Pokemon Legends Arceus: Strange Happenings at Midnight | Search Sanqua’s House to Solve the Mystery

Paranormal meets Pokémon.

In the massive world of Pokémon exists different types of Pokémon. We have fire types, water types, rock types etc. It seems that there are different types for different Pokémon, even ghosts.

So, if ghost type Pokémon exists, then that means there’s actual ghosts too then, right? Well, there’s a Request in game that has the player investigate this seemingly haunted house. Here’s a guide on how to do it.

Strange Happenings at Midnight – Pokémon Legends Arceus

To start the Request, go to Jubilife Village and look for a woman named Sanqua.

Talk to her and she’ll tell you that something is inside her house, living with her. Whatever it is leaves burnt Berries, something clattering, and even crackling sounds.

All of that is making her too afraid to go to sleep, she requests your help in figuring out what’s wrong.

Once the quest starts, you’ll have to wait until the night to investigate the house. If it’s still daytime, then you can go around and kill time while waiting for night to come. Or if you want to finish the Request early, find a camp and rest there.

Once you’re ready and its nighttime, speak to Sanqua to enter the house.

Once inside, you’ll see that things look relatively normal. Look around and investigate the surroundings to see what seems to be haunting this house.

The first thing to investigate is this little basket on the table located on the other end of the house. Interacting with it will prompt a dialogue box saying that there were Berries present in the basket before.

Suddenly, a loud noise comes from the entryway. Naturally, your first instinct would be to check the door. Maybe Sanqua is knocking on the door and checking up on you. Instead, interact with the things right next to the door on the left.

Something seems to be hiding under the cloth, as there are noises coming from underneath it. Select the first option to draw back the cloth. Unfortunately, whatever’s underneath it seems to have run past you, moving too fast to see.

Another loud noise can be heard coming from the closets this time. Whatever ran past you is presumably hiding in the closets, which is that green thing in the back to the left of the windows.

Well would you look at that. Whatever that was haunting Sanqua’s house wasn’t a ghost or a ghost type Pokemon, but none other than a Pichu. Which would explain all the crackling sounds and burnt Berries

Sanqua then goes to explain that she found this Pichu injured in the forest and took care of its injuries.

The Pichu then gives Sanqua a Berry, showing its appreciation to the woman for helping it, thus ending the Request. The reward for the Request is 7 Nanab Berries.

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