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Resident Evil Village: All Water Well Locations

Need some water?

There are so many items laying around in the chilling world of Resident Evil Village. Most treasure items, and combinable items will be found in wells. Because of this, players are rushing to find all water well locations in Resident Evil Village. On top of the water well locations, we will also showcase the well wheel location, which can be used to operate said wells.

Well Wheel Location

The well wheel can be found in-between the East Old Town and West Old Town, in an old shack. To get to it though, players will need to open a locked door, with the Iron Insignia Key which can be obtained from the story.

The exact well wheel location and items from wells can be found on the picture below:

As for the actual water wells in Resident Evil Village, here are all the water well locations:

  • Maiden of War Well (Wooden Animal) – Maiden of War, south of the Church:
  • Workshop Well (Lockpick) – between Workshop and West Old Town:
  • Church Well (Necklace with Two Holes) – behind the Church in the Village:
  • Fallow Plot Well (Pipe Bomb) – between Luiza’s House and Fallow Plot:
  • Garden Well (Madalina’s Head) – at the Garden, shortly before the Suspension Bridge:
  • Moreau’s Laboratory Well (Flashbangs) – South side in the Village (Crank needed):
  • Hidden Well Puzzle:

The last hidden well is a bit difficult to find, as players need to solve a puzzle to get to it. No spoilers there, good luck!

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