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How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, you old woman!?

If there’s one thing the Resident Evil franchise is known for, whether it’s for a good or bad reason, is that they reuse a ton of monsters and boss fights. While zombies are a staple of the Resident Evil games, there are actually more monsters to worry about the slow walking flesh eaters. What’s even worse than them are the humans that infect themselves on purpose to get power, such as Mother Miranda, a reused boss from the base game of Village. In this guide, we will help you take her down one last time.

Defeat Miranda Guide – Resident Evil Village

When fighting Miranda, she will have a couple of phases. In her first phase, she will be using less of her powers and will primarily use physical force to take you down, but she will still use a bit of her powers. As Rose, you will have accepted your powers at this point and will have full control of it. You can even dodge left and right, Vergil from Devil May Cry style.

Rose can also absorb incoming projectiles. You will know when to do it because Miranda will prepare a big, yellow ball and throw it at you. Just as she does, press the absorb button to absorb it.

When you absorb Miranda’s projectiles, that energy will be added to your Megamycete powers, which is on the bottom right. You will have five orbs to fill up, but you can use one and attack her using Roses’ powers. Simply wait for a time where she will fly around and prepare your Megamycete attack.

There’s not much to do here strategy wise except aim your gun and shoot at Miranda, occasionally using your powers to do some extra damage.

When you do enough damage to Miranda, she will fly into the air and go into the ground. The world will then turn black and white. Your vision is also impaired, as you can’t see further than a few feet. Miranda will use this to her advantage and attack you, so be ready to dodge.

When that attack stops, the world goes back to normal and Roses’ vision is restored. Miranda, visibly exhausted, will float idly for a few seconds to recover. Use this to your advantage and use your powers to inflict massive amounts of damage on Miranda.

Miranda will be downed, which gives you enough time to put a few more bullets in her. Make sure to get up close and personal and use all of your powerful guns, like the shotgun.

Miranda’s next attack will see her transform into a floating blob of mold. She will then spit out mold in all directions. You have to use your dodge abilities to avoid getting hit.

At this point, Miranda is now fighting harder. Her projectiles have gone from only one to three attacks. Luckily, you can still absorb all three attacks. You just need to time it right or else getting hit once will stagger you enough that you will get hit with the other two projectiles.

Eventually, Miranda will stop playing games and unleash a barrage of mold onto Rose. There is now way to dodge it and there is now way to absorb it. Rose will get hit and will be downed and you will have to use a First Aid to heal your wounds. But don’t worry, this is scripted and it’s supposed to happen.

In a desperate attempt to save Rose, Ethan will give what little power he has left to give Rose the power she needs in order to defeat Miranda.

With her newly buffed powers, Rose will unleash a powerful attack that will take down Miranda.

With Miranda down, all that is left is to use your powers to put her down for good this time. Miranda eventually crumbles into dust and Rose stands victorious.

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