Project Zomboid: Aerosol Bomb Field Guide

Purge that horde by using a powerful Aerosol Bomb!

Do you want to fight zombies with fire? If so, you can craft an Aerosol Bomb in the new Project Zomboid update! This bomb is powerful and can damage zombies in a 10 tile radius, making it great for destroying a horde. 

Aerosol Bomb Guide — Project Zomboid

There are a lot of new weapons in Project Zomboid that can help fight off the horde. One of the new weapons in the multiplayer update is the Aerosol Bomb. This bomb has a damaging and burning effect on zombies in a 10 tile radius

You can throw the Aerosol Bomb on a targeted area, and it will cause a line of burning effect. The fire will constantly damage the zombies in the area as well. 

To craft the Aerosol Bomb, you need to be in the Engineer class first. You cannot use a recipe book to craft this item. 

You need a Hairspray, Box of Sparklers, and Aluminum.

You will also need 2-4 Electron Scraps, the recipe magazine, and duct tape to complete the Aerosol Bomb. 

NOTE: After crafting the Aerosol Bomb, you can attach a timer, a motion sensor, or trigger to the bomb. 

Keep in mind that the Aerosol Bomb damages other players as well. 

And there you have it, have fun fighting the zombies with your new weapon! 

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