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Outriders Worldslayer DLC: All 4 Legendary Armor Sets

Details on the new legendary armor sets in the DLC!

Outriders Worldslayer DLC comes with some new Legendary Armor sets for each class. The sets vary from melee skill focused, ranged skill focused, to healing skilled focused set. Enough teaser, let’s dive in head first to all 4 legendary armor sets in Worldslayer DLC.

All 4 Legendary Armor Sets – Outriders Worldslayer DLC

The 4 Legendary Armor Sets are as follows: The Concussioner for Devastator Class, Shieldbeast for Trickster class, Scorched Zealot for Pyromancer class and, Flame Leper for Technomancer class.

Concussioner Set

Legendary Devastator class armor set that deals heavy damage using your melee attack. This set is absolutely a ton of fun to play, mainly because of the Chip of the Old Block mods which spawn a Golem Clone that deals 300% melee skill damage to enemies in 3-meter radius.

3-piece bonus of this set lets you generate melee energy when taking damage, releasing it by using melee skill that deals 80% of damage taken within 10-meter radius.

The mods that come with the chestplate is Force Feedback and Rockfall as its tier 3 mods.

Claws tier 3 mod for the head piece which inflicts vulnerable to enemies hit by melee. 

Boots piece comes with the Chip of the Old Block tier 3 mods.

And the gauntlets with Concussive Force mods that gives your melee skills 25% more damage in a 100% bigger range.

The Concussioner Set

Shieldbeast Set

A legendary Trickster class armor set. The 3-piece set bonus gives you every percent of shield increases Anomaly Power by 1%.

Head piece comes with Bodycount which is a class specific tier 3 mods. When Twisted Rounds ends, the next skill cooldown is reduced by 10% for each enemy killed – capped at 90%.

Trousers piece comes with Trophy as its tier 3 mods which modifies Venator’s Knife. Successful shots on enemies marked by the knife will make them drop energy orbs that grants shield.

Gloves piece comes with Cut Them Deep tier 3 mods. Elites marked by Venator’s Knife receive 50% more damage.

Footgear piece comes with Hive Cut tier 3 mods which is also for Venator’s Knife. Damaging enemy marked by the skill also activates the effect on other marked enemies within 6-meter radius, dealing 50% of the initial damage.  

Shieldbeast Set

Scorched Zealot Set

This is a legendary Pyromancer class armor set. This is also an almost melee focused set much like The Concussioner. The 3-piece bonus lets Pyromancer melee skills to fire a projectile explodes upon impact. 

Headpiece comes with Ashen Bloom mods that modifies Feed The Flames. Enemies affected by the skill explodes and deal damage as well as inflict Ash to targets within 5-meter radius.

The chestpiece comes with Molten Lead mods as its tier 3. A mod for Heatwave that leaves a lingering Anomaly aura that increases weapon damage for 20% when standing in it.

Handpiece comes with Voracious Flames mods. This modifies Feed The Flames that lets you deal 50% more damage to enemies affected with health below 50%.

The boots come with Scorched Earth mods that modifies Heatwave. After Heatwave ends, the wave returns dealing damage and inflicting burn to enemies on its path.

Scorched Zealot set

Flame Leper Set

A legendary Technomancer class armor set.

Headpiece comes with Focused Discharge tier 3 mods that modifies Blighted Turret. Turret discharges Anomaly beams that deal damage every 0.3 seconds to 5 enemies within 5-meter radius. Along with Breath In tier 3 mods that modifies Fixing Wave which reduces its cooldown by 20% and applies weakness to enemies within 10-meter radius.

Robe comes with Party Starter mods for Fixing Wave as well. This increases the skill power by 8% for each enemy within the arena – capped at 100%. Alchemical Mastery mods for Blighted Rounds that gives weapon damage and anomaly power equal to 30% of status power.

Handpiece comes with License To Heal mods that modifies Fixing Wave. Gives you 10% weapon damage and 4 seconds infinite ammo upon skill activation.

Boots come with Bad Medicine that modifies Fixing Wave.

Flame Leper set

There you go, those are the 4 new legendary sets that is in Worldslayer DLC. Hope this guide helps you understanding what the set has to offer. Excited much for this new legendary sets? Us too!

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