Project Zomboid: My Top 10 Tips

Survive longer with these AMAZING tips!

Project Zomboid might just be the best survival zombie apocalypse that you might experience in the gaming world. It is both brutal and at the same time very fun. If you are a newcomer or a veteran there is always something to learn so that is why in this guide we will be giving you a total of 10 Tips that will make you live longer! Let’s get started.

My Top 10 Tips – Project Zomboid

1. Easier Playstyle

If you are a new player that is basically a big fan of survivor zombie scenarios but hasn’t played something as brutal as Project Zomboid, you will want to stick with the easier playstyle choices.

We recommend choosing Custom Sandbox mode and then step by step and one by one you will tailor your whole experience as you best wish. Choose the things that might seem very hard and make them easier.

2. Rural Spawn

Do NOT spawn in the big towns! That is the biggest mistake newcomers are doing. Choose a rural spawn location but also not too far from all of the things around you. A very good location that we recommend spawning is Gas Station. It is just on the bridge and balance between the high loot but infested with zombies town and the peaceful yet bountiful village side.

3. Choose Traits And Jobs That Fit You

Project Zomboid is basically a simulator meaning that you can do and will do the very same things that you’d do in real life to survive a zombie apocalypse. That is why you’ll want to choose something that you’re much closer to you so that you can have a much easier time in-game as well.

4. Choose Long Clothes

You will want to be starting with long clothes. This way you will not only get a very bigger protection from the cold but also bigger protection from zombie bites and scratches, as well as possibly more bandages and bigger inventory space.

5. Search Everything

And we mean it! Do not go skipping out on the trash piles and even garbage next to the doors you’ll go across. You have no idea how good of loot you might be missing out on. Sometimes you’ll end up finding a revolver inside that one pile of trash inside the office building that you decided not to check!

6. Bottles

Having a big inventory of bottles is a very good idea since in the later stages of the game, the water will run out and you will need a source of water. This way if you had stacked up on them, you can place them outside in the rain and they can serve as your rain collectors! You can pour out whatever is inside of them and then use them to save your life!

7. Eat Everything At A Last Resort

If you do come at the very end stages of your character’s life, make sure that you eat everything you can to be able to give your character a sort of energy to save its life. You never know what you might come across and you might just get lucky and get that charcoal that will heal your stomach from the bad food you just ate!

8. Transportation Station

Find a car and get it working. This is not only very useful for faster transportation, but also have a station where you can stack up on items and basically carry them with you. You can have a mobile house in which you can sleep, rest, stay protected and also eat and have warm and dry clothes.

9. Bed Time

Do not neglect how tired your character might be. Do not wait for him/her to fall down on the ground and fall asleep there. Instead, you can sleep on many different types of furniture. You can sleep on chairs, sofas, cars, and even toilets. But the best option is of course sleeping in a bed. Make sure that you sleep regularly and that you are safe while doing so.

10. Attack Zombies 1 By 1

Do not go taking on a full group of zombies while fighting at once. Instead, you will want to walk slowly toward a group and just pull the zombies one by one toward you. You can notice when one has aggroed so just back off, kill it, and lure another one. This will make you the best zombie slayer in town! Those are all of the best Tips for making you survive longer in Project Zomboid. We hope that it has given you some very valuable information and made tripled your survived days! Good luck and stay safe!

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