No Man’s Sky Omega: Best Upgrades for the Starborn Runner

Have the best version of this ship around by using these upgrades!

With the hefty new Omega update for No Man’s Sky, a ton of content was added and reworked for the game. Among the changes is the addition of expeditions to the main game, which are activities that allow players to earn new rewards. In this guide, we’ll show you the best upgrade for one of these rewards, the Starborn Runner ship!

Best Upgrade for the Starborn Runner

After starting and completing the Omega expedition, you can claim your very own S Class Starborn Runner at the Quicksilver merchant. This will cost around 400+ Nanites to get.

With an Economy Scanner or Conflict Scanner tech installed in the ship, head over to a pirate system (indicated by a skull icon) and enter the space station in that specific location.

No Man's Sky examining and claiming the starborn runner from the quicksilver merchant

Once you are there, start off by upgrading the ship’s storage. Then, move all of the installed tech to the bottom. This will show you the layout of supercharged slots in the ship, which can be vary for every player.

Then, place your preferred weapons in these slots to maximize your damage potential. Back at the space station in the pirate system, speak with the salvage dealer and buy all the relevant X-class modules.

In addition to that, walk to the nearby contraband agent and buy all their suspicious packets for both Arms and Tech. Now enter and leave your ship to create a restore point and reload the game.

This will refresh the salvage dealer’s inventory, so you can purchase a couple more sets of modules. You could also buy S-class modules from regular space stations, though this will cost you more time and effort.

No Man's Sky player about to interact with a salvage dealer

The ideal setup is to have three X-class modules surrounding each weapon. The reason you’re buying a lot of them is because they are not guaranteed to have better stats than S-class ones.

With that said, these modules have the potential to be better than S-class variants, thus giving you much better damage overall. The main downside is that this will cost you a lot of nanites.

No Man's Sky starborn runner technology slots showing a set of weapons and x-class modules currently equipped

Closing Tips

Finally, just in case you can’t find the right type of X-class modules in your pirate station, you can use the teleportation terminal inside to easily find other ones.

This is also the only way to buy more suspicious packets, as that merchant does not refresh their stock whenever you reload the game, unlike the salvage dealer.

And that is everything you need to know when it comes to getting the absolute best upgrades for the Starborn Runner. Check out our tier list of the best ships in the Omega update as well, since you will probably need to change up your current collection!


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