Project Zomboid: How To Emote

Dance on the zombies that you slay!

You will be playing a very realistic zombie experience in Project Zomboid. If you want realism, you will sometimes need to flip off a character or laugh at a zombie. Well, this game can offer you this too. In this guide, you will learn How to Emote by following our simple and very easy steps. Let’s get started.

How to Emote – Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid has a multiplayer system. This was just recently added to the game with one of the biggest recent patches. To be able to smirk or do a flip-off on your best friend’s ingame you will need to know how to make emotes. Or maybe you will want to totally immerse yourself and just do them in your single-player game.

They are extremely useful if you do not have a microphone or maybe you don’t want to talk to any of the people that might be nearby in the game. Sometimes you’ll maybe even need to be sneaky so it is a very handy thing to know

First of all, you will want to go to your options in the main menu. Then you will go over to the Key Bindings. Now a big window will open with tons of stuff to click on. You will want to scroll down all the way to the NPC Interaction.

Here you will see that you will have the Shout option. Shouting is actually one of the most useful things in the game. You will be able to pull enemies and zombies next to you. Especially handy if you need to go inside a dark building and you don’t know if it is clear or not.

Then on the right, you will have the Emote Wheel. The Emote Wheel will open in the game and you will get an option of what Emote to do. Just select and press on the right button that you want to make it in the game and you can use it so.

Then the emote wheel will open up and you will have lot of options to choose from. Just scroll around with your mouse key and click on one of them to do the emote. Simple and easy!

That’s all that you need to know about How to Emote in Project Zomboid. We hope that this guide has helped you out on how to do so. Have fun flipping off zombies!

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