Planet Crafter: All 25 Golden Chest Locations

Who doesn’t love some valuable treasure?

Your mission in Planet Crafter is to make a hostile planet habitable for humans. The game allows you to explore the planet, collect resources, build a base, make machinery to heat the planet and ensure that the atmosphere becomes rich in oxygen all while trying to survive. 

Golden chests in Planet Crafter are extremely valuable and to make the most out of the game, you’d want to collect as many as you can. So, you can have ample resources to get things done. Fortunately for you, this article will tell you the location to all 25 golden chests, so keep reading!

All 25 Golden Chest Locations

The golden chests are not hard to find, and they are spread out throughout the planet. But it’s very possible to miss, some so here we’ll ensure you get all of them.We’ll keep a starting point and then move around the map from there, so be sure to keep following!

The image below will show the location of what will be the starting point from where we’ll find all the chests.

Starting point to find golden chests in Planet Crafter

Over here, you should be near a wreck. The current location is also marked in the map below:

Map in Planet Crafter

Chest #1

Turn left from where the starting area in the image above, and this should be the view. You should see the first wreck. 

Wreck in Planet Crafter

Climb on top of it and in between two windows at the top should be your first golden chest sitting right there!

Golden chest in Planet Crafter

Time to collect the contents and move on to the next golden chest.

Chest #2

Now, climb off the wreck and go straight down toward the lake

Golden chest location in Planet Crafter

Fly over the rocks on the lake and toward the right should be a tiny ground attached to the rocks. Head over there and you should find the second golden chest sitting in the corner. 

Chest #3

Your next destination should be the triangle rocks

Triangle rocks in Planet Crafter

The map below will show two different chest locations that’s nearby the triangular rocks.

Map in Planet Crafter

The closest one to the rocks (which is on the left of the map) you’ll find when head straight toward the lake and underneath the rock.

Golden Chest location in Planet Crafter

Chest #4

Now, get out of the water and to your left (or even right depending on where you’re standing). More specifically, turn east and you should see an aluminum field. 

Aluminum field in Planet Crafter

Enter this field and keep heading straight until you encounter a small wreckage. 

Wreck in Planet Crafter

From the wreckage, head a little more toward north to find your fourth chest (around one or two rocks away from the wreckage) by looking at the compass in the game. You’ll find a big rock and behind it, you should see your chest.

Golden chest in Planet Crafter

Chest #5

Go to your starting area which is in the middle of the water on the map:

Map in Planet Crafter

When you’re in the middle of the water (where the base is), head east and walk along the side hugging the wall, so you can find a cave. If you see the cave, you know you’re going the right way. 

A little further ahead after the cave and your chest should be behind a rock.

Golden chest in Planet Crafter

Chest #6

Now, for a visual explanation of where we have to go and where we are currently, refer to the map below. It will show you what route we need to take in order to head to the next or 6th chest. 

Map in Planet Crafter

If the map confuses you, I’ll also explain how to get there. Continue hugging the wall until you see a small opening.

Opening in rocks in Planet Crafter

Go inside it and to the other side. 

Rocks in Planet Crafter

The path will be extremely narrow, so keep going forward and wherever the path takes you until you exit to the other side. Then, head north-east where you’ll see another lake and multiple rocks toward the right. 

Jump on this specific rock in the image below.

Chest location in Planet Crafter

When you jump on top of it, you should see an opening in the middle of it. You should also see your 6th chest. All you have to do is jump down and collect your next chest.

Chest #7

Map in Planet Crafter

Go toward the round gate that looks like a portal and head left from there, right past it.

Rocks in Planet Crafter

Keep heading straight, go down the hall and walk the path that looks like it has bluish green liquid on the floor that’s making a path.

Then, keep going straight ahead and the chest should be behind a big rock. 

Chest #8

This is our current location on the map and there should be wreckage below.

Map in Planet Crafter

Spot the thing that’s overhanging on the top and go straight from there (toward the path that’s on the right)

Rocks in Planet Crafter

You should see the wreckage. Go toward it and then go underneath. Align yourself facing the bottom of the wreckage.

Wreck in Planet Crafter

Turn around at 180 degrees and go toward an opening. Inside the opening you should see a golden chest in the corner. 

Chest #9

Next, we’ll go right here in the middle of the sand and from there we’ll go toward the left of the map where the chest is.

Map in Planet Crafter

When you’re in the middle of the sane, fly down to where the trees are and there also should be uranium cave in this area. 

Now, after you see these rock formations, go toward the rock toward the left and under the water.

When you go under the water, our 9th chest should be a little bit straight ahead sitting on the bed of the river.

Chest #10

Now, we need to swim on top and from the same location we’re currently in, we need to head for our 10th chest. 

Head toward north-west, hugging the wall that’s on the left and look for a cave. Go into the tiny opening of the cave. The cave will have pink glowing crystals. Head north where you will see a blue chest and then from there, go right and then right again.

You should enter a location of the cave with blue glowing crystals this time.

Blue cave in Planet Crafter

Now, walk up the platform which sticks to the left side, and keep going forward. Just before you enter the area with yellow crystals, turn right, hop on top and you should see your golden chest hidden in a corner.

Map in Planet Crafter

 Chest #11 & Chest #12

These next chests require you to complete some stories and get a warden key. Once you’ve past all of those parts in the stories, it’s time to get your 11th and 12th chest. After that, you head to this area below:

Story-unlocked area in Planet Crafter

Everything is easy from here, you just need your warden keys to unlock some doors.

Chest #13

The next one is also nearby and in a story area. All you need to do is head inside the super alloy cave.

Map in Planet Crafter

Head inside from the entrance. Make a right and then go up. And then, you’ll walk all the way down from there. You should eventually reach a room with golden mansions. Now, head inside the mansion on the left.

Mansion in Planet Crafter

Then, when you’re inside, take a left turn to one of the rooms and climb up a plank that will lead you to the floor above you.

Mansion in Planet Crafter

You should see another plank just when you enter that floor, so climb up that one too. And finally, there should be one more last one to climb up. So, climb it and you should see your golden chest sitting on the ground in the corner. 

Chest #14

We’re now currently in the sulphur area of the cave.

Map in Planet Crafter

Over here, you should be over viewing the iridium cave which is on the right. Head inside it. 

Sulphur cave in Planet Crafter

And when you’re inside, stick to your left while moving forward. Your next chest should be underneath a flat rock that’s leaning against the platform you are on.

Rocks in cave in Planet Crafter

Chest #15 & Chest #16

To find this next chest, you’ll need to be at the sand waterfall area. 

Sand waterfall in Planet Crafter

To the left, you should see a small grouping of rocks. Go underneath, squeeze between them and go through it to see your 15th chest in the right corner. 

Exit the rocks and go straight ahead to the sand waterfall. Toward the middle right side, you should see a big rock protruding outside of the sand. 

Sand waterfall in Planet Crafter

Go right beside it on the left-hand side, you’ll shoot up to a hill that has your 16th chest sitting at the end of the path. 

Chest #17

Your next chest is marked on the map below.

Map in Planet Crafter

We’ll be standing in front of the big ship. We need to look for an entrance that leads to the chest. Now, head west and keep going straight until you reach a lava river, then go left.

Lava area in Planet Crafter

When you turn left, keep heading straight, then down and don’t worry too much about the lava since you can fly over it. 

Just underneath this platform, you should see an opening for a cave.

Cave in Planet Crafter

Head inside it and the chest should be visible for you to collect.

Chest #18

Our new current location is in front of this waterfall and the chest should be not too far from where you are.

Map in Planet Crafter

Start going straight right besides the waterfall on the left hand side where you see the square rock.

Rocks next to waterfall in Planet Crafter

Just when you’re about to close to the edge of the river, dive bomb into the water. Go between two rocks that make an opening and behind another rock just a slight bit ahead should be your chest.

Golden chest underwater in Planet Crafter

Chest #19

Head back to the spot where you can oversee the same waterfall from the 16th chest’s location. Now, head to the right-hand side of the waterfall which should be around south-west off your compass. 

You should see a hill beside the waterfall, you need to climb up that hill and go to the other side at the bottom where you’ll see another lake.

Hill next to waterfall in Planet Crafter

Deep dive into that lake, and you don’t have to swim any further because right underneath the big rock platform should be your 18th chest. 

Chest underwater in Planet Crafter

Chest #20

The 19th chest is in the same area as the last two but this time, it’s on the mountain. Start where you see a square shaped rock that looks like the image below:

Rocks in in Planet Crafter

Go underneath the rock, past it and take a right. On the right, you should see a pathway that leads you to the top of the mountain. Climb it. Go all the way to the top and then zig zag your way to the top. Then at one point, you’ll see a waterfall on your right. Go underneath the waterfall to the other side. 

Waterfall on a mountain in Planet Crafter

Just keep going straight and at the edge of the mountain, you will see a golden chest waiting for you to claim it. 

Chest #21

The 20th is also within the same vicinity, just a little further away. Stand where you can oversee the waterfall and a mushroom field. From there, you turn around to go in the opposite direction.

Waterfall and mushroom field in Planet Crafter

When you get off the big rock you’re standing on to oversee the mushroom field, underneath the rock, you should also see a small opening to the mushroom cave at the bottom. Head inside the cave and keep going straight.

Move a little to the right of the cave and continue going straight. Hug the right wall as you go. If you see the water wheel that’s dipped in the lake, that’s when you know you’re going in the right direction. 

watermill in Planet Crafter

Go under the water where the water wheel is and sitting at the right side of the wheel should be your 20th golden chest!

Chest #22

Head back to the entrance of the mushroom cave and you should see a big rock with a flat head. The chest should be on top of it.

Location of golden chest in Planet Crafter

There should be a pathway that leads you to the top and it is right behind this rock if you look at it from this angle. You can simply walk to the top and to the ledge of the rock where the chest is.

Chest #23

Our new current location is near the crater area of the map to the left side around the rocks and mountains. 

Map in Planet Crafter

It is in front of a waterfall. All you have to do is head toward the waterfall and dive right in at the very bottom of the waterfall. 

Waterfall in Planet Crafter

Once you dive in, make a right turn. At the end of this path should be your next golden chest.

Chest #24

Your next golden chest is on an island. I’ll point out the island on the map.

Map of chest in Planet Crafter

When you’re in the area, you should see the island straight ahead. 

Island in Planet Crafter

Head over to that island and go to the other end of it right before you enter the sea again. There, you will find your next golden chest. 

Chest #25

Our next current location is not too far from the island, standing on a little rock that’s shown in the map. 

Map in Planet Crafter

Face north-west and head to the waterfall you see in that direction.

Waterfall in Planet Crafter

Right before you reach the waterfall, dive in the water and keep swimming straight. At the end of the path, right beside a rock should be your last chest!

At this point, you should have collected all of them. Have fun with all of your extra resources, it’s time to go do some crafting. 

Now that we’ve completed something that most find fairly difficult, it’s time to move a step ahead and acquire the impossible achievement. This achievement may not be as impossible as the game leads you to believe. We have just the guide to help you out. Planet Crafter: How To Get Impossible Achievement!


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