Tribes of Midgard – Valhalla Guide

Valhalla awaits you!

New content to play around with is always welcome, especially for games like Tribes of Midgard where the focus lies on crafting, survival, and exploration.

But not everyone has access to immediate information when their busy slacking off at work, you can even say that word gets around rather slowly at times.

Not for us though, if you’re looking to get back into the game with the intent of playing around with the new update or starting from scratch as a new player then this quick guide will be perfect for all your Valhalla-related needs!

Valhalla Guide – Tribes of Midgard

One of the noticeable changes made to the game is the quests, they’re now color coded depending on the difficulty or challenge they have to offer.

No reason to head in blind anymore as you’ll know just what to expect before you even get started.

You’ll be happy to know that mounts now unlock at level 3 and can be used in any Overworld map including Niflheim along with the Volcano.

They also come with a movement speed increase of 20% so moving across the realm will definitely be easier whenever it comes to exploration.

You can also pick up loot while mounted, this removes the hassle of having to dismount every time you accidentally drop something on the ground.

New runes will slowly become the new meta, especially with Eye See You which gives out 25% extra when looking through the fog of war. Mana-ger decreases your mana usage by 1/4thwhich isn’t too bad as being able to chuck out an extra spell always helps in times of dire need.

There’s also the Loki Rune which grants you extra 40% elemental damage and increases your chances of paralyzing enemies by 20%as well.

The other major change concerns the Saga runes that have received a dramatic buff with the recent update.

Now, you can do double damage if your hit points ever fall under 50%, so instead of trying to stay alive you’re now actively looking for death while clearing a boss to finish your business faster!

Moving on to the game itself, the gates to Valhalla will open once you defeat the other four saga bosses first. This will be easier to do with a group of friends but not entirely impossible on your lonesome.

You’ll basically drop into Valhalla and go in a straight line through three different elite groups along with some other monsters in between.

The first group will have the Unsunken Champions as well as the Sirens that are backing them up for support. Get rid of the Sirens first to remove the debuff you’re constantly getting and to prevent them from resurrecting your foes.

The second group will have a Troll champion with a Fire Witch backing it up, all of the monsters here hit hard but the armor that you got from the end of your saga run in the Volcano or Niflheim will help keep you on your toes.

The third group will have the Sirens return with Frozen Knights along with another Unsunken Champion and a Fire Witch backing everyone up, including you against a wall.

Remember to take out the Sirens first so nobody gets a chance to respawn, then take out the Frozen Knights and the Unsunken Champion and Fire Witch will shortly follow.

The final boss will have a stone gaze in the form of a green cone that will appear in front of you along with some rocks that will fall from the ceiling, it would be best to avoid these to avoid becoming tomato paste.

Compared to the other saga bosses she has fairly low HP, so make use of the new rune modifications to increase your damage output and end the fight faster!

Now head out there and level the playing field!

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