Outriders: All New Legendary Weapons In Worldslayer DLC

Juicy details on new legendary weapons in Worldslayer!

We have discussed armor, important preparations, and builds. It is time that we finally dip our toe into the new legendary weapons in Outriders Worldslayer DLC. There are some new weapons added with this DLC, brand new legendary assault rifles, shotguns, pistols, and auto sniper rifles.

Let’s get into the details!

All New Legendary Weapons In Worldslayer DLC – Outriders

There are a total of 9 new legendary weapons in Outriders Worldslayer DLC. In details there are 5 new assault weapons, 2 sniper weapons, 1 shotgun weapon and 1 sidearm.

  • 4 new legendary assault weapons

The new legendary assault weapons are Deathscape, Charred Lance, Final Penance, Mythos and Sunfall.

Deathscape is an assault rifle that looks gnarly and is fitting for Technomancer class. Tier 3 mods it has is Stigmatized which inflict toxic and mark the enemy for 5 seconds. Upon killing, the enemy will explode and deal damage in a 6-meter radius and marks the enemies caught in the explosion. Grand Opening is also its tier 3 mods which gives you exploding bullet on the first hit of the magazine.

Deathscape Assault Rifle

Charred Lance is a double gun assault rifle with Death Ray and Judgement Enforcer as its mods. Death Ray forms an Anomaly beam upon aiming down sights that deals damage every 0.3 seconds, pew-pew. While Judgement Enforcer shots marked enemies and deals 10x weapon damage when reloading.

Charred Lance double gun

Final Penance – a double gun with Mage’s Rage mods that gives you a total of 40% Anomaly Power bonus for 10 seconds. Along with Ravenous Locusts that shots a swarm of locusts that inflict weakness which last for 6 seconds. Very fitting for Anomaly build!

Final Penance double gun

Mythos is a light machinegun with an overpowered tier 3 mods Omen. Omen launches a cover-piercing Anomaly projectiles that inflicts bleed, deal damage and applies a status that increases damage received by 30% for 3 seconds.

Mythos light machinegun

Sunfall is a submachine gun fitting for Pyromancer. Comes with a tier 3 mods Firestorm and Life and Death. Firestorm successful shots summon a homing firestorm that deals damage and inflicts burn to enemies over 8 seconds. While Life and Death restores 20% of max health upon landing a killing blow. A way to keep a squishy Pyromancer up on his feet.

Sunfall submachine gun
  • 2 new legendary sniper weapons

Decadence is an automatic sniper rifle with Relativity Theorem and Burst of Decay tier 3 mods. Relativity Theorem grants you 1 random skill cooldown by 10% upon hitting critical shots. While Burst of Decay inflicts toxic on enemies upon hitting critical shots.

Decadence automatic sniper rifle

Vortex is also a new auto sniper rifle with Slashing Twister and Concentration Blast tier 3 mods. Slashing Twister creates a damaging tornado that lasts 8 seconds. Concentration Blast cause enemies to explode and deal damage multiplied by the enemies surrounding the target. Definitely fitting for a Trickster class.

Vortex automatic sniper rifle
  • 1 new legendary shotgun weapon

Thunderclap – an automatic shotgun with Nikola’s Revenge and Concentration Blast tier 3 mods. Nikola’s Revenge lets your bullet link up to 5 enemies within a 4-meter radius and damage them for 2 seconds.

Thunderclap automatic shotgun
  • 1 new legendary sidearm

Lumberjack is a new legendary sidearm fitting for Technomancer class. Comes with Essence Extractor and Legendary Minefield tier 3 mods. Essence Extractor restores 5% of max health upon hitting enemies afflicted by any status resistance. While Legendary Minefield spawn explosives around the target and dealing damage upon landing critical shots.

Lumberjack revolver

Well, these are the new 9 legendary weapons that has been announced. We sure are excited to try these weapons in Worldslayer DLC.

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