Project Zomboid: How To Get To LOUISVILLE

Travel to Louisville!

Project Zomboid just dropped in a new beta build for players to test out. This beta build offers a new multiplayer system and a new map called Louisville. This guide will show you how you can get to Louisville in Project Zomboid. 

Get to Louisville – Project Zomboid

Before you can get to the new map, you will need to update your game with the multiplayer beta build. We have a guide for that here. Afterwards, you would want to spawn at West Point and find a car in order to travel to Louisville. 

If you want to travel from scratch, you are free to do so but, you may want to enter debug mode to make your journey easier. Follow the road that leads to the river and then cross the bridge to reach the northern side. Stay on the road and keep on driving until you land on the valley station area of the map. 

Keep in mind that when you cross the bridge, you will need to walk and find another car to use afterwards. When you reach the end of the road, you will find roadblocks so, you will need to continue by foot. Keep walking down the road until you reach the two gates. 

Use a sledgehammer to open the two gates and you will be able to enter Louisville. If you do not have a sledgehammer, you can also lure zombies in and make them destroy the gates for you. 

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