few of these plants. Having 200 of each with you should save you a bit of time.

Inventory menu in No Man's Sky.

Milestones will grant you Nanites and other items that can help you explore planets with ease.

2. Milestone Stardust

This may be in Phase 2 but it’s recommended that you do this as soon as you leave the starting planet. This is because it rewards you with a prepackaged Optical Drill unit to help you get more resources when mining and save you more time.

This milestone also grants a prepackaged Trade Rocket. This item will be a huge help with inventory management and fund gathering, especially in the early game. 

Alternatively, we have a dedicated guide on how to get the Trade Rocket for free!

A quick tip for finding asteroid fields right away is to enter pulse in space and get ready to drop out the moment you see asteroids flying by. 

Accomplish screen in No Man's Sky.

3. Milestone Boundary Failure

This milestone is in phase 4 and might be trickier to accomplish. This milestone requires you to kill 25 Sentinels which could be difficult for someone just starting. 

To do this, pulse to Nash. This is a sub-zero planet with salvageable scrap. Gather this scrap because it can be used to get easier Sentinel kills.

SIDE NOTE: There’s also a cool Sentinel Ship up for grabs. Read our dedicated guide on how to get the Sentinel Ship for more valuable information!

The corrupt Sentinels that show up won’t be able to call for reinforcements, so this is a great option for players who aren’t confident in their combat abilities yet. 

Alternatively, you can shoot a normal Sentinel and keep shooting all its other companions. Do this until you reach three stars. On the third wave, a Summoner will spawn, don’t shoot it. Instead, just use this Summoner to keep making Sentinels you can destroy.

Fighting Sentinels in No Man's Sky.

Make sure you destroy the Healing Drones. If you don’t the Summoner will only spawn standard drones, which drop Salvage Glass. This is also a great way to collect some early-game technology and Nanites. 

Once you’re done killing all 25 Sentinels, just run away until the drones stop chasing you. Keep in mind that Milestones won’t show up while you’re in the middle of combat, so keep an eye on the Milestone in the Expedition menu to make sure that you’ve accomplished it. 

Finishing this Milestone grants a fully upgraded S-Class multi-tool.

4. Milestone Palette Cleanser

Nash is a great planet for setting up a base and completing many of the initial Milestones. You can set up your area for crafting biscuits, which is a requirement to accomplish the Palette Cleaner Milestone in Phase 4.

SIDE NOTE: Read our guide on how to build low-orbit bases to get a better idea of base building!

Do this by grabbing a Sweetroot and Heptaploid Wheat. Later when you’ve completed the Grand Tour (more on this later) and just got your Nutrient Processor, just cook one Sweetroot, Sugar, and one Heptaploid Wheat to flour, and combine them into sweet dough.

Combine the Sweet Dough with another Sweetroot and you will get the Milestone.

Nutrient Processor screen in No Man's Sky.

5. Grand Tour

Talking about the Grand Tour, it’s a lot easier than you think. While on Nash, take a screenshot while in photo mode.

When you’re ready, pulse over to Hats, the low-atmosphere planet. You don’t need to land, just fly into the atmosphere until you can see the coordinates on the ship’s hood or until the game notifies you that you’ve entered the atmosphere.

Enter photo mode and take another screenshot. After this, pulse to Rowrbrig Delta and do the same. Enter the atmosphere and go into photo mode to take a screenshot. 

6. Milestone Fallen Giants

This Milestone in Phase 4 can be a pain. Here, you will have to find a Sunken Freighter. Normally, you will need a Nautilon to scan for this, but we have the location of the Sunken Freighter right here.

The location of the Sunken Freighter will be found in these coordinates: -31.76, -89.79 on Haku. When you reach it, just land on the part of the freighter sticking out of the water. Dive down and go through the dialogue in the freighter black box and the Milestone will be completed.

Coordinates of the Sunken Freight.

7&8. Milestone Blue Expanse and Fallen

To accomplish this milestone, don’t waste your time looking for a blue system. Instead, head to Rendezvous 5, which is a blue star. 

The Indium Drive you’ll need to reach this star is rewarded from the Fallen Milestone in Phase 5. You can complete this milestone early on so get this done before leaving the Rendezvous 4 system.

9. Expedition Subsave 

The expedition subsave within the standard save is more separate than you might think. This save includes a weekend mission, which you can complete along with Daily missions that reward Quicksilver. Accomplish both dailies and weekend missions in both saves to double your Quicksilver earning potential.

The more save-specific use of this feature can be done for emergency broadcast receivers used to locate derelict freighters. 

You get a free one of these every week resetting on Mondays from Iteration: Helios on the Anomaly. You need to activate this freebie by running a derelict in Fall.  Fortunately, the Fallen Giant Milestone rewards an Emergency Signal Scanner so you can just use that to quickly run a derelict freighter.

Unlock the free one every week from Helios and get a few extra before the Expedition ends to take with you to your main save. That being said, be sure to grab the free one on your primary save every week as well.

Mission info in No Man's Sky.

You can also take advantage of the Nanites rewarded back to your primary save. You can use the 78 Salvage Data from your primary save (to learn base building blueprints) and instead use them to buy base building blueprints on your Expedition save.

10. Photonix Core

One of the biggest deals for long-term players in this Expedition is that it enables all players to receive a Photonix Core. This module was only available to players who preordered No Man’s Sky on the PS4.

This is an extra pulse engine module. Its basic stats aren’t crazy powerful but its ability to impart adjacency bonuses as an extra potential module is high. Many pulse engine stats are multiplicative.

To get this module, just redeem your Starborn Runner after completing the Expedition. It will have a Photonix Core preinstalled. Make sure the Expedition subsave has a Starborn Runner as its active ship and then make a copy on your Primary save. This will give you two Starborn Runner ships and two Photonix Cores.

Menu screen for the Photonix Core.

The secret is you can get a third in just a few steps. After making a copy, package the Photonix Core on the Expedition subsave and when you end the Expedition for good, you can take it with you along with all of the Salvage data, signal scanners, and other things you managed to obtain.

The limit to how many Photonix Cores you can have is three, so make sure you take advantage of these tips. 

And that’s all 10 things you should know for the Omega Expedition in No Man’s Sky! There’s a lot of exploring to do, and places to see, so make sure you make the most out of this jampacked update!

How to Get Best 3 Sentinel Ships S Class 4 Supercharged

The great thing about looking for Sentinel ships is that they’re often cool-looking and don’t have a lot of repairs to work on. You can just go to a Sentinel ship and claim it as your own after a basic repair and there aren’t any modules that need fixing.

SIDE NOTE: The new update also added expeditions into the game so make sure you know all about it with our guide on Expeditions!

Here are some of the best Sentinel ships that have 4 Supercharged slots when you upgrade them to S-class!

Gray Sentinel Ship

Stats without Upgrades:

  • Damage Potential – 314.4
  • Shield Strength – 205.4
  • Hyperdrive Range – 639.7
  • Maneuverability – 489.1

For the first one on the list, we have a Sentinel Ship that has a gray and red color scheme. This ship looks like a fighter with its 4 thrusters in an upside-down V formation.

No Man's Sky Gray Sentinel

To get the most out of this ship, you’ll want to upgrade it to an S-class, and with that, you’ll unlock more technology slots. The best thing about this ship is that it has 4 Supercharged Technology slots in a square formation.

That means you’ll get massive bonuses for any tech that you place on those slots that synergize with each other!

Gray Sentinel Ship Location

  • Galaxy – Euclid
  • Planet – Lans Alpha
  • Coordinates: -33.22 / -60.24

Portal Glyphs:

No Man's Sky Gray Sentinel Portal Glyph

When you’re nearing the area where the coordinates are, you’ll see a Communications Station. Go near it and you’ll find the ship nearby!

Chrome Sentinel Ship

Stats without Upgrades:

  • Damage Potential – 336.8
  • Shield Strength – 194.2
  • Hyperdrive Range – 653.0
  • Maneuverability – 471.0

For this next ship, it’s in the same galaxy but with a different look and a chrome color scheme. This ship has 3 thrusters formed in a triangle shape at the back of the hull. The ship also has 4 wings that go down the sides. This ship also has 4 supercharged slots for you to play around with.

No Man's Sky Chrome Sentinel Ship

Chrome Sentinel Ship Location

  • Galaxy – Euclid
  • Planet – Tivirgin
  • Coordinates: -54.78 / -54.21

Portal Glyphs:

No Man's Sky Chrome Sentinel Ship Portal Glyphs

Same as the previous ship, you’ll want to go to find the Communications Station to get you started in looking for this ship. The planet you’ll be on will be cold though, so keep that in mind!

Blue And Chrome Sentinel Ship

Stats without Upgrades:

  • Damage Potential – 347.2
  • Shield Strength – 188.9
  • Hyperdrive Range – 644.2
  • Maneuverability – 470.4

For the last one on the list, this ship is in the Eissentam galaxy. This ship is the coolest one of the bunch with its multiple thrusters. It makes it look like a speed demon of a ship and it even has 4 Supercharged slots in a square as formation as well.

No Man's Sky Blue And Chrome Sentinel Ship

Blue And Chrome Sentinel Ship Location

  • Galaxy – Eissentam
  • Planet – New Owde
  • Coordinates: -39.16 / +43.06

Portal Glyphs:

No Man's Sky Blue And Chrome Sentinel Ship Portal Glyph

The planet you’ll go to with these portal glyphs will be a Reeking planet so keep that in mind. Same as the others go to the coordinates and near the Communications Station is the ship!

7 Best S-Class Sentinel Ship Locations | Eissentam

If you want some great ships that have little to no repair job needed on their modules, then Sentinel Ships are for you. You can find Sentinel Ships randomly on the surface of planets but if you know the coordinates and the planet to look for, you can just go to them.

SIDE NOTE: The new update has added expeditions to the game so here’s a guide on how to use the new Expeditions Terminal if you haven’t tried it yet!

Here are some of the best S-class Sentinel ships in the Eissentam Galaxy. You’ll need to use the Portal to get to these planets but don’t worry, we’ll show the glyphs you’ll need to input!

Sentinel Ship #1

Stats without Upgrades:

  • Damage Potential – 410.9
  • Shield Strength – 197.7
  • Hyperdrive Range – 650.5
  • Maneuverability – 443.8

The first ship on the list, it’s a blue and black colored X-wing type sentinel ship. It with 4 Supercharged slots, sadly they’re spread apart. Still, if you like the color and look of this ship then this one is for you.

No Man's Sky Green Sentinel Ship

Coordinates – +48.25 / -118.21

Portal Glyph:

No Man's Sky Green Sentinel Ship Glyphs

Sentinel Ship #2

Stats without Upgrades:

  • Damage Potential – 361.7
  • Shield Strength – 197.7
  • Hyperdrive Range – 657.6
  • Maneuverability – 457.1

This next Sentinel ship is a white and black colored one that has a lot of thrusters at the back. The thrusters are just for show but if you like the look of it then this is a great pick.

No Man's Sky White And Black Sentinel Ship

Coordinates – +40.86 / +108.38

Portal Glyph:

No Man's Sky White And Black Sentinel Ship Glyphs

Sentinel Ship #3

Stats without Upgrades:

  • Damage Potential – 350.0
  • Shield Strength – 197.7
  • Hyperdrive Range – 645.6
  • Maneuverability – 483.7

By far the coolest wing design on the list it has all of its thrusters in the center and the wings flank around it. The overall shape of this ship is a V and it looks like a speed demon! It has 4 supercharged slots with 2 next to each other.

No Man's Sky Blue V Sentinel Ship

Coordinates – +3.99 / +63.65

Portal Glyph:

No Man's Sky Blue V Sentinel Ship Glyph

Sentinel Ship #4

Stats without Upgrades:

  • Damage Potential – 299.5
  • Shield Strength – 197.7
  • Hyperdrive Range – 637.6
  • Maneuverability – 453.8

Now this ship looks like it can pack a punch with its bright red color motif. Gives off that strong vibe that it shouldn’t be messed around with. It has 3 supercharged slots connected with another one near the 3.

No Man's Sky Red And Black Sentinel Ship

Coordinates – +3.32 / -63.21

Portal Glyph:

No Man's Sky Red And Black Sentinel Ship Glyphs

Sentinel Ship #5

Stats without Upgrades:

  • Damage Potential – 300.3
  • Shield Strength – 197.7
  • Hyperdrive Range – 654.5
  • Maneuverability – 453.8

For those who like the color blue, we have this ship right here that has 4 supercharged slots in total. The overall look of this ship is solid with some interesting engine placement at the back of the hull.

No Man's Sky Blue And Black Sentinel Ship

Coordinates – -72.40 / +47.84

Portal Glyph:

No Man's Sky Blue And Black Sentinel Ship Glyphs

Sentinel Ship #6

Stats without Upgrades:

  • Damage Potential – 371.5
  • Shield Strength – 197.7
  • Hyperdrive Range – 660.6
  • Maneuverability – 454.6

This ship is another one that has a red motiff but this time it’s a bit smaller and more compact with a dark trim. Sadly this ship only has two supercharged slots but at least it’s connected!

No Man's Sky Black And Red Sentinel Ship

Coordinates – -13.55 / -169.42

Portal Glyph:

No Man's Sky Black And Red Sentinel Ship Glyphs

Sentinel Ship #7

Stats without Upgrades:

  • Damage Potential – 410.2
  • Shield Strength – 197.7
  • Hyperdrive Range – 643.9
  • Maneuverability – 467.9

Lastly, we have this ship that looks more like a heavy fighter with dark green and red colors. It’s one of those ships that has a lot of thrusters behind it so if you like that then this one is for you.

This ship has 4 supercharged slots that are fairly close together but sadly aren’t connected.

No Man's Sky Red Sentinel Ship

Coordinates – +40.86 / +108.38

Portal Glyph:

No Man's Sky Red Sentinel Ship Glyphs

Those are all of the best S-class Sentinel Ships and their locations in No Man’s Sky Omega update. Now, go out there and try to collect all of them!

Summing things up

There you have it! That’s what we’ve compiled so far on all the important information you’ll need for the Omega Update of No Man’s Sky. We’ll be updating it accordingly! That said, if you think there’s a topic we should cover about the update – let us know in the comments section below.


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