Outriders Worldslayer: How To Get All New Legendary Weapons

Learn how to get Legendary Weapons almost for free!

Outriders Worldslayer How To Get All New Legendary Weapons

Outriders Worldslayer is the newest addition which comes together with a bunch of new legendary weapons and items. Over a hundred to be precise! Let’s see the way of getting them all almost for free.

How To Get All New Legendary Weapons – Outriders Worldslayer

It all starts with our friendly neighborhood Tiago. You can spot him in the zone that is at the very start of the new zone(especially if you decide to create a new level 30 character here) where he is just sitting and waiting for you to talk to him.

If you talk to him you’ll see that he will have a shop. You can buy and you can sell stuff to him. This is all great.

Source: KarpoGaming

But, if you decide to shop something and check him out with your maxed level 50 character which you have spent countless hours on, the prices will be a little higher than usual. Especially the Re-Roll option. This can be from 90k to 96k price which is crazy!

Buying Legendary Items from him with this same character can go up to a whopping 30k to 40k as a price. Good god Tiago.

Solution and Method

First of all, you will need to refill your Stash with all the items that you can sell. This means absolutely everything that you won’t need. The higher quality items you can put here the more money you can get for buying the new legendary items. Basically, it’s an investment.

Then you will have to create a new character. So make sure that you have a free slot for a new character. You can have a maximum of 6, you only need 1 free. You can create it and when choosing a start location you will need to choose the Worldslayer option.

Source: KarpoGaming

This is crucial because not only you will spawn next to Tiago himself, but you’re basically not spending the time on the Trial which you need to get here. Also, you’ll get a brand new level 30 character.

You can choose a Path depending on what you want the new character to be built as. It’s up to you really.

Now when you go to Tiago again with the new character, you’ll notice a couple of differences:

  • Prices will be way, way cheaper. I’m talking about all the guns, gear, and mods, absolutely everything will have gone down maybe for about 70% of the price.
  • The Reroll from a 95k price will go down to just a 100. This is the most useful thing for getting these new items. Simply Re-roll your way(which is in a way almost free) until you get what you want and need. You can do this countless times and buy yourself all the new legendary weapons very easily.
Source: KarpoGaming

To do this you would have of course to get the items from the Stash and sell them all to Tiago. You will have loads of cash that you have gotten from before, and spend them on buying very high-tier new unseen items.

This might get fixed and changed in the future depending on what the developers will make of it. As for right now, it is the best way of getting the new legendary weapons almost for free. Have fun!

Huge gratitude goes to KarpoGaming who went into detail and explained this. You can check out his YouTube channel here.

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