Planet Crafter: How To Get Impossible Achievement

Say hello to automated crafting!

Planet Crafter is a survival open-world crafting game where players play as lone astronauts trying to survive the harsh vacuum of space. Here, the art of crafting is something you have to master to make survival possible. That being said, of course, there’s an achievement you can get for crafting a certain number of items. Some players say that getting achievement is difficult, but I’m here to tell you how to get the Impossible Achievement.

Impossible Achievement – How To Get

This achievement involves grinding more than 1000 crafted items in the game. For a game named Planet Crafter, you’d expect to get this achievement pretty easily, however, the game doesn’t show how many items you’ve already crafted. 

Some players report getting the achievement naturally, but others find themselves crafting nonstop. If you’re a player in the same position, here’s how to speed the process up for you.

Automate Crafting

You can use the Auto-Crafter. This is an item that searches for objects within a 20-meter radius every 5 seconds. This item automatically finds the resources you need to craft an item of your choice and places it in your inventory.

You can obtain the Auto-Crafter when you reach 2.50 Ti (Terraforming Index). Unlock it by spending 2x Osmium and 1x Super Alloy Road. 

Here are some items that are quick and easy to craft with the Auto-Crafter:

  • Bacteria Sample
  • Water Bottles
  • Rods (from Ores)
  • Reagents

SIDE NOTE: Not sure where to get Iridium Ore? Read our location guide to get this primary resource fast!

To make things even faster, you can automatically send these crafted materials into the shredder so that they don’t take up so much inventory space. Do this by ticking the auto-empty box.

By doing this, you can automate a craft and dispose cycle that will help you get the Impossible Achievement without having to do so much work!


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