Planet Crafter: How to Find Food at the Start of the Game

You’re going to need to eat to survive, and here’s how you do it!

Planet Crafter just got fully released after spending quite a bit of time in early access, and as an open world survival game, you’re going to have to learn how to sustain yourself with food and water. In this guide, we will be teaching you the basics of gathering food in order to survive in this (initially) harsh planet.

How to Find Food at the Start of the Game

The main goal in Planet Crafter is to make this barren planet a habitable one, which also includes having to figure out ways to grow your own food. However, that is easier said than done at the start of the game.

Since there are elements of the game that are procedurally generated, it can be hard to direct you to a specific spot to search for food. With that said, we can give you a few tips to help kickstart your terraforming journey.

Planet Crafter player roaming the starting area

Scavenging For Scraps

At the very early stages of the game, you are limited to scavenging when it comes to sustaining yourself. Ultimately, the goal is to start growing food as soon as possible, but this will take a lot of time.

For now, all you can do is roam the map in search for storage crates, shipwrecks, and bunkers. You are going to need to get lucky, because you are not guaranteed to find food in the blue crates scattered all around.

Space food, which are packets that have mysterious but seemingly nutritious contents, are not a very common drop from crates. Unfortunately, this is your only real source of food at the beginning.

They can heal up to 40 health per piece, and until you can build some food growers, you will have to use these sparingly. Do not eat any of them until you really have to!

Planet Crafter player looting a container

Growing Your Own Food Early

As you scavenge for space food early on, you will very likely find some seeds for various types of vegetables as well. These will be how you sustain yourself in the early game once you get settled in.

Once you start building up your base, you will eventually unlock tier 1 food growers. These are pods that require aluminum, iron, and a water bottle in order to construct.

The four different types of vegetable seeds that you will probably find as you search for space food at the start are the following (all of which work with the tier 1 food grower):

  • Beans seeds
  • Eggplant seeds
  • Squash seeds
  • Mushroom seeds
Planet Crafter player looking at a working food grower

We highly recommend working your way towards building these as soon as possible so you can stop relying on space food. Each food grower only requires one seed packet to start working.

These crops will immediately start growing a new one whenever you harvest a fully grown vegetable. Most of these food items also have various other uses later on, so getting a lot will pay off over time.

And those are all of the tips we can give you when it comes to keeping yourself well fed during the early stages of the game. While you’re here, check out our guide on how to achieve Planet Crafter’s Warden ending, which is one of the conclusions you can work towards!


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