Raft: How To Get A Bow

Craft out your own bow and add it into your arsenal!

Raft is a pretty simple game to play in which you will need resources to be able to build things. For sure you will need a bow and arrow in a certain period to be able to progress in the game.

How To Get A Bow | Raft

If you do not know how to make a bow, go to a research table. On it,  put 6 planks, 4 rope, 2 vine goo, and 1 bolt. 

Combine these four in the research table and you will get a bow.

This is the correct recipe for Bow. If you miss vine goo, you can do it with seaweed in a smelter. 

Or in case you do not have bolts you can do the same with the smelter and metal ingot. 

We have also made a more detailed article on how to make bolts.

Combine these four and you will get a bow.

This is a useful way to get a weapon that will allow you to hunt or defend yourself.

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