Resident Evil Village: Play With The Dolls Guide

Aren’t you a little old to play with dolls?

Resident Evil has successfully made anything cute become a horrific nightmare in the eyes of the public. Dogs in the first Resident Evil game, frogs in Resident Evil 0, and now dolls in Resident Evil Village. Granted, dolls were already scary to begin with (thanks to Hollywood movies like Annabelle), but Resident Evil takes it up a notch with the horror antics and makes them even creepier. In the Shadows of Rose DLC, Rose has to play with dolls in order to get out. It’s a bit of a puzzle, but that’s why this guide is here.

Play With The Dolls Guide – Resident Evil Village

The objective “Play with the dolls” pops up when you enter the room where Ethan was being chased by a large, monstrous version of an aborted fetus. Except this time, Rose is now locked, being forced to play with dolls.

The first doll you should find is in the same room where there you see a crucified doll. Look to your left and you should see Doll (Pose 1) on the table. Pick it up and exit the room by using the double doors.

Go to the door with engraving of a mother holding her baby on it, except it should initially not have the baby in the engraving. Use the baby engraving item in your inventory and insert it to unlock the room.

In the room, you should find a scene being played out with dolls, but there’s a couple of them missing. You will come back to this later but for now, pick up Doll (Pose 2) and go back to the room you found Doll (Pose 1) in.

When you make your way back, you will find a mannequin staring at the entrance of the room you need to go in. Don’t get too freaked out, because it won’t do anything yet. Keyword: yet.

Once inside the room, go to the door on the left side of the room. It leads to a room with another scene playing out where a doll is in a bathroom stall. On the doll stands, there are names taped on it. Examine the dolls in your inventory and you will see the names of the dolls. Place the dolls in their appropriate stands and you will get a key to Jimmy’s room. Don’t forget to pick up the dolls again.

Jimmy’s Room is in the corridor on the other side of the room when you exit the Medicine Room. Head over there and use the key to open the door.

You will see the well and this when you make it down the set of stairs. Use your powers and take it out before going down the well, as it is blocking your path.

At the bottom of the well, you will find Doll (Pose 3). Pick it up and climb back up the well.

After climbing out of the well, you will see the mannequin again. Upon further inspection, you will realize that this is the same mannequin that Ethan performed “surgery” on in the original game. This also resembles Mia, Roses’ mother and Ethan’s wife. Move past the mannequin and go back up.

With three dolls now in your possession, you should make your way to the Storage Room again to complete the scene there.

Once in the room, you will see that the labels on the stands are scribbled over and unreadable. Refer to the image above to solve the scene.

The drawer on the left will open and reveal the Black-haired Doll pick it up and go back to the main room.

Back in the Workshop, you will have to place all four dolls in their respective stands (refer to the image above). Successfully doing so will set the doll on fire.

Once the fire is out, you will find the Breaker Box Key. Picking it up will shut off all lights in the room.

The lights come back on and a phone will be in front of you. When you reach this part, that means you have successfully finished the objective of playing with the dolls. The next part, however, is very much horrifying.

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