Halo Infinite: How to Use Threat Sensor

Detect threats in Halo Infinite!

The threat sensor in Halo Infinite can help you detect enemies on the map even if they are invisible. This will help you avoid attacks and keep yourself healthy during combat. The effect has a duration of 8 seconds. 

How to Use Threat Sensor – Halo Infinite

You can carry up to 4 threat sensors in your inventory. You can only get this piece of equipment in an Equipment Dispenser which you can find all over the map. After picking up the threat sensor, you can equip it by pressing the right and down buttons of your controller. 

When you encounter an enemy, you will need to aim at an area and press RB to activate the threat sensor on that area. The threat sensor has a limited and small area of effect so you may need to lure in enemies to the area. 

The effect of the threat sensor lasts for 8 seconds. Once activated, it will highlight the enemy in a red outline, allowing you to see them even when your vision impaired. Keep in mind that the threat sensor also has a 5-second cooldown after use. 

Remember that you need to use the threat sensor before starting the battle. Enemies can destroy it by shooting it with a pistol a few times.

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