Project Zomboid: How to Get Gas After Power is Out

Gas for days with this easy guide!

Project Zomboid is a piece of art when it comes to zombies. You will literally learn how to survive in a zombie apocalypse by playing this game. In this guide, we will be showing you How to Get Gas After the Power is Out. Let’s get started.

How to Get Gas After Power is Out – Project Zomboid

If you are a new player in Project Zomboid you will soon find out that the Power will eventually get out. It is around 12 days that it takes for the power to go completely out depending on what difficulty you are playing.

Once it goes out, you will be left out in a dark and hollow empty world. But fear not, for there are multiple ways on how you are able to get Power too.

The biggest thing that you need to know in order to have Power in Project Zomboid once the power goes out is to find and obtain a Generator.

You will be able to find generators in the industrial areas of the map. So just look for the big factories and stores where you will have lots of industry. You are able to fin them actually a lot of the time in farms if you are lucky, that is pretty off the grid.

Once you find the Generator you will need to actually have Gasoline. You can get gasoline by going to the gas pumps and putting the gas inside a container. Once you have enough you will use this gasoline to power up your generator.

You are able to actually pick up a Generator. Just right-click it and select the PickUp button. This will get you to have it in your inventory with a lot of weight. You can then place it next to the gas pump.

You will power up the gas pump with your generator and take gasoline in return.

Then just take gas from the pump and pass it on to your Generator. Click on the Add Fuel and it will begin working. This way you won’t have to be running left and right all the time. You will do it just a couple of times and it will be full in no time. Now put it back in your car and take it home.

That is everything that you need to know about Getting Gas and Power. We hope that this guide has helped you out on how to get Gas after the Power is out. Have fun!

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