Resident Evil Village: Unlock Sluice Gate Puzzle Guide

Blue, white, orange… er?

Arguably, one of the last puzzles in Resident Evil Village, seems the most straightforward. The exact pattern of buttons for the Sluice control panel is given, but one thing is for certain: That isn’t the right pattern. Or is it? Well, to make things easy for you, today, in this guide, it will be shown how the Sluice Gate can be unlocked, and how the puzzle can be solved.

Unlock Sluice Gate Puzzle Guide – Resident Evil Village

After the windmill part of the mission, the Sluice control building will regain power, which means that the Gate can be unlocked. The building can be found in 1F Village, or more specifically, the Moreau Area.

Simply walk up to the control panel, and you will be able to unlock the Sluice Gate in Resident Evil Village, by following having these colors inputted to the control panel, like so:

  • First Row: Blue, White, and Orange;
  • Second Row: White, Orange, and Black;
  • Third Row: Orange, Blue, and Blue.

Look at the picture above for more reference.

After inputting that pattern into the control panel, the player can push the lever on the left to unlock the Sluice Gate.

This means that the exact pattern given on the paper on the right of the control panel is correct. It is just that the paper is sideways, when it should stand upwards. This part of the game has bamboozled a lot of players.

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