Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to Change / Store the Pokemons in Your Team

Easily swap out Pokemons and build that dream team!

Catching Pokemons in the fields of Pokemon Legends: Arceus is certainly fun, but now that you have all these Pokemon, how do you swap them out? This guide will show you how you can change or store the Pokemons in your team.

Change/ Store Pokemons in your Team — Pokemon Legends Arceus

At the beginning of the Pokemon Legends: Arceus, you will undergo a tutorial that shows you how you can change or store Pokemons in your team. However, some players may find it confusing so this guide will show you how to do just that and build your Pokemon team.

If you are in the Jubilife Village, you can go to the right-side area from the entrance and see your Pastures. You will find an NPC called Marie here and if you talk to her, she will ask if you want to leave any Pokemon with her.

Once you talk to her, you will enter the Pastures screen and you can swap out and change any Pokemon in here.

Simply select the Pokemon in the Pasture that you want to bring along and put it in your team. You can manage all your Pokemons in this menu.

Another way you can swap out your Pokemon is by using Campsites. There are various campsites in each area, and you can talk to the Galaxy Member on the camp.

Select “I want to see my Pokemon” and you will enter the Pastures menu as well.

Swap out your Pokemons and make sure to rest them up for future battles!

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