Resident Evil Village: Busts of Despair Solution | Shadows of Rose Statue Puzzle

Creepy puzzles are always a must in Resident Evil.

Resident Evil has always never been shy about making things incredibly creepy. Whenever they have the chance to up the creepy factor, they don’t hold back. Resident Evil 7 was a testament to the gaming world that Resident Evil is still very scary and very creepy, and Resident Evil Village continues to show the world that it is. In the Shadows of Rose DLC, they continue to up the creepiness by having the Busts of Despair puzzle, which we will help you solve.

Busts of Despair Solution – Resident Evil Village

To do the puzzle, you need to go to the Hall of Ablution, which is on the second floor.

Go to the plaque to get the hint, which reads “Although I have just drowned, the arrows’ bite doth sting. They hanged me long ago, yet I feel everything. But still the worst, not last nor first, the sharpened blade did ring.” This hints at the order of what busts should be moved first.

The first bust to be moved must be the hanging bust, which is hinted from the riddle.

The second bust to be moved is the blade.

Third is the drowning bust.

Then the last bust to be moved is the arrow bust.

Once all busts have been moved in the correct order and the fire above them lights up, the secret entrance will open, which means the puzzle is solved.

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