Project Zomboid: How To Build House Walls

Make the best Base ever with this guide!

Everybody loves building their bases in survival games. How about building your base in the most realistic zombie survival game out there? It is very different than your average building system and it actually has depth. In this guide, we will be showing you just a portion of it – or How to Build House Walls. Let’s get started.

How to Build House Walls – Project Zomboid

Walls mean life in Project Zomboid. It is as simple as that. You will want to be building walls in the best locations on the map in order to secure yourself and build yourself up a very secure base. Big walls will mean fewer zombies. Fewer zombies will mean a higher chance of not dying for you.

To build some Hosue Walls in Project Zomboid you will simply need to right-click anywhere on the ground where you will want to make a wall. Then just scroll through the window and find Carpentry. Under Carpentry, you will look for Wall. Here you will see the Wooden Wall Frame which is the first one.

You will need to have a Carpentry of level 2 to be able to do this first though. So just make sure that you level it up and this guide will work. To level up, your Carpentry is very easy. You will want to disassemble some easy wooden things that you can find in the game and with time you’ll level it up very fast.

Then once you will have the requirements, as well as the resources, you will be able to actually click on the Wooden Wall Frame. You will be moving it around with your mouse cursor. Just move it to where you want to build it.

Make sure that you have a Hammer to start building first. This is your building and crafting tool. So do not go anywhere without it first. Also, Nails are a must. You will want to have as many nails as possible. Basically, Hammer and Nails are your bread and butter for building.

If you want to upgrade your Wooden Wall Frame, you will need to go to the very bottom of it and right-click it. This way you can see all the different types of walls that you can choose to build. Also, you will have the option of adding metal or windows to it too.

That’s everything that you need to know about How to Build House Walls in Project Zomboid. We hope that this guide has helped you out on how to do this. Have fun building!

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